ThreeBond super glue - Eternity , print Thailand

E.T. plus super glue equals a really long touch. Creepy and fun.


WMF Knife - Chicken, Lobster, Fish - print Thailand

Agency: Leo Burnett Bangkok demonstrates the sharpness of WMF Knifes by slicing animals straight in half on a double page spread. Do chickens eyes look like then when cut in half by the way? Mental note: must get chicken and chop clean in half to test. Then make soup. Mmmm. Chicken soup. Two more inside.


Breeze Excel, Torture test , DM Thailand

To prove you could remove stains in just one wash with Breeze Excel, DM Thailand put it through the ultimate test: They wrapped a package with it.


Child Protection Foundation of Thailand - "branded for life" - print ads

Disturbing graphics in these ads from Creative Juice\G1 in Bangkok for the Child Protection Foundation of Thailand. Cringe inside.


Alka seltzer - Piranhas and crocodiles - print Thailand

Another print ad execution for Alka Seltzer from JWT Bangkok, Thailand. Confusing since BBDO Bangkok just did this awesome high-speed stroboscopic photography style campaign which easily falls under the category "teh ossom". So who in Bangkok has the alka-seltzer account, I wonder? Everybody?


Panasonic Lumix Fire & Murder - print Thailand

This print ad series from JWT Bangkok informs you with very detailed images that the Panasonic Lumix camera won't miss a thing.


Alka Seltzer cuts through food, Thailand

BBDO Bangkok shows that Alka-seltzer can cut through any heavy food in this print series. Is it possible to get a raging case of tent-pants when you look at an ad? Uhm.. when you're a girl? No? Never mind then, forget I even mentioned it, I'm just going to go take a cold shower....


Pepper Spray ads from Lowe Bangkok, Thailand

Lowe Bangkok give us this graphic - without being "graphic", geddit? - treatment for Pepper Spray. Now here's a product I never thought I'd see advertised with shiny double-page spreads. Heck, when I invested in my first imported (seriously illegal) pepper spray many moons ago, the packaging text was all I needed. On my mates French police spray it read "paralyse" and 10%, on my 16% it read "paralyse constant" - sold! And yes, I've even had to use it. Apologies to the now probably blind guy but I told you to leave me the hell alone three times yet you followed me into the graveyard at four in the morning - be glad you're still breathing.


Tesco Lotus seafood "Fresh" ambient on tanks, Bangkok

Tesco Lotus' idea is "always fresh" so BBDO Bangkok created these stickers to go on glass tanks in front of restaurants showing live fish, with the copy reading "as fresh from Tesco Lotus" in a sticker that looks like the Tesco price tag.


Kiwi Foot Deodorant - Boots - (2008) print (Thailand)

Talk about discreet - It took me a second to get it. Prepare to be slightly puzzled and then exclaim "duh!" at this Kiwi ad from Grey Bangkok.