ThreeBond glue - Bond your sparks - (2009) :45 (Japan)

What this guy does with some bonding glue is brilliant, though I will admit that the moment that knife touched the vinyl I had a minor heart attack. Ouch.
I&S BBDO, Tokyo , you are scary geniuses, I bow to you.

Now, I'd really like to buy a pre-cut-and-glued album that looks like that (because I am too weak to dare a knife to my vinyl). Get on it!

A man from Fukuoka, a woman from Tokyo, to prove their love, they ran to meet each other.

Gold winner at Cannes lions where this explanation was posted:

Publicising the product benefits of Sagami Original, the world's thinnest condom at just 0.02 mm. By communicating a "love" theme, we were able to build an aimiable brand image that differed from other competitors. We used a real long distance couple from the entries received and asked them to run a 1000 km marathon. The goal is for the two to embrace. When they do embrace, the distance between them, that began at 1,000,000,000 mm is now 0 mm..".. and yet love needs distance", is inserted, and the distance is pushed back to 0.02 mm. Thus the benefit of the world thinnest condom.