Israeli Lottery Selfie ad.

It's going to take you a while to get used to the good life. True. But I have a weird feeling that most lottery winners turn into people who never ever stop taking selfies.
Remember kids, money can't buy taste.


Delta Cotton Underpants make you feel like Marilyn Monroe

Nothing says cool like wearing breathable underwear. Except an homage to an iconic scene involving Marilyn Monroe and a subway grate.


LG Hombot wants you to get rid of the filthy corners

In every house there is a filthy corner. In this particular execution, that filthy corner is reminiscent of New York, circa 1976. I think that's a young Jodie Foster down there.
So that makes LG HOM-BOT is the vacuum equivalent to Travis Bickle.


Free your prisoner photos with LG

If your photos are on your smart phone and haven't been printed, they're prisoners. Free the prisoner photos with LG's pocket photo mobile printer.


Don't let your kids be stranded and penniless.

You never know when you're kid is going to get stranded because they spent all their money at the arcade, or lost it playing Craps in the alley. Thankfully though, you don't have to let it ruin your dinner. With Discount Bank's Key2Go service, you can casually wire them oney between sips of Merlot.


Go fishing with Land Rover

The triumphant hand holding the salmon adds a serious level of goofiness to what might have been your regular old "get out there in your big SUV" ad.


Burn some calories with Neviot

Working out may not be this easy but with a seven calorie drink plus a good workout, you're bound to lose some pounds.

I'll bet if people see this after the holiday food fest they'll be lining up to buy a few cases of Neviot +7 to fulfill their New Year's Resolution, too.


Pelephone Cloud "New Experiences," (2013) 1:00 (Israel)

Pelephone Cloud "New Experiences,"  (2013) 1:00 (Israel)

What a nifty dreamy ad for cloud storage service. It feels kind of Tim Burton, but without the dark macabre. I wish my cloud looked like that. That would be kind of awesome.


Pelephone - welcome to another world (2013) :60 (Israel)

Pelephone - welcome to another world (2013) :60 (Israel)

Our hero, in a landscape that feels like it was invented by Tim Burton on prozac, is late to his wedding. His inflatable cloud car breaks down and he has to run to the cloud gas station to eat some bubble-gum and be catapulted to the church on time.


Losec helps end the acid reflux boomerang.

Acid reflux is a bummer. Don't let it come back at you. Nice art direction on these.