McDonald's invites you to rock out to its food.

Summer is festival season. So to get festival goers excited about McDonald's DDB in Stockholm created posters that treated McDonald's menu like a Coachella poster.
At least Steve Angello isn't on there.


Xide "Transformer" (2013) :20 (Sweden)

Xide "Transformer" (2013) :20 (Sweden)

While we're on the subject of Swedes, music videos and drinks, the alcopop brand Xide teamed up with Young Squage to make a video for their new single "Transformer." The song was written and produced by SeventyEight because apparently no one goes by their real names any mor


Volkswagen "Migrator Bird" (2013) 1:30 (Sweden)

Volkswagen "Migrator Bird" (2013)  1:30  (Sweden)

Swedish winters suck. They last forever. And you can't believe it's ever going to change. The minute you see those birds fly south, you know you're screwed.

In an attempt to make it just a little easier, Volkswagen decided to help out. Their
Skiteam edition cars with 4MOTION: that's four wheel drive, a car heater and roof box.

Getting back to the birds: DDB Stockholm paired up with the University in Lund and used GPS to live-track an osprey bird during its winter migration to the southern hemisphere and back.

Fans could follow the bird, read its tweets and of course, learn all about the 4MOTION cars. There was even a prize thrown in for good measure.


Porteur Bike sale

Porteur is a new bicycle brand that has a one-for-one scheme, kind of like Tom's shoes. Buy a bike and they'll donate one. In order to promote their 10% sale, they decided to run the ad where cyclists were sure to see it: On the street. Made from water soluble paint, ads were made out of the road markings pointing out the bicycle lane. Clever use of a timely 10% discount. Because when the ads disappear so does the sale.

Fair enough. But what happens if it doesn't rain or snow in Stockholm for a bit? I realize this is impossible in spring there, but if we pretended climate change hit the land of Vikings, when's the official sale end?


Carlsberg - The Drop - (2013) :30 (Sweden)

Carlsberg - The Drop - (2013) :30 (Sweden)

How do you show off a new slim can? Make it a techno-ravey-trip down the side of it with a drop of condensation. PARTY ON, DROP!


Buy milk & give milk - Porteur bikes give one away for each one you buy

Our pal Martin Cedergren tells us about his latest project;

"Porteur is a new bicycle brand inspired by the bicycles used in the past by messengers and milkmen. With a front mounted carrier it’s perfect for contemporary city life. And it comes with a unique promise - for every bicycle sold, one bicycle is donated to youths in developing countries. One for one, the promise is carried forward.

To make people aware of this promise, we have created a new campaign called: Buy milk – Give milk.

On Thursday this week, ambassadors of the brand, will use Porteur bikes to deliver milk to offices in downtown Stockholm. One litre costs 98 Swedish crowns. All money is then donated to buy therapeutic milk for children in need via UNICEF - One for one.


Anna Dello Russo at H&M - Fashion Shower - (2012) 2:45 (Sweden)

Anna Dello Russo at H&M - Fashion Shower - (2012) 2:45 (Sweden)

You need the fashion shower! - beware, this will stick to your brain. A perfectly designed eurotrash ear-ring, you need tha fahshåån showerrrrrrr. Anna Dello Russo teaches you the rules of fashion, and leaves you with this: accessorize. Always.


Case Study Bingo Cards

Considering the amount of case studies rolling in this week, the fact that we're all gearing up for Cannes lions so there's no end in sight quite yet, and the advice doled out in our Adland Tutorial on Case Studies I thought it's h


Wäpnö - "Tugga Gräs" (Chew grass) by Wäpnö Drängar (Wäpno boys) - (2011) Sweden

Wäpnö -  "Tugga Gräs" (Chew grass) by Wäpnö Drängar (Wäpno boys) - (2011) Sweden

Can't be bothered translating the (rather funny) lyrics, but they're rapping about organic farming, locally produced and making milk products.


Aftonbladet - 9/11 - (2011) :90 (Sweden)

Aftonbladet - 9/11 - (2011) :90 (Sweden)

This clip takes us back in time. and shows us the ever-changing front page of Sweden's largest tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet and what it looked like september 11, 2001.