United Arab Emirates


Marmite Snacks - guzzle/puke bog/mouth drop/catch - print, UK

I'm not sure what the heck possesed them but Marmite has invented marmite snacks, and like everything marmite - you'll either love it hate it.

The creative team at DDB London too this to heart and using simple illustrations that show one thing when viewed from one angle, and quite another thing when viewed from another angle - they capture that love/hate thing perfectly and humorously. Which other brand can you think of can show either a toilet or a wide open mouth depending on which way you look at it?


Lipton - Lightly scented - print, JWT Dubai United Arab Emirates

How lightly scented? Lightly as in car scent lightly? ... Euh?


Axe / Lynx - Any excuse to get dirty

Axe shows us once again that women will use any excuse to get dirty in the hopes of being washed by the Axe smelling man in the nearest shower. The nurse-office / broken finger one strikes me as most illogical, or just oddly art directed. Feels more like a teacher with kids crayon-scribbles on her than a patient with too many cast-autographs. But then again, maybe she is a teacher.


Bertolli - Virgin (2007) Print (United Arab Emirates)

JWT Dubai uses a simple twist to illustrate the purity of Bertolli's Extra Virgin oil. It's so pure, it's white.


JWT Dubai gives Santa a break

Hot off the desk of the creative team for KitKat in Dubai, we received this KitKat press ad which ran the day after Christmas in local newspapers.


AXE peep hole

AXE might be the most fun client to work on in the middle east, judging by the crazy ideas they've done. Here's another example, this one was created by Ash Chagla and SM Ziyad at Lowe United Arab Emirates.


The AXE mousepad stunt - not very clever after all.

We got that AXE mouse pad thing sent to us Wednesday night, you might have seen it already since most ad blogs already published the picture last week. It The tardyness of telling us about it reminded me a bit of high school, where my petite size would make me be picked last for basketball. That same lack of height ensured that the opposing team never saw me coming. ;)
But I digress, there's an interesting rationale behind the Axe "feel her up" mouse pad, read inside for the thoughts behind this rather risque ambient ad.