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The Economist - Poster - 2004 (UK)

Despite last years tiff with EasyJet, where the Economist reported an ad for EasyJet breached the CAP Code, but the ASA rejected the compliant.
The economist one was voted the fifth best poster of the twentieth century in 1999.

"I never read the Economist." Management Trainee, 42.

Meanwhile the easyJet one last year read:

"I would never fly EasyJet". George Smith – Management Trainee, aged 47

You can read more about last years case at MarketingLaw and see the ad at the MediaGuardian.

Here's some good news for all the fans of the Economist campaign, they're still going strong. This poster went up all over the UK May 10.


Lynx spice up posters with Boris Vallejo pinup art

In the USA where Lynx is called Axe, they still seem to be running them surreal ads showing armpits with feet in dating situations. Meanwhile in the UK, the campaign on the same proposition is illustrated with ubercool Boris Vellejos pinup art and point out that all women prefer dry guys. Yup, all of 'em.


Channel 4 courts c*ntroversy with swear-ad

Channel 4 courts c*ntroversy with swear-ad

The MediaGuardian reports that channel 4 courts controversy with their latest channel promo. The commercial asks channel 4 stars what their favorite swearword is, and the word "cunt" is heard 9 times in just 90 seconds making it the four-letter word of choice. Channel 4 wanted to air this ad in cinemas, only at screenings of the extra gory violent film Kill Bill who's audience is hard to offend, but the the Cinema Advertising Association nixed the ad and refused to air it. Channel 4 will start airing this ad on FilmFour after 10pm on Monday instead.

"There isn't a single person within the channel who has seen this ad and found it anything other than highly amusing," said Bill Griffin, the Channel 4 head of marketing.
"We can understand, however, why the CAA felt they had to turn it down - it does contain the highest number of expletives ever featured in an ad as far as we're aware.

See the unbleeped 90 second advert at updater.co.uk, easily offended people please sod off and don't click. ;)