Firestone id : Making it Right

Firestone is launching an ad campaign to the tunes of "Making it Right" - whether this groovy poppy tune will wash away their tarded image after killing 174 people and injuring more than 700 last year before the recall of their faulty tires remains to be seen.


Is the Onion a magazine from the future?

The Onion nails us again - this time claiming that Nike will from now on focus on only making ads - and cease making any products alltogether.

Suck predicted already in 97 - it's in the book - that Nike would make use of copy or alphanumeric identifications in it's ads redundant - declaring white space to be "Nike".


"Society fingered for Cancer ad"

OK, fine - so I just like the headline in combo with the image below.

The infamous incident where Wests Tigers player Hopoate stuck his finger into the bottoms of Cowboys players in a game two weekends ago has been immortalized not only in sports press but also in ads against prostate cancer. I just wish I knew what the headline said...


Baby-T's grind Canadian advertising agencies to a halt.

The "I'm proof" baby T that we are giving away here, sparks a little funny debate on the teabaggers page and grinds Canada's advertising agencies to halt on Friday afternoon.

Target link above jumps to first post. From there you read upwards. Teabaggers is a completely anonymous forum hosted by "Wanda". The password spread via emails. It's also posted several times in the archives.Why don't you guys ever get this active? ;-) Don't tell me you are working? Humbug!


Curry is crying -- Lusty Colombian babes find sugar daddy...

...and a modern viral campaign ...and a classic bait-n-switch.

(UPDATED with semidupliclaim and links!) Advertising agencies in Bogota are a busy lot. When theyˆre not plotting razor-sharp campaigns for the local cocaine cartels, fleeing from kidnappers, contracting death squads to take out their competition and bribing local authorities to look the other way, they occasionally find time to work on an honest-to-goodness project or two.

Concocting the dreamy bachellionaire Bob Harris was one such campaign, sans the honesty...and the goodness.


Publicis looses Coke?

Not to rain on Publicis worldwide's parade of their swelling stock and shares - but are they holding on tight enough to Coca Cola? Or did that client just walk - worldwide?
On the up - there is always Diet.


Adland: goes offline? is closing down? Say it aint so!Where will we go for our daily fix of cutting edge commercials? Don't tell me we have to buy the magazine and reel/DVD? just sent out an email to all their subscribers stating that:

"It is with great regret that I have to tell you that due to circumstances
beyond our control the site is likely to come off line in April.

shots VHS, DVD and magazine are unaffected by these developments........" continued.....

the email continues:


Madonna drives a BMW?

Madonna and new hubby Guy Ritchie are shooting another film in a car. Unlike her banned pop-promo, this is a paid advert for BMW and less likely to be banned, as she won't be mowing down any pedestrians. See article in Australian MSN.


Cutting edge advertising flies to the UK.

Finally - after pulling a few duds out of my hat I found a winner who promptly responded to the winning email - The DailyLama will soon receive his signed copy of Cutting edge advertising.
Thanks again to Jim Aitchison for sending us a copy. Anyone got any suggestion on which book I shall try and get next?


Another day, another skin

I was bored this weekend so I decided it was time to spring clean a little. Now, there is a new skin for Adland - and since maintaining the code in several skins was a bit of a headache - it is also the only skin. Previous users who get funny looking MYSQL jibberish at the top of the page - go straight to USER.PHP and choose "select theme" - after selecting the only theme, you should be fine. Hopefully you wont get funny looking mysql gibberish at the top of the page tho, as I changed ID on the cookies. ;) More new stuff! (read more)