This viral for Jack&Jones "Fitness Club" isn't implying that the clothes will suddenly cause heart attacks in healthy young men, but all the sudden sexscapades they get into might. Unless you're cardio-fit, which the Kardashian-like bombshell will help you with.

Here's a nifty little poster that aims to train dog owners into considering GranataPet dog food for their four legged friends. It's a classic sampling tactic, upgraded with GPS and 4square. Billboards were fitted with a black box full of food and the message one could check in to snack on it, which the owners did much to the delight of the snackhungry dogs. Soon the dogs were dragging owners toward the billboard for a mid-walk snack.

Åkestam Holst got together with B-reel and Monterosa to create an app-quest (available both for android and iphone) that aims to "unbottle" the famously reserved Swedes. See, Swedes don't speak to strangers, Swedes have as many facial expressions as a knee, they never do anything spontaneous, never get exited or passionate about anything and are always tall, blond and icy. Yes, I'm a mutant, but hush or they'll take my passport.

Clarity "One tap to awesomeness" seems like a nice app right there, but the reason I'm telling you about it is their video which is a good pisstake of all those scenes in countless crime TV-shows where some clever guy at a computer "magnifies background 400%" and "enhances bitmap ratio" and other made-up magic to find the perp lurking in the shadows of grainy CCTV-footage shot at night in dark alleyways. Or better yet, finding the reflection of the perp in the window of a passing car somewhere in the background of a grainy CCTV-shot.

While we might not be quite there yet, we do have a nifty little app that makes the useless iPhone camera a little less useless. Hooray!

The results are so good that you’re going to think that we sold our souls to achieve them.

Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/ Y&R has been appointed by BBC Radio 5 live to launch a new TV campaign that aims to truly get under the skin of the station, and promote the network’s new positioning theme – ‘straight to the heart of things’.

Launched on Monday 21st March in what is set to be an executional first. The newly created campaign aired every evening that week having only been created the very same day to demonstrate the unique, dynamic way that 5 live delivers its daily shows.

Radio 5 live broadcasts award-winning news, sport and topical issues to a national audience, and the new campaign is designed to showcase the diverse output of the channel.