"SDIA" - "Going all the way - Aids day campaign hit song.

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Last night the CEO of the Aids Task Force, Jonathan Karni, unveiled this year's campaign for the "World Aids Day": The "SDIA PROJECT".
The project which launched 6 weeks ago was based on a song called "Going all the way", about a girl with easy virtue, created by an unknown band called "SDIA".

The song which was released to all the Radio Stations in the country and was meant to spread and reach as many people as possible, set out to prove one point only:
See how easy it is to get infected. Get tested!

Musical Production
Written composed and produced by:
Ran Shem Tov and Shiri Hadar - IZABO
Singer: Roni Alter


Dead Sea Premier - Turn Back the Clock (2009) "25 (Israel)

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Dead Sea Premier sells cosmetic products enriched with minerals from... the Dead Sea.
This year they launched a campaign for their Anti Age series:
A single radio spot was aired, at the precise second that Israel moved the clock back
and ended the daylight savings time.

This single radio spot was promoted with PR before and after it aired, resulting in wide
media coverage and and unusual number of curious radio enthusiasts that stayed awake
until 2 am, just to hear the single spot:


Getty images- whatever goes through your mind - print Israel

This print campaign could also be called "pictogram of how stereotypical creatives think". Ah, can you feel the honour in being the target group adgrunts? Aren't we special? Don't bother trying to enlarge the images, the submitted work was already in 600 pixels wide only.

Lines read:
Line: "Short list sucks I want Lions"


Yellow pages - When billboards come alive - Israel

A little film clip showing the unconvenstional billboards created in this campaign inside. They changed the posters to suit the listings, For “Chiropractors” they hung the billboard in the ceiling of bus stops, for "Pizzerias" they built a triangular billboard like a pizza slice, for "Electricians" we created a billboard with real electricity problems and so on.