TrueMove H - Giving / Thieving boy & Doctor - (2013) 3:00 (Thailand)

TrueMove H  - Giving / Thieving boy & Doctor - (2013) 3:00 (Thailand)

Bring out the kleenex! It's an epic Thai ad again, and as you all know they're either total tearjerkers or surreal humor. This one is the former, so brace yourself. The karma-story told here spans 30 years, and many many tears, ending on the tagline "giving is the best communication".


A book - A novel new way to advertise on queueing number slips.

"A Book" is a Thai publishing house, that wanted to advertise when people were waiting, which is a great time to read a short story or nibble a little on a good book. They printed short stories on queueing tickets. They allowed people to attach short stories to their "I'll be late" text messages, anyone who was late could txt a number with the phonenumbers of their friends waiting for them, and they would receive a text message with a short story to occupy them while they waited. They also had "A Book" placemats in restaurants that people could read while waiting for their meal to arrive. Fast food eaters weren't left out, they had "A Book" line stickers, so one could read a novel while queueing up to order.

In short, time to kill? Read a book.


Dentiste - Forever Love - (2009) :45 (Thailand) Eng. sub.

Dentiste - Forever Love - (2009) :45 (Thailand) Eng. sub.

Good morning stinky breath!


Colgate - Don't forget to brush - Ambient, Thailand

I need to totally nick this idea. Y&R Bangkok helps Colgate remind kids to brush their teeth after eating sweets with this toothbrush shaped popsicle stick. Brilliant!


Neonic Evolution Limited CCTV - Anyone could be a crook - print, Thailand

Opportunity makes the thief they say, thus Lowe Bangkok offers you the reason for CCTV, mission impossible mask-revealing style.


Black and Decker - Snake, Lizard, Frog - print, Thailand

Aw, oooh, eeew, gross. Did you know that Black & Decker Lawn Mowers are so quiet and effective that you can sneak up on snakes? No? well, now you do thanks to these fascinatingly icky images from Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok. Don't miss the snake inside. The frog looks a bit like an opened passion fruit. Oh man, I'll never eat passion fruit again.


Ogawan Fan - Smoke / Cooking / Incense - print, Thailand

If you install a Ogawa Ventilating Fan, you won't have to stand the stink says Lowe Bangkok.


Zwilling knifes - Nun / Soldier - print, Thailand

BBDO Bangkok shows this knife is good for sharing in all kinds of situations. Which could be said of any knife but you know.

Commercials: - Vietnam / China - print, Thailand

Kingkongbangkok co. ltd. in Bangkok tries to Relax The World for You need to click onto the enlargement in order to get it.


Business cards for Diving Instructor = wet. (Thailand)

Brief: Create a business card for a diving instructor.

Solution: Manually make cards that have actually been wet to imply that this guy spends most of his time in the water.

Response: Diving instructors classes were fully booked for up to four months in advance.