Annie's Homegrown "Mac & Cheese Pizza" (2013) 1:50 (USA)


Annie's Homegrown "Mac & Cheese Pizza" (2013) 1:50 (USA)

In this spot, kids are told to choose between Annie's Pizza, or Annie's Mac and Cheese, or wait ten minutes for all new Annie's Mac and Cheese Pizza.

We are treated to shot after shot of these kids with the starchy version of the Sword Of Damocles hanging above their heads.

These spots were inspired by teal tests conducted out of Stanford University in the 1960's. As tests I'm sure they were fascinating. As a near two minute spot, it's an excruciatingly long way to go for a pizza with Mac and Cheese on it.

The kids are about as real and genuine as Ricky Schroder , circa 1983.

Also, I need to question Annie's sanity here. This is a brand known for being organic and healthy. In time where child obesity rates have doubled in the past thirty years this product introduction is the Berkley equivalent to the KFC double down.


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