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Laura Ashley - Sasha / spec - (2010) (UK)

Laura Ashley - Sasha / spec - (2010) (UK)

The concept behind the acclaimed spec spot Sasha was a daring one: capture in less than two minutes the imaginative and mischievous life of one joyful little girl. LA-based jumP Editor Nick Lofting sifted through several hours of footage to gather a few key moments, expressions, bits of dialogue, and impishness, transforming what could have been a short sketch into a deep, gentle narrative that leaves viewers feeling both connected with Sasha and inspired to imagine the rest of her life.

So, how does one go about illustrating the inner life of an unusually creative child? Working with @radical.media Director Brett Froomer - whose notable career is highlighted by memorable commercial campaigns for brands such as Citgo, US Army, Kodak, Prudential and PDFA as well as five successful personal studies, Lofting pored over hours of play and interviews with Sasha, her parents, and her two sisters.

Welsh Assembly Government - One Step Too Far - (2010)

Every year in the UK 1 million women experience domestic abuse, over 12,000 women are raped while nearly 20,000 fall victim to other sexual assaults.

Tropicana - DJ - (2010) :30 (UK)

Tropicana - DJ - (2010) :30 (UK)


SONY 3D TV - This is 3D

When Sony 3D TV engaged Jonathan Glazer to create their latest advert there's no ninnying about with silly images showing you (on your less than stellar TV set) how PURDY it'll all become with 3D. Nor are there any families doing 3D impossible things to explain the 3D experience. Nope. Glazer simply 3D-blurs up all sorts of awesome action, including a perfectly scrumptious goal-explosion at the end and the line taunts: This is 3D TV. Maybe it's time to get a 3D TV. If I do, can I see that explosion again, but in 3D?

*runs downstairs, slams door, sound of tires screeching*

Ford Fiesta - This is now - (2010) :60 (UK)

The commercial is already live in Italy, Portugal and Czech Republic, and will go to a further 12 markets across Europe (and Canada) in the next couple of months.

Virgin Atlantic World Cup Sponsorship - Flying Football Flag of St George

field print

Flying Football Flag of St George

Virgin Atlantic do their own version of the classic footballers "shirt over head" goal-celebration, making an inverted flag of St George with it. It communicates football and flying without getting the church all upset like that Nike Rooney ad did

Oh, and for you adkids out there - this is what the brief said:

One Line Brief:
Promote Virgin Atlantic as the official airline supplier to the England football team
In-depth Brief:
Tap into the atmosphere and buzz that surround the World Cup whilst highlighting that Virgin Atlantic are the official airline supplier for the England team’s trip to South Africa this summer.

Lloyds - House in the Sky (2010), UK

RKCR/Y&R wanted to convey the flexibility of a Lloyds TSB mortgage to the customer.

Volunteering - A trend anyone can follow!

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Model Behaviour - Volunteers Week 2010 - Model Behaviour
Scottish Volunteering Campaign - - Volunteers Week - Model Behaviour 001
Scottish Volunteering Campaign - - Volunteers Week - Model Behaviour 002
Scottish Volunteering Campaign - - Volunteers Week - Model Behaviour 003

Volunteering in Scotland today was given a make-over with the launch of the new 'Model Behaviour' campaign from third sector interface organisation West Dunbartonshire CVS. The campaign is designed to transform the image of volunteering by promoting it as an accessible and natural lifestyle choice.

The campaign, launched as part of National Volunteers Week, features volunteers from West Dunbartonshire with photography by local professional photographer Daren Borzynski.

WaterAid - Cracker Challenge - Cannes Young Lions 48hr Competition

How many crackers can you eat without taking a drink of water?

Dunlop Tyres - Extreme racing, backwards - (2010) :30

In the " Street Response challenge" crazy races test the limits of Dunlop Tyres. Racing in reverse down the looping car-parl levels looks quite spectacular.


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