HAUNTED - The Queen Anne Hotel - (2013) HAUNTED - The Queen Anne Hotel - (2013)

I'll preface this with: I love Halloween. Always have. Pumpkins, changing leaves, fall decorations & plastic spiders, dry ice smoke, candy and trick-or-treating and dressing like a pirate/vampire/slut I can get behind all of this!. In fact I dress like this most of the year so post-Halloween is my sale-shopping season. One thing I don't love? Getting really really scared. Medium scared is fine by me. Medium scared and candy.

Now is a place where you can book accommodations at haunted hotels, and #Stayifyoudare you die-hard Halloween fans. To announce that they have all sorts of booking services, including for scary hotels, they created this trailer which is very very scary without a plastic spider or naff spider-web in sight. In fact it feels more like a trailer for a really freaky movie than an ad for an online hotel-booking site. Well done! Each lovingly creepy poster seen at "haunted" is easily sharable if you care to invite a friend to stay at a haunted hotel.... Do it.


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