Comhem- Surfa ComHem-style! Psy homage - (2013) :40 (Sweden)

You remember Judith & Judith don't you? They've been the Snapple-like gals, and then they continued their campaign career by doing homages to virals. Of course they had to go all Psy on us.

Lyrics, translated (where it has to be):

Surf surf surf surf - surfa Comhem Style

Surfa = "to surf" in Swedish.

När du skall surfa, stream film och ladda upp en fil

When you want to surf, steam a movie and upload a file.

field print

Porteur is a new bicycle brand that has a one-for-one scheme, kind of like Tom's shoes. Buy a bike and they'll donate one. In order to promote their 10% sale, they decided to run the ad where cyclists were sure to see it: On the street. Made from water soluble paint, ads were made out of the road markings pointing out the bicycle lane. Clever use of a timely 10% discount. Because when the ads disappear so does the sale.

Fair enough. But what happens if it doesn't rain or snow in Stockholm for a bit? I realize this is impossible in spring there, but if we pretended climate change hit the land of Vikings, when's the official sale end?

Three / 3 wanted to promote their pocket wi-fi, so they used wi-fi networks to spread their message - very simple first idea. They then put together this far-too-long case study, complete with cheesy music and a voice-over lady with a thick Swedish accent, adding to the impression that this is student work. "We used an unexpected media-channel", except that it's totally expected by now. We've seen Wi-fi used as ad space several times before and badlanded it twice. Wifi has been used to shill everything from magazines to cars, this might be the first time the medium is actually the message: "get pocket-Wifi".

fashion goes out of style. And yet you still have all that stuff in your closet. Why not donate it to those in need?

DDB Stockholm created this digital initiative for Stockholm City Mission called You'll never wear that again which sounds like a follow up to You didn't build that.

Basically the app uses your old Facebook photos to determine what you(or your freinds) no longer wear and then you go from there. Like the idea a lot. But I don't like adding apps to my Facebook page, so I'm posting the case study in stead.

Nice job, dudes.