Here we go! That's right. It's game on for the in-game ads. Let's hope we see some winners tonight in the Ad Bowl. If only it's as epic as the Super Bowl intro with Jay-Z. Maybe next year they'll give a trophy to the best ad as well. ;) Based on what we've seen so far, maybe we need to call it the Trite Bowl. (ads will be filled in as we post them)

First Quarter:
Bud Light - :30 sec - Dude builds a whole house out of beer cans.
Review: @caff Typical Bud Light spot. Not very funny, it's like they tried too hard to be funny and failed.
@Dabitch yeah, it's very Bud Light. Like the beer, leaves no residue.

Kia - Joyride Dream - (2010) :60
Colin Jeffery: "Inspiration can come from anywhere. Many of the people involved with this project are young parents—we found the idea, and our cast of characters sitting in the back of our cars. The idea was quite literally staring us in the face."

Check how “Sock Monkey” (Fox River Mills, Inc), leads the "Joyride Dream" gang; “Muno” (Wildbrain) , “Mr. X” (BLABLA KIDS), the Teddy and a vintage Robot on a road trip around America. They hit Vegas, they do wild jet ski stunts, they explode bowling pins, go mechanical bull riding and hang out with the ladies in a mountain log cabin. In short, they live a pretty sweet life.

First, we have not received confirmation yet from Google as to whether they are running Parisian Love in the super bowl, third quarter. It's this years dark horse rumor, due to this tweet from Eric Schmidt maybe it will, maybe it won't. Not a bombastic ad by any means, but it's a nice one, however it does break the superbowlian tradition since it's been aired before. Second the spoiler post hasn't been updated since Friday but if you want to read more about each ad, that's the place to be. This is simply a cheat-sheet, with links to the ads we have already published.

See, for your bathroom planning, I decided to make a cheat sheet in order of who airs their ad when, and how long each ad is so you don't miss a sixty. Inside. The only set order is which quarter they air in, we don't know the order within that.