Idi "Cinzia, your Skin Friend" (2013) 2:15 (Italy)

Idi "Cinzia, your Skin Friend"  (2013) 2:15 (Italy)

Italian women get most of their skin care tips from the interwebs. But they're not necessarily going to trusted sources. And those tips from unreliable sources can end up being silly, ineffective or even dangerous.

Skin Care company Idi Pharmaceuticals came up with an intriguing way to reach these women. They created a fake tutorial girl. Named "Cinzia," she offered up over the top ridiculous skin care tips, including covering your face with raw octopus and pizza dough.


Gioni's Revenge - Condiments spanking women / Ketchup spanking - (2013) print (Italy)

Honestly now? I'm not sure exactly where these ads ran (or even if) but alch1m1a have done weird things before. Still "Don’t Spank His Bottom Again" advertising brown sauce and "Did You Spank His Mom’s Bottom" for ketchup? Worst... "Learn To Squeeze Her" for salad dressing. I lost my appetite.


Heineken - The Candidate - (2013) 3:37 (Italy)

Heineken - The Candidate - (2013) 3:37 (Italy)

"Standard questions. Prepared answers.


Variér - Panda & Leopard / Never too early to save your back - print, Italy

The not so fantastic photoshopped tattoos here depict endangered species on the backs of a man and a woman, with the line: "It's never too early to save your back". The product, chairs that help you hold a better posture, is hidden away all Cannes-like in the corner.

It might work better in Italian, but seems a long walk for a ham sandwich here.

Hu Jintao & Barack Obama kissing

Benetton - Unhate - Kissing presidents, prime ministers and chancellors - (2011)

'What does 'unhate' mean? ' Un-hate. Stop hating, if you were hating. Unhate is a message that invites us to consider that hate and love are not as far away from each other as we think. Actually, the two opposing sentiments are often in a delicate and unstable balance. Our campaign promotes a shift in the balance.'
- Alessandro Benetton, Executive Vice President

See also the Unhate foundation while you scratch your head and wonder how this sells sweaters.

By the way, back in 2003 this street art showed Saddam and Bush kissing so I'll add unoriginal to that.


First Floor Under - PIRACY / CD Portraits of Artists - (print) 2011

TBWA Italy announce First Floor Under's exhibition on pop-culture and piracy by showing... dead artist portrayed in pirated CD's. Interesting. So CD killed the video star? In Jim Morrison's case, I thought it was the drugs, man.

It's no "don't copy that floppy".


H-57 - Star Wars typography - may the force of typography be with you

The H-57 Design team geeked out in all orts of ways here, creating illustrations of stormtroopers, Darth Vader and Yoda himself only out of type. Go Italy, go Milan, go geeks. There's of course the wee issue of it not using H-57 designed fonts, and the whole borrowed interest thing, but it's still pretty cute.


H-57 Creative commandments

"Creativity has no rules. Well, almost no rules. We’ve found our personal ones and wrote them down. Or, to be more precise, drew them on paper, cut out the pieces and glued them on a big cardboard. By the end of the project, we realized that these rules are what really guide us every single day.


Heineken - Football Match - (2009) :30 (Italy)

Heineken - Football Match - (2009) :30 (Italy)

Director Erich Joiner of Tool of North America and JWT Milan created this new campaign for Heineken, set to air on Italian TV and online at areyoustillwithus.com. The guys all come over to watch the game, but one of the fellas shows up with his girlfriend in tow, and they're both wearing home-knitted team-shirts. Oh the horror.


Medici Senza Frontiere (Doctors without borders) White Flag - print, Italy

Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, Milan, Italy raise the white flag for Doctors without borders.