New Zealand - Mailbox DVD Player - DM, New Zealand

Rapp Collins New Zealand used this DM piece to transform any ordinary mailbox into a DVD-player. is the Netflick of New Zealand.


Ford G Series - Chandelier Billboard - New Zealand

How classy is the new Ford G Series? Classy, says JWT New Zealand. They created a sophisticated special build billboard for it - one with real chandeliers supplying the glittering light on the billboard. To the left you see a close-up of these chandeliers that are pretty cute. Inside you can view the full poster. The Model Maker for the special chandeliers was Bootleg.


Westin Auckland - Fashion week - print, New Zealand

Those crazy fashionistas will make underwear out of anything. Why, I don't know. But they will.


Adidas - All Blacks "this is not a Jersey" - print and online campaign, New Zealand

Is this a first in advertising? Nanotechnology used to engrave names of fans into the threads of All Blacks Adidas Jerseys? Seriously - nanotechnology!

I'll let TBWA\WHYBIN explain:

Here is the latest work from our office in New Zealand for adidas and the All Blacks. This year we are going to engrave the names of thousands of fans onto the actual thread that makes the All Blacks jersey, with ‘AdiThread’.

All is revealed on

The Fibre Imprinting Nanotechnology was developed by Professor Richard Blaikie of the University of Canterbury and the MacDiarmid Institute of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. The technology has been commercialized by Canterprise Limited, the Commercialization and Technology Transfer Company of the University of Canterbury. Canterprise CEO, Raiyo Nariman says “Adi Thread demonstrates how state of the art technology coming out of the University can be incorporated into innovative applications in fields outside technology-based products”.

Attached is an image from a test run of an actual thread with the names of 1073 All Blacks on it.


New Zealand Army Ngati Tumatauenga - Officer recruitment / Tetris - New Zealand

Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand compare army strategy to playing Tetris as they recruit leaders and strategists into the Army as officers. I've seen similar thoughts before but it never really works for me, the whole 'game' angle I mean. I bet that the training officers will be yelling at the new recruits as soon as they get there "do you think this is a game!?" ;)


Halls - Speech bubbles - print, New Zealand

Throaties illustrate the dangers of loosing your voice - it'll make teeny tiny speech bubbles when you really need to scream. ;)


SKY TV Live Pause - Golf, Rugby, Football - billboards New Zealand

DDB New Zealand have clearly been having fun when they did these billboards to promote the capabilities of "Live pause" on Sky TV. In "Rugby" (above) and "Football" (inside) two billboards go together while "Golf" sprays sand and a ball away from the board, sent by Tiger himself.


Express couriers - Self Destruct - exploding billboard, New Zealand

This billboard was fitted with a digital clock that counted down, and at zero hour it blew up with lots of fanfare.


Cyclo Car Polisher - Bright - print, New Zealand.

How shiny and bright do you want your car to be? Yeah, that bright, right? From Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand.


Sanyo Xacti CG9 digital camcorder - Matchstick Tripod, Staple script, Green Screen, print New Zealand

Just how tiny is the Sanyo Xacti CG9 digital camcorder? Weee teeny tiny, as demonstrated by the matchstick tripod above. Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand did the campaign.