Estudiantes De Caracas "Littlekicks" (2016) 2:13 (Venezuela)

Estudiantes De Caracas "Littlekicks" (2016) 2:13 (Venezuela)

Cute campaign for Estudiantes De Caracas, a professional soccer team and academy that raises the next generation of potential stars.


Chulius & The Filarmónicos "Don´t" (2014) 4:00 (Venezuela)

 Chulius & The Filarmónicos "Don´t" (2014) 4:00 (Venezuela)

Here's a new music video for Venezuelan Grammy winner Los Amigos Invisibles' Julio Briceño, playing under the name of Chulius & The Filarmónicos. It stars English actress Kimberley Tell, looking sexy in lingerie and hiding her face a lot. Nothin' wrong with that.


A brand of Mother's Milk

Seeking to promote breastmilk in Venezuela, where over 70% of mothers do not breastfeed, UNICEF took breastmilk and packaged it like a formula brand.
With the brand name La Leche Materna, and packaging shaped like a woman's breast, it was positioned as the 'world's best baby milk' to compete against formula milk brands and sold in supermarkets and grocery stores. The campaign reached over two million women.

That is why Unicef launch BreastMilk as a product, with packaging, logo and a whole advertising campaign


UNICEF Venezuela - Breast Milk is Liquid Gold - case study, p.o.s and PSA

In Venezuela over 70% of mothers do not breastfeed. Unicef set out to change this, as mothers milk really is better, and with Leo Burnett they turned breastmilk into a brand ready to compete with all the formulas out there. There was packaging in stores, with a stylistic breast drawn on it of course, and commercials to boot.

Barkach explains :

We made a logo, a package and a whole advertising campaign to promote BreastMilk as a brand, in order to compete hand by hand, advertisingly speaking, against all the artificial formulas in the market.
Is a David versus Goliath kind of fight, that is why we are arming David with a Bazooka.