NOAS "So you think you can stay" (2015) 2:15 (Norway)

NOAS  "So you think you can stay" (2015) 2:15 (Norway)

Apparently in Norway, refugees are rejected the same was as they are on reality shows. At least according to NOAS (Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers).


Save The Children "Philip" (2015) :50 (Norway)

Save The Children "Philip" (2015) :50 (Norway)

If you think it's hard to hold it in for 50 seconds, try seventeen years. That's how long on average, childhood victims of sexual abuse wait before they talk about it. This is one super dark PSA for Save The Children Norway.


Save The Children "Ane" (2015) :50 (Norway)

Save The Children "Ane" (2015) :50 (Norway)

Powerful ad for Save The Children, Norway. Studies have shown on average sexually abused children suffer in silence for seventeen years before sharing their experience.


Comfyballs - Legalize Comfyballs - (2015) :40 (Norway)

Comfyballs - Legalize Comfyballs - (2015) :40 (Norway)

I should probably have delegated this ad to one of the boys since it's... all about "the boys".


Ford Mondeo "Night Flight" (2014) 1:00 (Norway)

Ford Mondeo  "Night Flight"  (2014) 1:00 (Norway)

Fast and Furious director Rob Cohen directed this ad featuring a sultry female pilot flying in a total black out and landing thanks to the help of a hunky male's ultra bright LCD "runway" lights-- a feature in his new Ford Modeo.


XXL - Airport Love (2014) 1:40 (Norway)

XXL - Airport Love (2014) 1:40 (Norway)

To be aired all across Scandinavia, XXL sports apparel shows us an airport full of men doing their olympic best to impress on a pretty lady.


Let's save Africa! - Gone wrong - (2013) 3:36 (Norway)

Let's save Africa! - Gone wrong - (2013) 3:36 (Norway)

From the creators of Radi-Aid; Meet Michael and donate your stereotypes at - twitter: @AfricaForNorway


Digital Food Waste "#grønnpose" (2013) 1:00 (Norway)

Digital Food Waste "#grønnpose"  (2013) 1:00 (Norway)

In Norway, people put their scraps into a green bag and it gets collected and recycled and fed into the bus.
Problem is, more people instagram their food, than throw it in the green recycling bags.


Norli's Antique Books - The power of words: Art / Dali, Da Vinci & Munch

Here's a fun poster campaign for Norli's Antique Books, whose selection of classic art books is one of the finest in Oslo. To remind you of the power of words, they describe famous paintings.


Volvo XC90 - Scenic / Directors cut - (2012) :90 (Norway)

Volvo  XC90 - Scenic / Directors cut - (2012) :90 (Norway)

Fredrik Callinggard shot this Volvo spot in the fjordland of Norway.

Fredrik Callinggard, represented in the United States by Bully Pictures, has directed a new, international campaign for Volvo re-launching its mid-sized, luxury, crossover SUV the XC90. Filmed in Norway’s spectacular fjordlands, the 60-second launch spot offers a rich and deeply affecting montage of landscape imagery and scenes of families traveling and enjoying life. Farmlands populated by ancient wood structures, quaint hamlets, gorgeous beaches and snow-swept mountains, all appearing under a cool autumn chill, float by as a young girl sweetly recites the words of “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”