On Facebook, your face can be used in ads (without you knowing it) via SocialMedia

There's a new social media ad service posse in town, their name is Socialmedia - 'the social advertising network'. Their twist? To use your face with their ads, which they'll show to your friends -

We believe displaying friend pictures and first names within Facebook ads makes the content more relevant for you, and that you benefit from seeing relevant ads rather than being exposed to ads that may not have any meaning to you.

Flickr user Jakerome is not keen on these banners and wonders if they're even legal:

I believe what you are doing violates users rights to control their image. If a company wants to use my image to sell a product, they need to get a model release or another written contract. If you do not have a model release on file, then you are opening yourself up to civil liability.

Good Point.

While Social media themselves have jumped into that thread and state: "we make it easy for users to opt out of this program. and we also try to ensure that the only people that show up in ads are those that "raise their hand" explicitly and want to share their preferences with their friends (which we enable via the ad layer)" whatever the hell that means. So they reckon that they're covered.

Can we all aree that it's creepy though? And it might even mess up our carefully constructed cool / social standing - if something like this showed up, I would be excluded from the Madonna hater club and stripped of my stripes. I don't see anything on Socialmedia that says this won't happen.

Though, since I will have nothing to do with evil old facebook, who just hired Ted Ullyot, former right-hand man to former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, as its general counsel - it won't happen to me anyway. Hat Tip newmateria.


RFSU's "shavethepussy.com" closed down - in English only.

Åkestam Holst produced a web campaign and print campaign for RFSU's new products - available only at the Swedish Apoteket (Pharmacy) - an entire series of creams soaps and gels designed to give a better shave down under. A soap that does not lather so that you may see where you're shaving? Check, the got that. An after-shave soothing gel? Check, they got that too.

The print campaign had an English version up at shavethepussy.com - that is, until yesterday when it sudenly closed. But the Swedish site http://fiffi.rfsu.com/ is still available for those of you who simply can't get enough of shaving new do's. The difference between the sites is the language of course and some features.

I rang up RFSU and Apoteket and finally Åkestam Holst yesterday to find out why the English language site was closed down.
Jerker Winther, account manager at Åkestam explained: "Well, it wasn't really meant to be out there anyway. We made an English version to show off to people at advertising agencies for award reasons." Award reasons? It's not exactly award season, we're you aiming for any award in particular? "No not like that, you see, we sent to people who might be on juries or that we just wanted to show it to. It wasn't meant to go any further than that. But you know how it is, with anything that is good and freely available on the web, people started sending it around." And you shut it down? Isn't becoming popular the goal here? "Well, we found that it was rather unnecessary for RFSU to get calls about where people in the UK may purchase the products. Since the products are not available in English speaking countries, there's no reason to keep it up." So traffic (as in too much of it) had nothing to do with it?. "No, hell, traffic is free. The English site was just finished with its job."

So for you who miss shaving pussy I can recommend cock-a-doodle where you can doodle cocks instead, created by Poke London.

They're supposed to evoke the fifties feeling but with that font I'm thinking it looks more like 1900's.


York Region Transit - Vacation Fund, Fridge, Bank account - print, Canada

Cars are expensive to fuel, cleverly illustrated by these double-gauges created by Rao Barrett and Welsh, Toronto. Don't drive. Use public transit.


Polar Music Prize - Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon meets Renée Fleming - print, Sweden

(Sung to the tune of PIL this is not a love song) This is not a Knob Gag!
Both Pink Floyd and Renée Fleming won the Polar Music Prize 2008, this ad announced that and that the public could watch the award ceremony on Channel 4. From Storåkers McCann, Stockholm.


Burn Energy Drink - Missing letters - posters, Switzerland

These posters from ask "are you bad enough?" and I realize that I'm not, because I filled the missing letters in to read Dock, Boots and Luck - so my head is still firmly at the shoe-sale in the harbor where I scored some seven inch heel fake fur cuff designer boots for like no money. Lets see if you do better.


Ikea Pax - Skeletons (French and english) - print, Canada

Ikea and Zig Toronto are being mighty productive for Ikea recently, here's some of their work shilling the PAX closet range.


Ikea - Ikea kitchen's improve your life / Love your home - print, Canada

Je regrette, mais... as you adgrunts know my French totally sucks, but not so bad I can't see what they've done here with the headlines. Perfect: "Turns grilled cheese sandwiches into croque-monsieurs" in English becomes "Transforme les patates pilées en pommes purée". You don't need to know the language well to see that they have the exact same tone of voice in those lines.

Link to larger French version


The Dutch Army shoot every ADCN Annual 2008 - ordered by the Stone Twins

No, this wasn't a bomb scare or possible terrorist action, the Dutch armies help was enlisted by the design duo The Stone Twins - Declan and Garech Stone - to shoot every single one of this years dayglo pink ADCN book.


Dagens Industri - Shoe cleaner / Hotdog man / Pool guy - print, Sweden

Another campaign from Storåkers McCann - and in the current financial climate a very timely one. Here former suits swap places with the pool guy, the hot dog vendor and the shoe shiner. Dagens Industri is a financial paper much like the Fincial Times (remember when I called it the pink paper?).


Karlson's Klister / UHU glue - Goldfish bowl - print, Sweden

Storåkers McCann did this poster when the Karlssons Klister (UHU) poster campaign was up this spring. Some posters were better than others. Individual credits on this one witheld.