New Zealand


St Matthew in the City Church - We Don't Care Who's On Top / support the Marriage Amendment Bill

This billboard was created for St-Matthew-in-the-city Church to show their support for the Marriage Amendment Bill, which aims to legalise same-sex marriage in New Zealand. The rejected subline was "as long as we can watch". No I'm kidding.


Hell Pizza Roulette - one slice has super hot pepper sauce on it, will you get it?


TUI Valentines Day - Roses print ad.

Sometimes finding the right Valentines gift is a little tricky, and sometimes you forget to get anything ... No worries, Tui and Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland to the rescue. All you have to do is roll up the ad and presto, perfect gift. Well, at least it looks like there's a bunch of roses in your hands, but only if you got her drunk on TUI I s'pose.


NZTA - 'Ghost Chips' / Legend - (2011) :60

NZTA -  'Ghost Chips' / Legend - (2011) :60

Forget shock tactics, hello comedy. A young man "internalising a really complicated situation" as he ponders whether or not to tell his mate not to drive home.


St Matthew in the City - Pray like it's 1987

WhybinTBWATequila, Auckland made this 'Turin Shroud' style poster to fan the flames of the Rugby world cup fever in New Zealand, for St Matthew in the City, a conveniently located progressive Anglican church nearby all the sports bars in the city......


VISA - Crayfish Bus (attack) - Wellington On a Plate: Welly On a Plate

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Giant crayfish are clawing out of the earth from mile-deep catacombs and attacking our cities! This is revenge for that time when I poured wormwood-heavy absinth in the boiling water at our crayfish party isn't it? I thought the hallucinations would be cool not terrifying! Hold me, I'm scared!


Telecom - Abstain for the game campaign ditched after only 24 hours

Telecom - Abstain for the game campaign ditched after only 24 hours

Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand and CEO Kevin Roberts misjudged just how passionate All Blacks fans can be when they made this campaign encouraging fans to "abstain for the game". What fans do in the bedroom ain't nobody elses business but theirs. Mocked in cartoons on sports pages, ridiculed by people who work for telecom, this idea just didn't take off with the public. The campaign opened with this ad, and there were also plans to have sheep and models in bikinis parading through through Auckland with the message "abstain from sex". (Sheep, geddit? Ha ha)

Madeleine Roberts and Julie Vahry

New Zealand police attract new recruits with street art ad campaign

M&C Saatchi and Ikon Communications took to the streets, or rather street art, to spread the word and recruit more police officers in New Zealand. They commissioned NZ artist Otis Frizzell to create the street art installations, and each police portrait tells of a real experience the police officers have had - all in a days work.

Madeleine Roberts and Julie Vahry (first image) for example, found a burglar and as Julia was chasing him through the street, only able to see him when the flashes of lightning shone, Madie came from around the corner and greeted him with open arms. The perfect pincher moment. Gotcha!


Hell Pizza: "Come in, Osama, we’ve been expecting you"

This ad ran in the New Zealand Herald today, quite fittingly underneath a news report with the headline: "Bin Laden's death sparks market rally". That was some quick work Barnes Catmur & Friends, well done.


Snickers - Movember

It's Movember guys. Grow a Mo that you can get crumbs of chocolate candy stuck in. Don't forget to grow a flavor-savor. Snickers is sponsoring the Movember charity that raises funds and awareness for mens health. And gives everyone male a really good excuse to experiment with facial hair. Win win!