3 / Three - The WiFi ad - (2013)

Three / 3 wanted to promote their pocket wi-fi, so they used wi-fi networks to spread their message - very simple first idea. They then put together this far-too-long case study, complete with cheesy music and a voice-over lady with a thick Swedish accent, adding to the impression that this is student work. "We used an unexpected media-channel", except that it's totally expected by now. We've seen Wi-fi used as ad space several times before and badlanded it twice. Wifi has been used to shill everything from magazines to cars, this might be the first time the medium is actually the message: "get pocket-Wifi".

Carlsberg - The Drop - (2013) :30 (Sweden)

Carlsberg - The Drop - (2013) :30 (Sweden)

How do you show off a new slim can? Make it a techno-ravey-trip down the side of it with a drop of condensation. PARTY ON, DROP!

Stockholm City Mission "You'll never wear that again" (2013) 2:30 (Sweden)

fashion goes out of style. And yet you still have all that stuff in your closet. Why not donate it to those in need?

DDB Stockholm created this digital initiative for Stockholm City Mission called You'll never wear that again which sounds like a follow up to You didn't build that.

Basically the app uses your old Facebook photos to determine what you(or your freinds) no longer wear and then you go from there. Like the idea a lot. But I don't like adding apps to my Facebook page, so I'm posting the case study in stead.

Nice job, dudes.

Radiotjänst - Something is about to happen

Fresh out of Film School, Hanna Maria Heidrich, has just shot her first spot through Gorgeous, this one for Radiotjänst in Sweden.

Unicef - Christmas 2012 - Three wise men

 Unicef - Christmas 2012 - Three wise men

We are getting into the christmas spirit here today, spying on the three wise men as they contemplate what gifts to get.

The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children's Hospital - DM letter for donations - case study (2012)

The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children's Hospital - DM letter for donations - case study (2012)

Here's an interesting way to raise money for the Queen Silvia Children's Hospital, let the kids play with the direct mail before mailing it!

Sony Mobile / Xperia acro S. - The Xperia Soda Stunt / Skyfall (2012)

Sony Mobile / Xperia acro S. - The Xperia Soda Stunt / Skyfall (2012)

How do you announce the waterproof cellphone? Do it secret agent style, smuggle the phones into unsuspecting winners hands by hiding them in free sodas.

Folksam - Skydiving cats - (2012) :30 (Sweden)

Folksam - Skydiving cats - (2012) :30 (Sweden)

Dear Intarwebs: Welcome to Sweden. In Sweden the insurance company Folksam is selling pet insurance with skydiving cats.


Skydiving cats. To the tune "I believe I can fly".

You can just picture how much the creatives were laughing as they presented this. "Please give us some greenscreen and cgi, please? Det kommer att bli så jävla king."

Eva, one of our 4 million owners, has her cat insured in Folksam.
Eva, this one's for you.

Outro: What makes your heart beat faster? Visit folksam.se and tell us what the next commercial should be about.

Tagline: Folksam - insurance for everything you care about.

Buy milk & give milk - Porteur bikes give one away for each one you buy

field print

Our pal Martin Cedergren tells us about his latest project;

"Porteur is a new bicycle brand inspired by the bicycles used in the past by messengers and milkmen. With a front mounted carrier it’s perfect for contemporary city life. And it comes with a unique promise - for every bicycle sold, one bicycle is donated to youths in developing countries. One for one, the promise is carried forward.

To make people aware of this promise, we have created a new campaign called: Buy milk – Give milk.

On Thursday this week, ambassadors of the brand, will use Porteur bikes to deliver milk to offices in downtown Stockholm. One litre costs 98 Swedish crowns. All money is then donated to buy therapeutic milk for children in need via UNICEF - One for one.


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