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Charge by the hour or by the idea? Lots of comments and discussion on this.

Need iconography? The US National Parks Service has a nice resource for symbols and map patterns for photoshop and illustrator. (via GraphicDesignBar)


WTF virtual WTC?

Oh now here's quite possibly the most bizarre twist on the million pixels page, ever. Ever. It's the "your" World Trade Center page where you can "rent a floor" to place your ad link.


Create an AXE ad and go to the 2007 Clios, AXE and Fuel Industries | Karbon Arc are sponsoring this bit of silliness. Shame you can't mute or turn off the music though.


72andSunny launches brand campaign for AVIA

If roadkill could talk, what would they say? Would they lament their stationary position in life, or do they become zen masters of their surroundings?

72andSunny's recent TV ad campaign for athletic footwear and apparel company AVIA addresses just that. The :30 ads, which break in US markets this Saturday, September 16, feature roadkill puppets as a flattened rabbit and bird who give snarky but always insightful commentary on the psyche of runners. The campaign was directed by Geoff McGann of OverTwo Films. The project was overseen by Mark Woolsey, Chief Marketing Officer of American Sporting Goods, the parent company of Avia.

Said Glenn Cole, Creative Director and Co-Founder, 72andSunny, "We knew all too well that running ads have a tendency to treat the sport with a reverent, spiritual tone to the point that the genre has become cliché, and we feel justified in saying this because we've done a few of those ads ourselves. So we approached this in a way that felt more like Avia—dedicated and competitive, but not so impressed with itself."


Publicis & Hal Riney team up with Umlaut for WellPoint campaign

In a new campaign for client WellPoint, the company behind Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield reminds you why it is important to have health insurance. The spots were created by ad agency Publicis & Hal Riney and edited by Jean Kawahara of Umlaut.

"Spongeball," "Father & Son Day" and "Married & Single," follow similar themes, injecting comical dialogue and scenes to otherwise practical advice and hints at the necessity of having a good, affordable healthcare plan.


Andy Hall creates HD campaign for Pioneer completely in CGI

A52's Andy Hall teamed up wtih RPA for a $20 million national cross-media campaign for Pioneer Electronics which includes HD broadcast spots "Orbit" and "Wind Tunnel" in addtion to print/online elements.


Ad Trend Alert - Super Bowl 2007 ads made by the masses

On Wednesday we learned that a new Chevy promotion is asking students to create their Super Bowl ad. This morning Promo Mag reports that Frito-Lay yesterday launched a similar contest to create a 30-second spot for Doritos to air during Super Bowl XLI. Frito-Lay, with help from Yahoo! Video who is hosting the contest, will narrow down the entries to 5 and then let the public vote on the brand's website in January.

"In today's increasingly reality-driven world, people are looking for new ways to interact with, help shape and even personalize what is important to them," said Doritos VP-Marketig Ann Mukherjee in a statement.

"While we've had great success with star-studded Super Bowl commercials in years past, today we are most inspired by the people who love Doritos chips; this year, they're telling us they want to be in control and we're giving them that control on one of the world's most watched events," she said.

Doritos' ad agency, San Francisco-based Goodby, Silverstein & Partners was instrumental in staging the campaign, from concept to Web site design (including the terse "creative brief" that gives entrants their marching orders) and judging. Was it hard for the agency to give up its chance to shoot a huge production number, as it has in years past? "They'll be doing plenty of work throughout the year for us," says Frito-Lay spokesperson Jared Doherty.


Enter the Copywriter spoofs life at McCann Erickson

An internal spoof contest that makes fun of agency life inside McCann Erickson Advertising.


Ray Larabie from Typodermic speaks out

Bold interviews Ray Larabie from Typodermic

...What I find more annoying is the use of early 1990s fonts - especially the trendy stuff. See, I'd wear a pair of socks from 1960 or shoes from 1974. Some clothing is classic and never goes out of style. Same with fonts. But then you've got these trendy fonts from the 1990s which were cool at the time but eventually you have to put them to rest. Clean out the closet if you will. I've heard old typographers downplay font fashion as a bad thing but they often tend to wear lame sweatshirts and socks with sandals.


The Scream is back, but will M&M pay out?

M&M has been running a promotion for their Dark Chocolate Candies which included adding the Red M&M playing hopscotch in a reproduction of Edward Munch's The Scream which was placed in the Guggenheim Museum to bring "a bit of levity and a sense of humor to a famous dark existential painting."

In addition, a reward of 2 million dark chocolate candies is offered for the return of the original Scream, which was stolen in August 2004 from the Munch Museum in Oslo.

The BBC is reporting that the painting, along with the Madonna which was also stolen, have been found as part of a police sting operation. So far no rewards have been paid out.