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Playstation 2 - Laughing Mouth - 0:30 (UK) 2003


Playstation 2 - Wobble - 0:30 (UK) 2003


Playstation 2 - Robot - 0:30 (UK) 2003


Old Spice - Gym "chest"

Hmmm....how do you get young dudes to like your brand, even if it's been around forever?
Duh, just add sex!

adgrunts, click read more to "spice" up your creativitiy with a semi-funny print ad.


Honda Accord - Cog (2003) - 2:00 (UK)

Honda Accord - Cog  (2003) - 2:00 (UK)

Takes: 606
Cost: est. £750,000


Veet - vacation makeover / Miranda Kerr - Edwina Hunter - (2003) (UK)

Veet - vacation makeover / Miranda Kerr - Edwina Hunter - (2003) (UK)

Don't worry Miranda Kerr.. This impromptu makeover session before our vacation with Edwina Hunter and another beauty isn't going to hurt. You see, us other girls forcing you down on the bed, grabbing your legs and... waxing you ... is for your own good.


Smirnoff - Mission (CA classic) - 0:70


Volkswagen - "Jogging Husband" - (2003) :30 (UK)

Volkswagen - "Jogging Husband" - (2003) :30 (UK)

Man hedge-dives to hide, because he honestly thinks he got a steal...


Barking Mad dog billboards - part two

According to the media Guardian, this "new" 'Dogvertising' is the brainchild of advertising agency Strawberry Frog. Last May however, they credited the barking billboards idea to the company of the same name.

Strawberry frog are currently using packs of drooling dogs adorned with a web address for a new, specially-created internet site designed to persuade people that it's "cool to drool" in an effort to sell the new Sony Ericsson T300 phone......


Molson - Bob - (2002) 0:60 (UK)

Molson - Bob - (2002) 0:60 (UK)

Bob has been having a bit too much sex lately... and we all know that makes you go blind.