Dogs and their owners look the same, and so do the ads.

Here's a good gag - ever noticed that dog look like their owners or vice versa? Well, you ain't the only one..

Dogs and their ads look alike.

and here is a funny coincidence..Fido the Canadian mobile phone provider..and dog owners that look like their dogs.... Deja vu!

The first Ceasar ads were made in Brazil, if I remember correctly which I'm not sure I am this time, but I am certain that the second bunch of ads was made by Bos, a Canadian agency (make that French Canadian). Do I think it is a rip-off? Nope, I think this is pure coincidence. Who hasn't looked dogs and their owners laughing at the old old old joke that they look alike? It's an ancient gag! It is probably a lot more appropriate as an ad for dog food than as an ad for a mobile phone company, but since I don't read French and don't know the Fido campaign, I'll let you do the talking about that.