Mazda MX-5 - Use condoms

Print campaign to advertise the 2-seater Mazda MX-5 roadster

Tagline: Use condoms! Mazda MX-5. There's only room for two

Rainbow Parking

Rainbow Parking

Look what color can do:

It can even give you free parking!

Free parking in Eilat, the country's #1 tourist city,

sponsored by Israel's largest paint retailer

As part of its "Color Month" campaign, paint retailer Tambour

sponsored free parking on Eilat's "Hotel Boulevard"

The Event - Tambour, Israel's largest paint retailer took over the entire Boulevard,

painting the sidewalk borders in all the colors of the rainbow.

Anyone parking on a color got to park for free.

Yesterday, Eilat's Mayor and Tambour's CEO launched the campaign

and cut the ribbon opposite one of the boulevard's main hotels.

In a city where parking spaces are few and expensive, Tambour's initiative is very welcome.


Orange - WWW (2010) :60 (Israel)

Orange - WWW (2010) :60 (Israel)

Somethings are just meant to be together.
Triple Internet Package.

Air Bag

Hyundai Air Bag

EPS stability system

Helps you avoid a close encounter with the air bag.
(You have to get close to read it)


Pampers - Overnight Dryness / Dream - print, Israel

Effective nappies means a better night's sleep for your baby. A print campaign to show that your baby will sleep dry and uninterrupted with Pampers – so their dreams won't have to end abruptly.


Rav-Bariach - Your Door is your Face - door hanger ads, Israel

Title: Your door is your face
Description: Direct campaign to promote Rav Bariach's new line of designer doors


Kitchen Aid - Carrot (2010) Print (Israel)

Ad agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv created this work for their client, Kitchen-Aid.

Yellow Pages X-Ray

Yellow Pages X-Ray

To demonstrate Yellow Pages classification ”X-ray”
we made the word ”X-ray” visible only when turning the page
in the magazine while exposing it to a source of light,
in the exact same manner that a real x-ray is read by a radiologist.

New Born Doormat

First Hug - Abandoned baby doormat PSA - Direct Mail, Israel

First Hug and Saatchi&Saatchi Israel, have created this direct mail campaign to raise awareness of the plight of abandoned babies in Israel.

orange - don't text and drive

Orange - Don't text and drive

Orange - don't text and drive
orange, mobile, text while driving, shalmor avnon amichay, y&r, telecommunications,
our last orange text ad won Bronze at cannes lions 2008