New Zealand


The Heart of the City - Rubbish installation - poster, New Zealand

Colenso BBDO, Auckland set out to discourage people from littering the streets of Auckland - by showing people how much rubbish is dropped around a single bus shelter in one week. Every day the crap thrown about on the streets around this stop was collected and added to the poster - this is the result after a week. Messy people us the bin!

Here is what it looked like day one, and the days after as it filled up.


St Matthew-in-the-City - Coke-sniffers - print, New Zealand

St Matthew-in-the-City offer Pet blessings....The church really is open to everyone. ;) M&C Saatchi Auckland punned this poster.


Coca-Cola Amatil / Deep spring - Apple & Black Currant - press, New Zealand

Ogilvy New Zealand let two new fruit flavours for Deep Spring - Apple and Black Currant - make a splash in the weekend mag.


MINI Clubman - ‘Worlds Biggest MINI’ - posters New Zealand

To launch the ‘Worlds Biggest MINI’ - the MINI Clubman, DRAFTFCB Auckland plastered the city with these wild posters and billboards that had funny mirrors in them. Objects in mirror appeared larger than they are - see a film of the posters in action here.


Stihl - Stihl chainsaws do through anything - billboard, New Zealand

DDB New Zealand demonstrate that Stihl chainsaws go through anything, even steel bridges!


Sky TV - Tadpoles / Knocked up - ambient billboard, New Zealand


Soundtrax - Wolf, Dog, Rabbit - print, New Zealand

Sound studio Soundtrax had these portraits done by Colenso BBDO - looks like their studio is full of wolves, dogs and rabbit-mutants. ;)


Robert Harris Coffee Roasters- The Robert Harris Inspiration Collection - posters, New Zealand

DraftFCB Auckland decided to go all artsy for Robert Harris Coffee Roasters, since "all breaks should be inspirational". So they commisioned 10 artists to create 30 original works from coffee napkins and hung the results in the Adshel posters so waiting for the bus was like hanging out in an outdoor gallery. This is a shot of one such bus stop - close-ups of three pieces are inside.


National Foundation for the Deaf - Trains Planes and Automobiles (Truck) - print, New Zealand

DDB New Zealand in conjunction with the National Foundation for the Deaf Awareness Week show that it's actually the little things that cause the biggest damage.

Commercials: - Mailbox DVD Player - DM, New Zealand

Rapp Collins New Zealand used this DM piece to transform any ordinary mailbox into a DVD-player. is the Netflick of New Zealand.