Electrolux "Power" (2013) 2:00 (Thailand)


Electrolux "Power" (2013) 2:00 (Thailand)

To launch Electrolux's UltraCaptic powerful vacuum Saatchi and Saatchi Thailand teamed up with Thai artist Chalit Nakpawan to create a piece of art from dirt.

The artwork is called "Power," and highlights a feature of the vacuum that compresses dust and dirt into a neat little pod that doesn't allow the dust to escape.

While "capture the imagination," is kind of a strange wrap up line for a vacuum, the film itself is so beautiful I don't care. I also think there's a spiritual element here, too, although perhaps its not intended. But I once saw Tibetan monks create a mandala over a few days and then diffuse it into water for a peace ceremony. This very much reminds me of that act.
I wish they'd do an exhibit of nothing this kind of art. The pods under glass display, and behind, video shot in reverse to let the viewer see what the sculpture looks like.


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