Bref Power Active "Flush to Paradise" (2014) 1:20 (Spain)

Bref Power Active "Flush to Paradise" (2014)  1:20 (Spain)

What better way to demonstrate the multi-cleansing capabilities of Bref than with a hidden camera, startled women and giant reveal of a strange set where a singing boy band repping said product?


Diagonal Mar Shopping Centrer "Self Esteem" (2013) 1:50 (Spain)

Diagonal Mar Shopping Centrer "Self Esteem" (2013) 1:50 (Spain)

Either men are nothing but dumb pieces of cliché meat just ready to do your vanilla bidding (ref: Zesty Guy ) or women are so pathetically needy that a talking bag w


Hendrick’s Gin - Unusual / Mad magazine makes rose petal and cucumber meet - print Spain

Draftfcb in Madrid developed a new and "unusual" campaign for Hendrick’s Gin, though the execution is very familiar. Yes, it's based on the MAD Magazine fold-in format popularised by legendary cartoonist Al Jaffee. The Mad magazine execution style was used by Miller in 2003 to show in the fold how beer added to anywhere became an instant party, while Hendrick’s is using it to show its dominant flavour profile: the infusion duo of rose petal and cucumber. With a victorian touch to the illustrations it feels like Jules Verne himself might have sipped it while writing some of his more elaborate works.


Useful social media tips from Grandma


The First Bladder-Friendly Festival

From Atletico International in Barcelona, Spain: "Alfred Hitchcock said: "The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder." This quote was our inspiration for our last campaign for MECAL, Barcelona Short Film Festival. From now on, the first bladder friendly festival."

Here is our blood

Here is our blood

Here is our blood.


Adjust the temperature of your Greeting this Christmas

“Have a warm or cold Christmas this year. It´s up to you.”

A newsletter to send to clients this Christmas.

A website where you control the temperature of your Christmas greeting
from -10º to 80º. Each temperature with its own message and personality.

Main Visual of Campaign 'Fuck You AIDS!'
Poster Fuck You AIDS!
Advertising Fuck You AIDS!
Kit 'Against AIDS'

Fuck You AIDS!

The AIDS is BAD: he respects neither age, nor sex, nor religion or social class. It is aggressive, virulent and bad-mannered. Such a complex problematics, full of edges that to interpret and factors of diverse nature that to neutralize deserves a simple, direct and forceful response.


Audi- Intelligently Combined - (2009) :45 (Spain)

Audi- Intelligently Combined - (2009) :45 (Spain)

Digital Domain has teamed up with longtime collaborator Carl Erik Rinsch and his German production company Markenfilm on a :45 TV commercial for Audi, via Hamburg, Germany-based ad agency Kempertrautmann. The digital production studio designed a highly complex -- yet ethereally beautiful -- visual device that represents Audi’s new tagline, “Efficient-Technology, intelligently combined.” The spot titled “Intelligently Combined” showcases the Audi A4 2.0 TDI e and first aired Sept. 4th 2009 in Spain and will roll out across Europe.


Toyota Prius - Tree Billboard - outdoor, Spain

Toyota Prius respects the environment, proven here in billboard from Tiempo BBDO Spain that lets the tree behind it get some more space.