Electrolux "Power" (2013) 2:00 (Thailand)

To launch Electrolux's UltraCaptic powerful vacuum Saatchi and Saatchi Thailand teamed up with Thai artist Chalit Nakpawan to create a piece of art from dirt.

The artwork is called "Power," and highlights a feature of the vacuum that compresses dust and dirt into a neat little pod that doesn't allow the dust to escape.

Thai Health Promotion Foundation - Smoking Kid - guerilla (2012) Thailand

Ogilvy were tasked with the issue of reminding adult smokers that smoking is like , bad for you mmm'kay? Adult smokers tend to puff away on the cancer-sticks and ignore that, but when a kid asks them for a light they turn into surgeon general mouthpieces even listing statistics while telling the kids it's bad for you.

This little idea, sending these kids out to smokers ask for a light, is brilliant. It's a good insight, because as a former chain-smoker who knows that you need to have something as powerful as nicotine to help you out of its clutches, it's for the kids / the future, that we can quit.
(In my case, specifically one little kid who is chock-full of awesome. Momma loves you sugarplum.)

field print

"A Book" is a Thai publishing house, that wanted to advertise when people were waiting, which is a great time to read a short story or nibble a little on a good book. They printed short stories on queueing tickets. They allowed people to attach short stories to their "I'll be late" text messages, anyone who was late could txt a number with the phonenumbers of their friends waiting for them, and they would receive a text message with a short story to occupy them while they waited. They also had "A Book" placemats in restaurants that people could read while waiting for their meal to arrive. Fast food eaters weren't left out, they had "A Book" line stickers, so one could read a novel while queueing up to order.

In short, time to kill? Read a book.