Christina Aguilera is naughty in Skechers ad campaign

In August the new poster campaign for Skechers breaks, starring Xtina doing her best pin-up posing. Double the punch she plays both naughty and nice in each ad, dressing up as both a cop, a nurse and a naughty schoolgirl. Hey, isn't that Britney territory?

The "Naughty and Nice" Christina Aguilera Skechers campaign
will appear in international magazines and in stores as point-of-purchase displays through the end of 2004. Want a sneak-peak at the ads? Read more.


Adcritic GetCreativity Elert - Charlie the tuna

ON THE WEB Of course.. Like where else was I gonna be dear? ;)
Hat tip to Tlevitz, one of our fave adgrunts.
Adland article here: Charlie the Tuna wants your vote!


Top ten reasons we hate using stock - #134

Ever get those briefs where it reads "must use stock"? Course you have, and you probably hate it as much as most. Not only do you have to use stock, you have to use X-brand stock that the agency has a "good deal" with - and not simply some really nice stock places that you know about...... Well, that's when stuff like this happens.


Gillette goofs away $1 million on razors for DNC attendees; razors confiscated

Gillette goofs up promotion pack, loosing $1 million in razors that got confiscated at the DMC. Genious.

With all of the headlines and commotion about
strict security at this year's political conventions you would think that
someone would have thought twice about the decision to place boxes of
Gillette razors in each of the welcome bags handed out with credentials to
delegates and press types in Boston.


Non smoking ads lie - twice over.

Anti-tobacco briefs have been cracked every which way by now - so it's easy to fall into the trap of doing what others have done, as happened back in 1996, Welcome to Marlboro ads. Here's another case of same thought anti-tobacco ads.


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Photocopied concept, part two.

These gems of Badland have been found via Mediafact who reported about the ads in November 2003.



These aren't your typical badlander candidates since both agencies belong to the same conglomerate, but the similarities do pile up. Literally.

Did TBWA dig the worldwide acclamation for their Sony Mountain spot so much that they adapted the notion for their new US Adidas Kevin Garnett spot, or is it all a meme-ish Amsterdam/London/San Francisco coincidence? Superadgrunts, view Sony's Mountain, then Adidas' Carry and judge for yourself.

Both spots are still pretty darn good, IMHO.


Welcome to New York. Now get out.

The Republican National Convention is coming to NYC in September and the GOP (Grand Ol’ Party) has been airing a TV commercial telling New Yorkers to play nice. But some people have other ideas.


Fuse parodies two campaigns in one - gets Apple on the phone

No stranger to controversy (see #1 #2 #3) Music channel Fuse is at it again with a little help from their agency, Amalgamated, N.Y.

Amalgamated's Charles Rosen on the conceptual homage: "Much like Mother's Lilt soda spot spoofing BBH's Levi's 'Odyssey,' or the many commercials spoofing the Honda 'Cog' spot, our campaign is paying tribute to the cultural impact of the Chiat/Day ads. As with any parody, there are elements borrowed from the original that are transformed or twisted, in this case to capture Fuse's brand personality and the lifestyle of its viewers."

The new york post reports that apple is "outraged" about the parodies.