Dan's Chelsea Guitars does rock'n'roll ad campaign

Dan's Chelsea Guitars has been lucky enough to get top creative help to do his advertising campaign for free, Bob Cohen and Dave Cuccinello from Euro RSCG put together a pure rock'n'roll sell. Dan is planning to buy media in the Village Voice and have run the ads in the Onion.

Emily Wilson shot the stills while Kohl Norville and d.o.p. Leif Husted-Jensen shot the commercial in super-8 - it will be made available on Chelsea Guitars website soon.

Har Mar Superstar (previously spokesperson for Vladivar vodka) frolics with a bunch of near naked ladies, while wearing nothing but sweat socks and tanga-underwear, in another shot Leif the d.o.p. who looks quite rock'n'roll strikes a pose with digital pee added. Read more to see the campaign.


Poses overexposed!

How do you take a picture of someone taking a picture? With a camera covering their eye, of course - it's just that some poses are becoming overexposed.......


Lego introduces - Spiderman 2

Lego has done their own special version of spiderman 2 - in Lego naturally.


The Advertising Show - Dolores Kunda on Hispanic Marketing

Hear Dolores Kunda, president and CEO of Lápiz Agency, share her passion for Hispanic marketing in the U.S. Dolores Kunda has nearly 20 years of global advertising experience, having led award-winning teams for such blue-chip clients as Kraft, McDonald's, Kellogg's and Procter & Gamble. She has worked diligently and successfully to help Lápiz establish a client roster that includes the above-named marketers as well as Coca-Cola and Disney, among others. Recently, Dolores was named one of Hispanic Magazine’s Top Latinas.


Open source miracle horse-birth advert.

The Register has found a very strange Japanese ad for Open Source software, actress Norika Fujiwara promotes StarSuite - Sun Microsystems' Japanese Office knock off. In one ad, Norika is so stunned by the $18 StarSuite price tag she falls over and gives birth to a foal - the idea is "anything can happen".

"We convey a concept of our $18 strategy as surprising and moving in the ad," said Nori Matsuda, the president and CEO of SourceNext. "The ad basically says, 'Anything can happen.'"

view the ad here.
Hat tip to Marla on adlist.


Trivia-chain game - win a 20-pack of JewelBoxings.

Another chance to show off your adgrunt skills, impress everyone with your ad trivia and win a 20-pack of Jewelboxings!

Ask a question about advertising that contains the answer to the previous question. Simple as that.

One Jewelboxing 20pack of Kings to the winnah!

We'll start the thread with two entries as an example. Have at it!

Ready? Lets go - Here's how to do this:


How to get a lion

Well, you buy one on eBay of course! what the heck?!

This fearsome fellow is a rare limited edition collectible cast in shiny gold-coloured metal. A half lion stuck on a movie reel, it's a great conversation piece and a tasteful ornament for any decor. Near mint condition. One owner.

>>>> eBay link


Best Euro 2004 adverts

Are you suffering from football withdrawal symptoms like me? Do you have nightmares about Angelos Charisteas head, Sweden-Holland penalty shootouts or when Beckham forgot to bend it?
Well, don't despair, I have the cure right here for you - The Creative Clubs best adverts of Euro 2004, in association with the IPA you can now enjoy your favorite footie commercials one final time. Most of these ads ran pan-European except of course the strictly British brands like Carling.

windows media only.


Veer:Ideas Adland + "Metafilterati"

OK, I'll admit it. We just love the word "MetaFilterati". And "kibitzing". And plain old being Adcritic's snarky overseas cousin.


Skin/Theme update - no more Kulture + new feeds!

I'm sorry to say that 28 Kulture users, 102 KultureBlue users, 19 KultureGrey users, 33 KultureOrange users and 14 KultureSB users are going to be dissapointed.... It's becoming a major hassle to keep track of all the little code updates and things I do in so many skins/themes, so I decided to give up on our old skin from 2001 - Kulture and all it's color variations. :/

Kulture, thanks for all these years you served us well - I really liked it myself. *takes hat off and has a silent minute*

update: Another fun toy - we now have three feeds, the commercial archive only, the adnews only and the old one that contains the whole enchilada. The "quicktime rules" box to the right carries button-links for each feed.