Dexter is back and now bloodier than ever, Guerilla campaign Portugal

Torke in Lisboa (yeah yeah, Lisbon - Lisboa sounds cooler though) stabbed people in the back, drenched toilets in blood and generally squicked people out with their new Dexter Guerilla stunts campaign.
(link to larger case image)


Amnesty - All against each other - print, Portugal

It's like a giant game of RISK.


Portugal Red Cross - Tornado - print

Larger file available here

"Only a tornado has the power of another tornado"



Torke Stunt creates Earth Day press kit for National Geographic Channel

In order to communicate National Geographic Channel's (NGC) commitment to Earth Day and concern for environmental issues, Torke Stunt, Lisbon, Portugal created a presskit which was sent to media buyers, partners and press. This press kit was contained a 2007 reserve mineral water bottle, highlighting the fact that this natural resource will become a luxury good due to its scarcity.


Pleasure and Pain for Sensodyne

A bit of a different sadomasochistic take on a toothpaste concept from creatives at GreyHome in Portugal.


The Flags: Meet the world.

Icaro Doria, a 25 year young Brazilian who works for the magazine Grande Reportagem in Lisbon via FCB Publicidade (*the ad agency) created this poster campaign of flags together with Luis Silva Dias, Joso Roque and Andrea Vallenti.

The flag-campaign is for Revista Grande Reportagem, and the idea is to 'bring across concept that the magazine offers profound journalism about topics of real importance to the world of today.'