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"Here you'll find the commercials from 32 years of Superbowls. Here you'll find 35000 memebrs hanging out, which makes this probably the worlds largest community for advertising and marketing. Adland is run by a swede, Åsk Wäppling alias Dabitch, who lives in Copenhagen. The site is a miracle of functionality and a great example that hard perserverance creates wonders on the web - Åsk Wäppling started the site already back in 1996. Here you'll find plagiators revealed, and here all aspects of commercials are discussed. The archive is enormous, at least 17000 films available for a low fee.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky Sweep Kelly Awards

It's not really a total surprise that Crispin Porter + Bogusky swept at the 24th Kelly Awards today. The two campaigns for Molson and one for MINI that brought them the Grand Prize, Gold and Silver Awards were pretty strong work. Other finalists included work for
American Legacy Foundation's Seek Truth campaigns by Arnold Worldwide and CP+B, ads for Harley-Davidson Parts & Accessories and Porsche Cars North America by Carmichael Lynch, Citibank's Fraud Early Warning by Fallon Minneapolis among others.

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2005 ADDY Awards

AAF's Addy Awards were last week. The 2005 American Advertising Federation National Conference in Nashville, Tenn., June 4 - 7, marked the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the organization. This was the first year for the ADDY Mosaic Award, honoring multicultural advertising, and for the National Student ADDY Award. In total 68 Gold ADDYs and 96 Silver ADDYs were handed out.

We've gathered some of the Gold and Silver on to check them out.


Miracle of Life - from Toxic and Kitchen with Love

From TOXIC design studio in Oslo comes this educational film, the miracle of life where we follow the struggle of a single sperm.


Japanese TV ad retreats after accusations of racism

They really didn't mean to be racist they say, but cosmetics maker Mandom Corp realise how bad their ad might look to some and have decided to pull it off the air.

In the ad for men's blotting paper, several black people wipe sweat off their faces with the paper, while a chimpanzee beside them wearing an Afro wig and a multicoloured outfit wipes his face in imitation.

"A human rights group criticised it after it began airing March 28, saying it was comparing black people with monkeys." said the Japan Times Online.
Immediately afterword a primates rights group accused the Human rights group of not knowing a great ape from a monkey if it bit them in the arse.


Hot PS2 advertising campaign- Duel and War

Yesterday, MarketingWeb out of South Africa reported that the latest campaign for Sony Playstation created by South African TBWA Hunt Lascaris has topped the charts on Adcritic and Adforum and has been selected by Shots to be featured on the Cannes Contenders reel. Yet the ads, originally created as spec, have not yet been aired there.
The campaign spots "War" and "Duel" were conceptualized by Paul Warner and directed by Velocity Film's Keith Rose. Music for one spot is a version of Alphaville's "Forever Young."


Olympus distorted dog - the campaign continues

Not pulled by the client yet, the Olympus campaign that gave us the red eyed baby film that we showed you May 31 has another film and site in the series: The client hasn't yanked the film yet - but one never knows so I downloaded myself a copy just in case.....


Your Logo On Our Golden Palace

You can't get more metameta than the Ebay auction "Your Logo On Our Golden Palace" without getting sucked into a vortex. Yes it's true, now you too can bid on getting your logo drawn in a nice felt tip marker pen on a Golden Palace. What are you waiting for folks? Place your logo on this Golden Palace. An offer like this won't last!


Starbuck's workers show off their art

Today at the Chelsea Art Museum on West 22nd Street in NYC, there will be an opening reception for Starbucks Avant Grande. It's an all-media art exhibit displaying the work of Starbucks employees. No word yet if the topic of all the art work has to do with coffee. ;-)

(Via URBANintelligence)


Crispin Cokes Up!

Claymore quips: "Sounds like they're updating the famous "hilltop" spot."
From FastCo: Yo Homey: CP+B Revamps Famous Coke Ad for New Generation

The new lyrics to "Chilltop," as the campaign was renamed, and which is sung by G. Love (who is quite a good choice, it must be said), have about as much personality as the mahogany table around which they were surely penned: "I'd like to teach the world to chill, take time to stop and smile/I'd like to buy the world a Coke and chill with it a while."

PS: Remember the 7up version back in 2002?