Shell - The Pedestrian Ghost - Slowing down drivers by releasing ghosts.

To stop reckless drivers in the Ukraine, a special device was built that would release a "human shaped balloon" at a pedestrian crossing, so the driver would have no choice but to show down.


Ukranian Armed Forces - "Contract!" - (2007)

Mr "I got a car, so I get the babes" is soon beaten by the posse of "We have tanks, so we get the babes". This recruitment ad aims to sell young agile men on the idea of joining the army on a contract basis.

The soldier simply asks for water and the girls dash off to get them some. One of the ladies then asks "When do you return home?" and the soldier replies: "We're already at home, in the club after work."
- What kind of work? -"Contract!"
"What kind of contract? wonders one of the ladies "Marriage contract?" another girl replies: "Army... For now."

I think I lost braincells translating that. What I don't do for you guys!