LG OLED creates 'world's slimmest' ad.

Scandinavia's Nordic Hi-Fi Magazine and the LG's curved OLED-TV are both the same width: 4 millimeters.
So M&C Saatchi created "The World's Slimmest Ad" by advertising on the spine of Nordic Hi-FI Magazine. Nice media placement.

But World's Slimmest? Puhlease. Mini ran ads in the gutters of magazines like ten years ago, dudes.


LG - Curved to fit your Heart (print)

It's soon Valentine's Day, and LG has a flexible phone. Yes. Flexible. Don't know if it blends but it'll bend. This ad notes that most flirting starts with texting these days and shows off LG's unique feature in a Valentine's way.

You know you want to check out more about the LG flex.


LG TV's new curved sensational discovery

LG OLED-TV crazy realism and depth will challenge everything you know about TV. Except for the fundamental question: Why is there never anything good on TV?


SPP "Life can be So Much Better" (2013) 3:10 (Sweden)

SPP "Life can be So Much Better" (2013) 3:10 (Sweden)

Jon Lyster is leader of the band Swedish band Vindstyrka 12. He'd love to make a living as a musician. Clearly he has his work cut out for him.


Have a burger whatever time it is.

it's 8:15 in the morning here, and I'm seriously considering it. And I'm not even a McDonald's fan.
Thanks a lot, DDB Stockholm!


McDonalds, have a burger whatever the weather.

Nice tasty art direction here. Tasty? Geddit? Narf narf narf.


Volvo Trucks - The Hamster Stunt - (2013)

Volvo Trucks - The Hamster Stunt - (2013)

Move over "Charlie bit my finger" here comes "Charlie the hamster chases the carrot and steers a 15-ton truck up a dangerous road" - which I admit doesn't quite roll off the tongue. It's got it all though, the drama, the suspense, the animal trainer, the adorable hamster.


Swedish travel agency sends President Obama a baffling message

Swedish last minute travel agency Ticket wanted to capitalize on President Obama's recent visit to Stockholm, by suggesting it was more important to discuss Edward Snowden with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Moscow. They also posted the same ads in Moscow, directed towards Putin.

If you don't stop to think about this ad for too long it's clever. But if you do think about it for more than a second though it misses the mark. Here's how:



Stockholm Pride - #gowest

As you may already know, the Swedish gay pride people aren't pleased at all with the Russian anti-gay laws. Someone painted a rainbow crossing outside of Russian Embassy in Stockholm in protest, and now M&C Saatchi comes with this pretty poster contribution. I guess if Stockholm pride parties hard enough, Moscow will notice.


ICA - Crawfish Season / In China - (2013) :30 (Sweden)

ICA -  Crawfish Season / In China - (2013) :30 (Sweden)

In Sweden at the crayfish festival: The table is set for a crawfish party when someone remarks: "In some parts of China, dogs are considered a delicacy" "Really? The Chinese have quaint food habits, don't they?"