Toyota Tundra - Last game / Kelson & Jon - (2013) 4:22 (USA


Toyota Tundra - Last game / Kelson & Jon - (2013) 4:22 (USA

Two high school seniors reminisce about their last football season in this online short by Malcolm Murray for Toyota via MMB Boston. It's a slice of Americana, Texas and high-school football boys mentality. With their childhood now officialy behind them, where will the road take them?

Kelson: Remember when the other team threw the ball and the guy ran out of bounds and hit one of our cheerleaders?

Jon: That was Brittany too, the big one.

Kelson: Yeah, knocked the crap out of her.

Jon: She looked like she belonged on that team.

Kelson: Oh man.

Jon: Those guys were huge, weren't they?

Kelson: They looked like coke machines with legs.

Jon: Dude they were monsters.

While I do like "coke machines with legs" I can't help but notice that the footballers are saying a cheerleader belongs on a team simply because she's "big". Our heroes in the film might not be bright, checking if the cigarette lighter will electrocute them, but the short is well executed.


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President/Creative Director: Fred Bertino
VP/Executive Producer: Jill Andresevic
Creative Director/Writer: Jerry Cronin
Art Director: Jen Campbell

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Malcolm Murray
Executive Producer/Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Colleen O'Donnell
Producer: Gina Kwon
DP: Homer Martin
Prop Master: Chris Combs

Editorial Company: Final Cut NY
Editor: Patrick Coman


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