Harnn Massage Balm, Deep massage , print Thailand

Uhm. I only have one thing to say about this. OMG creepy. I don't think that was the reaction Y&R Thailand was going for.


More gossip about Gossip Girl

CNN reports on Gossip Girl's newest ad campaign which takes their critics' bad reviews and flips them to their advantage.


DHL - 24 Hours Online Tracking (Dude, not truck) - guerilla, China

Another version of that "24-hour tracking" stunt from Ogilvy & Mather, Beijing - previously they did a truck which was cute but only seen by fellow drivers. Now they did a DHL-dude with an online arrow on his back.


Children's Hospital Foundations Australia - Wrist band - guerilla, Australia

The Children's Hospital Foundations Australia project "Sick Day for a Sick Kid" needed some attention, to get some De Pasquale in Brisbane placed a giant hospital arm band on a sculpture of a hand in the city.


Partizan Media - Post-it note self-promo in Magazines - print, Russia

I'm not sure that I understand this correctly, so I'll let Артём Лоскутников (Artemiy Loskutnikov)
the Regional director at Partizan Media explain it.


P&G Oil of Olay - Clock - print, Singapore

Larger image here
(it stops time, geddit? Hence the clock. See?)


Ocala Jai Alai & Poker - Risks / Truck, Ladder, Alligator - print, USA

This was not submitted as spec, but the poor photoshop job makes me wonder how on earth this could ever be printed. Teeny tiny small space ads?


Pennies? Pennies? You can't pay with those here. Try OfficeMax.

I find it hilarious that a company (or rather, their ad agency The Escape Pod, Chicago I presume) has latched on to how impossible it is to use pennies for anything in the states and taken that to the ultimate extreme. They send a redheaded dude out to try and buy a decent chef-cooked meal paying only with pennies, and even a used car paying with only pennies. 2700 dollars worth of pennies. I love how the chef seems to grab his hair and start comparing the whole ordeal to him running a steak through a blender."The only reason a dollar is a dollar, is because it's worth a hundred pennies" replies our redheaded hero. Ah, that's so true - so those automatic toll-booths change machines should take pennies, right? Do they?


Ok, what the hell IS that? A racoon? A Dog? A viral ad campaign?

Holy mother of Gill* - what is that!?

Gawker calls it Montauk Monstergate because nobody believes this is the carcass of a racoon or possibly a smallish dog. Gawker even says: "Fox News Discredits Itself With Wildly Incorrect "It's Not a Monster" Reportage" - hahaha - ow, Fox news and discredit, aw gawker you got me right there. Funny. Instead everyone is suspecting that this might be a an ad campaign. Sheesh, we have people paranoid don't we? Some people are even using this as an golden opportuniy to send out their press releases: Like venom energy drink who blasts: "Venom Places Bounty on the Montauk Monster".

Either way, the tipster at Gawker today denied it being viral marketing for anything and particurlarly it is not for Cartoon Network's "Cryptids Are Real". Maybe it's just a slow news day over there. What do you think it is?

* yes I know that Eric Gill was a incestuous dogfucker. I still like the damn font, so his mother is holy anyway. Oh, and hat tip to the denver egotist peeps who have time to read Gawker. ;P


A list apart survey for people who make websites.

Anyone here who makes websites should head over to the Alistapart 2008 survey for people who make w