Ford Portugal "Looking For Champions" (2013) 2:00 (Portugal)

Ford Portugal "Looking For Champions" (2013) 2:00 (Portugal)

Ford Portugal is the official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League. They are bringing the final game to Lisbon next year. Instead of just celebrating the sponsorship, they turned it into a fun "search for the next champion" challenge.

They placed the cup in a busy part of the city to see if anyone could lift it Excalibur-style. But not just anyone could lift it. Only kids could, thanks to some electromagnetic controls.

One tends to be suspicious of such case studies as being fabricated, but the scared look on some of the kids at the end shows the authenticity of the stunt.


EDP - (2011) :60 (Portugal)

EDP - (2011) :60 (Portugal)

Sagmeister Inc. and BNS Energize EDP

NEW YORK - The artists and producers from international production company and design studio Brand New School (BNS) are very proud to present their recent collaboration with international graphic design icon Stefan Sagmeister for EDP Renovaveis, S.A., the renewable energy subsidiary of Energias de Portugal (EDP) and one of the world's largest and fastest growing wind energy companies.

Sagmeister, Inc. has recently created and introduced a strikingly fresh brand identity for EDP. To help introduce it throughout Portugal and beyond, Sagmeister teamed with BNS to develop an animated storyline using the brand new illustrative visual language. The resulting :60 commercial debuted last week on broadcast and cable television in Lisbon, Portugal, and along with many shorter versions, it is set to continue airing widely across the country and Europe for many weeks to come.

"It was such a pleasure to see the identity we created together with EDP become alive through the magic of Brand New School, not only were the results lovely but the process getting there also absolutely enjoyable," Sagmeister said.


Fischer Portugal - Some words (about the crises) - print, Portugal

Fisher in Portugal have a different point of view on the current economic crisis. Please click here for a larger image in case you can't read the copy here.


Económico Business Newspaper - Banknotes China/Cuba/USSR/DDR (2009) Print/Press (Portugal)

Headline: And it all ends in Money.

...and often the money ends before the month is up, amirite?


Partners Portugal - Brand Tailors - Self promotion, Portugal

Male nipple alert!
Larger image available here

'Brand Taylors by Partners' is a self-promotion print campaign created specifically for the Lisbon fashion week issue of Zoot Magazine – the international fashion and music magazine from Portugal sold worldwide. The agency's goal was to contextualize the ad with this special fashion issue and also to position the agency as a brand creator and visibility generator

I think you mean "brand tailor", guys. Jesus, does your agency look this hot? Sadly, the photographer credit is "Getty Images", so I don't think that anyone who works at Partners is in this shot.


Acção Animal - Cats & Dogs on your mind - print, Portugal

Ad agency Partners did these creepy images showing that if you desert a ca or dog it'll never leave your mind.


Scotch-Brite roller - Hair / Your clothes' hairbrush - print, Portugal

The line is nice, I'm just not so sure about the repeated one-trick pony visual. From Grey Lisboa (sounds cooler than "Lisbon").


Dexter is back and now bloodier than ever, Guerilla campaign Portugal

Torke in Lisboa (yeah yeah, Lisbon - Lisboa sounds cooler though) stabbed people in the back, drenched toilets in blood and generally squicked people out with their new Dexter Guerilla stunts campaign.
(link to larger case image)


Amnesty - All against each other - print, Portugal

It's like a giant game of RISK.


Portugal Red Cross - Tornado - print

Larger file available here

"Only a tornado has the power of another tornado"