1800 Tequila "Them Boots" (2013) 1:00 (USA)


1800 Tequila "Them Boots" (2013) 1:00 (USA)

Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly. Otherwise you might end up turning into a dude wearing too much pancake make up on his face who comes to the big city only to intimidate strangers into drinking the same thing as you are.

I have never understood the intimidation strategy when it comes to alcoholic beverages. It always feels like I'm wiitnessing some weirdo form of 1950's peer pressure. Or maybe it's because I don't frequent bars where actors best known for a defining role in a movie that came out 23 years ago tell me what to do.

Either way, I know nothing about the tequila except for the fact actors who like boots drink it.


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