Vicroads - Coffin - print, Australia

From Marmalade Melbourne comes this reminder that bullbars can kill.


Volkwagen - DSG 7 electronic gearbox. Shift fluently. - print, Belgium

DSG 7 electronic gearbox. Shift fluently.


Oreo Cookies Elevator dunk , ambient, USA

DraftFCB in New York dunk an Oreo into a glass of milk using an elevator. I guess that's pretty neat. Mmmmm. Cookies.

Larger image here


Can you guess where I am from?

This accent game is a fun little time-waster, even though to be honest - some peoples accents aren't that representative of the cities or countries that they are from. I would have done much better if there had been some Swedes, Finns, Danes and Dutch folk in here. My score - 55 points - can you beat it (without cheating? This game allows you to play again and does not randomize the people, sadly.) Watch out for that articulate brunette in the bottom row. ;) Try the accent game here.


Anti-ageing creams stop time. Twice.

Above is an ad for Racco Anti-Ageing Cream, created by ByVivas Curitiba, Brazil, and published in Feb 2008.


Harnn Massage Balm, Deep massage , print Thailand

Uhm. I only have one thing to say about this. OMG creepy. I don't think that was the reaction Y&R Thailand was going for.


More gossip about Gossip Girl

CNN reports on Gossip Girl's newest ad campaign which takes their critics' bad reviews and flips them to their advantage.


DHL - 24 Hours Online Tracking (Dude, not truck) - guerilla, China

Another version of that "24-hour tracking" stunt from Ogilvy & Mather, Beijing - previously they did a truck which was cute but only seen by fellow drivers. Now they did a DHL-dude with an online arrow on his back.


Children's Hospital Foundations Australia - Wrist band - guerilla, Australia

The Children's Hospital Foundations Australia project "Sick Day for a Sick Kid" needed some attention, to get some De Pasquale in Brisbane placed a giant hospital arm band on a sculpture of a hand in the city.


Partizan Media - Post-it note self-promo in Magazines - print, Russia

I'm not sure that I understand this correctly, so I'll let Артём Лоскутников (Artemiy Loskutnikov)
the Regional director at Partizan Media explain it.