Harnn Massage Balm, Deep massage , print Thailand

Uhm. I only have one thing to say about this. OMG creepy. I don't think that was the reaction Y&R Thailand was going for.


SEIKO Alarm Clock - Coals, Mouse trap - print, Thailand

What does this alarm clock do?

No seriously. I don't want to burn my hand off if I touch it.


ThreeBond super glue - Eternity , print Thailand

E.T. plus super glue equals a really long touch. Creepy and fun.


WMF Knife - Chicken, Lobster, Fish - print Thailand

Agency: Leo Burnett Bangkok demonstrates the sharpness of WMF Knifes by slicing animals straight in half on a double page spread. Do chickens eyes look like then when cut in half by the way? Mental note: must get chicken and chop clean in half to test. Then make soup. Mmmm. Chicken soup. Two more inside.


Breeze Excel, Torture test , DM Thailand

To prove you could remove stains in just one wash with Breeze Excel, DM Thailand put it through the ultimate test: They wrapped a package with it.


Child Protection Foundation of Thailand - "branded for life" - print ads

Disturbing graphics in these ads from Creative Juice\G1 in Bangkok for the Child Protection Foundation of Thailand. Cringe inside.


Alka seltzer - Piranhas and crocodiles - print Thailand

Another print ad execution for Alka Seltzer from JWT Bangkok, Thailand. Confusing since BBDO Bangkok just did this awesome high-speed stroboscopic photography style campaign which easily falls under the category "teh ossom". So who in Bangkok has the alka-seltzer account, I wonder? Everybody?


Panasonic Lumix Fire & Murder - print Thailand

This print ad series from JWT Bangkok informs you with very detailed images that the Panasonic Lumix camera won't miss a thing.


Alka Seltzer cuts through food, Thailand

BBDO Bangkok shows that Alka-seltzer can cut through any heavy food in this print series. Is it possible to get a raging case of tent-pants when you look at an ad? Uhm.. when you're a girl? No? Never mind then, forget I even mentioned it, I'm just going to go take a cold shower....


Pepper Spray ads from Lowe Bangkok, Thailand

Lowe Bangkok give us this graphic - without being "graphic", geddit? - treatment for Pepper Spray. Now here's a product I never thought I'd see advertised with shiny double-page spreads. Heck, when I invested in my first imported (seriously illegal) pepper spray many moons ago, the packaging text was all I needed. On my mates French police spray it read "paralyse" and 10%, on my 16% it read "paralyse constant" - sold! And yes, I've even had to use it. Apologies to the now probably blind guy but I told you to leave me the hell alone three times yet you followed me into the graveyard at four in the morning - be glad you're still breathing.