GPN are coordinating complex productions

Remember GPN that launched in march "matching producers with productions wordwide"?

They are doing just that. GPN just completed a dizzingly complex job for QantasAirlines where director Wayne Maule required GPN's expertise to support Plush Films, which produced the project, in Mexico, Greece, and stateside in Montana, New York and Washington, D.C. And some said it would never last.


More food media, Egg ads anyone?

Eggs ads media - from Canada. Advertise a Humpty Dumpty book or for bike helmets on it, why not?

Not the first food ad media out there, there's Nanner ads on bananas, and ad taglines on your pizza crust, there are ads jammed between your sandwiches, ads in your Tokitos and of course, printed pringles. Maybe in the future we'll have real T-bone steaks doing voice overs asking for A1?


Goodby in Inc.

How I did it with Jeff Goodby in Inc.

I got interested in advertising because I couldn't find a job on a newspaper. I decided to try advertising, and opened the Yellow Pages and started with A. I'd find myself visiting Al & Joe's Advertising one day and BBDO the next. Along the way someone advised me to create a resume of myself that would show a sense of humor. So I did a parody of an encyclopedia entry of myself, as if I were dead. And that got me a job at J. Walter Thompson.

hat tip to claymore


'9/11' Producer signs to DDA

While "Fahrenheit 9/11" continues to break all records as the
hottest documentary ever. Its producer, Jim Czarnecki, has joined Dattner Dispoto and Associates (DDA) for representation by its newest division managed by Richard Caleel. Longtime collaborator of Michael Moore, Czarnecki's credits have already earned him Oscar and Emmy awards, the Palm d'Or, and now a mind-blowing $21.6 million weekend gross for "9/11", a record-breaking opening for a documentary.


Dot-matrix printer bike uses bluetooth to write on pavement

Would you like a bike that writes out messages as you cruise down the street? I know I would. A Parsons student named Joshua Kinberg takes his bike on a Maiden Voyage spelling out "I love New York".


Yahoo in the UK points things out

Yahoos latest poster campaign in the UK makes use of arrows, and arrows only. "Busy street" says an arrow on a poster and points to the street "Busy office" replies it's fellow arrow and points up to the building the poster is on. To see one of the funnier posters in this new campaign, just >>read more.


Bud Light vs. Isenbeck (Yoga vs. Ballet)

Superadgrunts, read more to see how yoga, ballet and beer all go together.

Who cares if these two spots are similar to each other? They’re both uh, creatively excellent.

Click here to view the Bud Light Yoga spot.

Click here to view the Isenbeck Ballet spot.


MiniBrother - Big brother in a Mini

A new link submission we'd like to alert y'all too is this Mini Brother link, it's just like the show Big Brother, but in a Mini.
Windows media only. (i'm sowwy)


Paypal will not be back.

OK, after testing, changing, testing testing and testing again I can now report that the Paypal payment system only upgrades about 50% of the payees, and there is no improvement. The problem is that only 50% of paypal mails "yes this user paid" are ever sent out, and that's something Paypal only - not me - can fix. I'm throwing in the towel on that now, as paypal is rather (read extremly) nasty to deal with anyway and such dismal numbers are unacceptable. The Secure Credit Card system is considerably faster and works 100% of the time so we might as well just keep that.
On another note, June is almost up and that means there will soon be a new guest writer at where I've been dropping links the past month. Pay them a visit, the links are mmm-mmm-goood, and their photoshop tennis games are great friday fun!


Nanner Ads - Garfield The Movie on bananas

Last weekend while doing routine grocery shopping, I stopped to get some bananas in the produce aisle. All over the bananas were stickers for Garfield: The Movie. Being an adgrunt, I took one of each version and placed them on my nanners.
This is nothing new. The Milk Board was putting "Got Milk" stickers on bananas years ago. But it seems a bit odd to put ads for this movie on the banana peels. My first thought was that they were trying to target the kids who might have banana in or with their morning cereal. But then the more I thought about it, it's really targeting the parents more, since most kids get the banana already peeled, especially if it's going in their cereal.