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NABS*, the advertising industry support body, has unveiled a new ad campaign showcasing its services for ‘everyone in the world of advertising’.
The new humorous ad campaign created by RKCR/Y&R tackles employment issues but also highlights the many services NABS has on offer from career advice to training. The campaign launches in the trade press and across digital panels at 13 London Underground stations donated by CBS Outdoor. My personal favorite "Global head of international accounts". Man, I should make up a good title like that.

The annoying Honey Monster is back. This time directed by Garth Jennings of Hammer & Tongs, best known for Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and Son of Rambow. Working with kids and monsters is always tricky hence - a bonus outtakes reel.

On 15 September, Britain’s most iconic yellow monster will explode back onto our screens in a charming television ad for Honey Waffles. The ad returns the Honey Monster to his true self and draws on his monster personality and undying love of honey. The campaign will extend online across kid’s websites and a partnership with the hugely successful Bin Weevils.

Ikea - Cats / Happy Inside - (2010) (UK)

Mother, London have had a blast herding "100 cats" through the Wembley branch of Ikea for this advert. Kittens sit in cups, there's slow motion footage of cats jumps, a big white fellar named Leo explores all the easy open drawers available and soon they settle down, taking catnaps everywhere. Home. It's full of cat hair.

I love it. I'm a sucker for cats, you know. My only raised eyebrow is with the shot of spotty-furry guy pulling his head out of the "minnen" bed. That's the very same bed a four year old girl suffocated in attempting a similar move as the cat. If I were the client, I'd ask you to replace that with another beauty-shot.

The trailer for the latest Parallel Lines film, The Foundling, directed by Ridley Scott Associates’ Barney Cokeliss.

Shot in 3D, the final film will be released on 21st September with exclusive premiere screenings in selected Philips retailers. You’ll also be able to view a 2D version on-line. Featuring an emotive, fast paced story line, the film showcases the very latest 3D effects and technology.

The final film will be premiered in selected Philips retailers from 21st September. A 2D version will also be presented on . Exclusive footage of how the film was made, including interviews with the director and crew, will be released on Philips Cinema’s Facebook page

The Banrock Station winery - SOS bee billboard (Save our swarm)

The Banrock Station winery call this The worlds first Bee poster, where the bees themselves spell out the S.O.S which in this case stands for "Save our swarm"

The SOS stands for Save Our Swarms and is part of an advertising campaign by wine company Banrock Station.
The firm is donating 5p from the sale of three special edition wines to the Co-Operative's Plan Bee campaign, aimed at helping the UK's bee population.

No bees were harmed in the making of this billboard.