Ballantine's "The Drummer" (2013) 1:00 (UK)


Ballantine's "The Drummer" (2013) 1:00 (UK)

Stay True. Leave an Impression. This spot features drummer Ben Mead who doesn't drum for all the usual reasons. Fame. Money. Fortune. Rewards. Awards.

He does it because he is who he is.

So wait...he drums because he's Popeye?

Ben Mead, according to the press release, has "rejected the traditional path of record contracts, instead favouring less well-known venues where his band feel that their music is best appreciated."

This would explain why the venues where he feels his music is best appreciated include the set of a TV commercial for Ballentine's whisky for a spot that airs on the Discovery Channel and MTV.

Because "I am what I am," don't pay the bills, now do it.


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