The quick story: guy tries to get a job at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, guy doesn’t get the job, guy invents a fictitious job (”the interactive mole”), resigns from his fictitious job, and gets a linked-in recommendation from Alex Bogusky. If the short story still leaves you feeling hazy on details, you can find a longer version here.

What I find amazing about the whole endeavor is that it is an incredible case study for personal branding. In fact, it’s more like a personal brand gone viral. The story has just enough mysticism and originality to capture the attention of not only the agency in question, but to get countless mentions on ad sites, blogs, and twitter. Good narrative made the story sticky, and good leverage of social media made the story gain an audience. And for me this is the big takeaway – resumes and cover letters can only get you so far, to truly stand out in today’s highly competitive world you need to have a relevant, compelling personal brand story.


Take2 Game - Spec Ops - (2009) :90 (USA)

This is a recreated node.

We were asked to remove it (not just once, but several times, backed by at least one lawyer), now that it's been posted by Take2 all over the web, we have reinstated this ad. Cuz we guess it's OK to post this now? Is it? What?

This is the soundtrack for Ray-Ban - Never Hide (filmed at SXSW )

Earlier this year Ray-Ban had a "Never Hide" booth at the 2009 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX, where close to a thousand people were able to get in the booth and record 20 seconds of whatever they wanted. We then took the 800+ video clips and gave them to SqueakE Clean (the hot DJ duo otherwise knows as N.A.S.A who just released their first CD a few months ago with Kanye).


Plaidnation clearly had fun on their tour across the America - and now that they are back, they made this post to say thanks to Bill Green (Make the logo Bigger), Ben Kunz (ThoughtGadgets), and myself for "blogsitting" Brandflakesforbreakfast, and to their clients and all the interesting people that they met along the way.

In Detroit (two weeks ago already, wow) they even got to test drive their car on Fords own tracks. I just want to drive a car painted that colorful, it looks crazy awesome. Can I borrow the keys to that next? Pretty pleeeez?


The "JK Wedding Entrance Dance" has garnered over twelve million views since it was uploaded, it's the shaky handheld shoot of Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz's bridal party boogying on down the isle to the tunes of Chris Brown's "Forever" - and is now being used as an example for rights holders to generate income on fan films such as this one using Click-to-Buy overlays. in I now pronounce you monetized Google brags that the click-through rate on this video is 2.5 times better than average. So a sappy fun real moment shot by a friend and amateur, then generously shared by the happy couple with the world, attracts genuine interest from web gazers (because it is a real moment, and part of the charm is knowing that it is a real wedding), sparks new interest in Chris Brown who's had less than stellar year with a domestic abuse case involving Rihanna and slow record sales, and helps him make mo' money selling more songs. Google+Youtube are happy because now they can show that keeping funny films up with right-managed music can work as a channel to sell that music. And the couple are happy because they can now go to Bermuda on their honeymoon. Oh that's right, they get nothing. Nevermind.

embedding the youtube film here so that you may watch the overlay ads in action.

Of course, every truly viral video gains their spoofs after a while, this on is no exception. Indigoprod made the divorce video.