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T-mobile / Deutsche Telekom makes real world Angry Birds in Barcelona Wed May 11. Be there!

Want to play Angry Birds for real?

Lucozade Sport Lite - Faster, Louder, Stronger, Better - (2011) :90 (UK)

This is sure to make the UK kids wish they lived in L.A. near a beach instead of rainy old London (or wherever), I'm sure.

Cadbury - Dancing Clothes / Charity shoppe - (2011) :90 (UK)

Glass and a Half Full Productions presents: the Charity Shop. You might spend 90 seconds thinking "little people?", "robotics?" but no, it's big clothes. Real big. And two people in each outfit.

Jammie , Toffee & choccie Dodgers monkeys - competition (UK)

The hypnotic jammie & toffee dodgers monkeys get sudden competition from.. choccie !

Jammie and Toffee Dodgers monkeys - long (UK)

The monkeeeys. They are hypnotic. Jammie. Jammie. Jammie. TOFFEEEEEEE!

Jammie and Toffee Dodgers monkeys - short (UK)

Jammie. Jammie Jammie Jammie. TOFFEEE!

Lipton Ice Tea - Hugh Jackman / Join The Dance - (2011) :60 (USA)

Hugh Jackman struts his stuff doing a "safety dance" conga of some sort, he even entices his chair to join in. Rest assured, Hugh who likes doing his own stunts was shaking his own booty for this, just like he did in Lipton Tokyo Hotel. The VO at the end and the sound in general leaves something to be desired here.

btw, here's the "Safety Dance" rocketnerd remix, just because I can.

House of Castello - Relaxing - (2011) :30

Danish cheese is sold with decadent parties, old-school style. I did not know that cheese-breath was sexy. Soundtrack & music score by Jesper Gadeberg and MassiveMusic.

Zokoko - Senses - (2011)

Zokoko - Senses - (2011)

Dear advertisers. Chocolate does not equal sex. Love, me.

Post-It to Will&Kate on billboard "May you stick together forever".....

field print

The Royal wedding fever is getting redonkulous now, even Post-It® notes are in on it. "May you stick together forever", oh dearie me what an awful pun.


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