South Africa


Mini Cooper - Rocket - outdoor billboard, South Africa

Mini go one more crazy installation in their worldwide "Lets put real cars as ads everywhere" campaign. This time, it's a mini rocket launch created by King James in Johannesburg.


EverFresh UHT Milk - Mammoth / Dinosaur - print, South Africa

Seems that consumers believe preservatives are added to make UHT milk last longer, this campaign from King James Cape Town with its mammoths and dinosaurs is supposed to change that, somehow.


Tipp-Ex - Teenage pregnancy / Bride / One night stand - print, South Africa

The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, suggest that Tipp-Ex can erase all of life's mistakes. Seems that every mistake made here has to do with sex! Teenage pregnancy? Call Tipp-Ex! One-night stand, nothing a little Tipp-Ex can't fix. Tipp-Ex is there for the bride who regrets her choice of groom too, of course. Oversell the product advantage much?


Eveready Batteries - Hair - poster, South Africa

From King James Johannesburg comes this ad that will make your hairs stand on end. Hehe.


Allan Gray - Mozart / Joan / Nkosi - print, South Africa

Allan Gray has had the same investment philosophy for over 34 years, never waivering or changing they way they invest. This "long term thinking" message is what King James, Cape Town, was asked to communicate in this print campaign.

Note - while most people know Mozart or Joan of Arc, not everyone in Europe (or the US for that matter) are familiar with Nkosi. Nkosi Johnson was a South African child victim of HIV/AIDS who died at the age of twelve. He was the keynote speaker at the 13th International AIDS Conference and ended his speech with the words:

"Care for us and accept us - we are all human beings. We are normal. We have hands. We have feet. We can walk, we can talk, we have needs just like everyone else - don't be afraid of us - we are all the same!"


Tabasco - Bouillabaisse / Bloody Mary / Pasta - print, South Africa

Creatives, this is your assignment - play with your food. Why? Because high speed photography looks teh ossom. Just ask Alka-Seltzer. You have learned that lesson well, Ogilvy Johannesburg.


Osram Light Bulbs - Bus Stop - posters, South Africa

Osram's energy saving lightbulbs and Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town use the lights in busposters to bring home their point.
Nobody at bus stop, no lights are on.


Drive Times - Technically Unreliable, Expensive Servicing, No local parts - print, South Africa

Drive Times is a weekly insert publication in the Cape Times, and they brag about knowing everything about anything with engines with this campaign.
... In the image above the negative is spelled out clearly, and despite that fact, I want any car that has a grill with a sexy font. I shouldn't be the one holding the purse strings when buying cars, clearly. - "Forget gas milage, does it come in "oil slick" color?"


Allan Gray Investments - Patience Puzzle - Billboard, South Africa

Allan Gray Investments and King James Advertising Cape Town created this puzzle-billboard that took four weeks to reveal the sender. Placed next to a busy commuter road, each day for four weeks a little bit more of the headline was revealed. After four weeks you could read "Purpose is nothing without patience" and the sender, Allan Grey Investments.


Feed SA - Trolley - ambient, South Africa.

Feed SA is a charity dedicated to feeding disadvantaged people throughout South Africa. TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris says: "We placed decals of hungry begging street children at the bottom of supermarket trolleys bearing the Feed SA website and the line "See how easy feeding the hungry can be?" Any food placed in the trolley would appear to be given to the child."

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