South Africa


Hyundai SantaFe - Where's Waldo? (2006) Print (South Africa)

Where's Waldo? According to The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, he's out and about enjoying nature thanks to his Hyundai.


Lowe Bull knocks planes out of the sky

What's going on here? Seems that down in South Africa, they take their vitamins seriously. Flinstones kids and BamBam are reported to be very envious.....


How bright are your plates?

Lowe Bull has sent us another print ad for the Sunlight brand, this time for the line of dishwashing liquid.

The creative idea was to convey how bright and clean dishes are when washed with Sunlight in a new and innovative way - hence the deer in the background which has the stunned look of being caught in a brightness equivalent to headlights.


Lowe Bull shows softer side

Advertising agency Lowe Bull created this ad for Sunlight Fabric Softener.

According to the creative director, Gareth Lessing, the idea behind this ad was to demonstrate the product's softening power in a straightforward and clear-cut manner. With obvious imagery such as this, one can hardly miss the point. Shot by photographer Clive Stewart, the ad recently won Silver at the Eagle Awards.


Lowe Bull campaign for Cape Times newspaper, collage style

Four executions in the campaign for the Cape Times paper: 'A Riveting Read' are made from newspaper clippings that make up a relevant shape. for example, a bulldozer shape is made by articles about the crises Zimbabwe is experiencing.

Nicole Redelinghuys, art director at Lowe Bull said: "We wanted to make a statement that people could relate to - a statement that would have an effect on the readers and encourage them to engage their minds. The Cape Times took this opportunity to really speak out about issues facing South Africa and the world."

(Read more to check out one of the ads)


Virgin Atlantic - Love Story - (2005) 0:30 (South Africa)

Virgin Atlantic - Love Story - (2005) 0:30 (South Africa)

The oddest of odd couples - handsome man and less handsome, rather rotund other man - go through the stereotypes of courtship, including a great cheesy karaoke of "how deep is your love" and matching shirts... Only for the twist at the end. Nice.


PS2 - Duel - (2005) 0:60 (South Africa)


Axe campaign shows older women as predators

Axe has the whole "women go mad" idea nailed down as theirs only ever since they blasted out big nutty ads like the Paid piper commercial back in '99. Naturally this makes Axe/Lynx a great client to work on, and Lowe Bull in Johannesburg, South Africa won't deny it.
"Axe is a fabulous brand to work on for our creatives, it revolves around the now renowned 'Axe Effect" which essentially means if you wear Axe, you'll always get the woman or women of your dreams," commented Lynn Madeley, regional communications director at Lowe Bull.

With no formal brief the creative team at Lowe Bull had free reign, they just unveiled these two adverts to run in magazines starting this month and are sponsoring FHM's 100 Sexiest Woman in the World promotion. Read more to see the ads.


Heads up, Lowe Bull sells Durex condoms with magazine-BJ.

There is no pussyfooting about the subject of what will be done with Durex new fruit flavored Condoms here, with carefully chosen media for the double page spread such as the mags FHM and SL where it'll appeal to the readers' sense of humor, and most likely to be opened up in his lap as shown.


Lowe Bull pulls Axe stunts in nightclubs

Lowe Bull in South Africa has taken Unilever's Axe (Lynx) off the TV screens and into the hot nightclubs. Like an Axe ad in real life, their stunt contains the usual ingredients of an Axe wearing man and women who suddenly can't control themselves.

The premise, their "unsuspecting" male model hangs out in a nightclub, drink in hand and a bag thrown over his shoulder, there is nothing out of the ordinary about the man... Until the Axe-gals pull up in their truck outside.....