There are legendary stories about John Jameson and the passion he had for his great tasting whiskey. He'd do anything to save his whiskey, even if it meant drowning the city. OK, maybe that's a tall tale, everyone knows not to mix whiskey with water.

Okay, so perhaps the headline is a bit of a fib, as Saatchi say Dan Castro broke the rules, it was just fun to say "Saatchi" as many times as possible in it.

In response to Saatchi & Saatchi’s setting of the brief “get as many followers on twitter as you can” Dan Castro set up The Saatchi Experiment and the twitter account @Saatchi_grads and "with a little design and carefully chosen words people began to assume I’m the official twitter feed." Sneaky Dan. Real sneaky. Dan has a point though, the measure of how popular a feed is, is not counted in friends now that automated spambots can get you as many as you want within a week.

Dan also posted this video yesterday, as the 'official' Saatchi alter ego, and called it "An Apology from Saatchi", where he explains the brief was a bit of a repeat from last years, as they were busy looking at angry kittens online.

The spot ''Heather,'' centers on a 9-year-old Heather McNamara who speaks directly to the camera in manner that is in total contrast to the gravity of her situation. She speaks about her family’s search for a hospital around the country willing to operate on the baseball-sized cancerous tumor that had entangled itself in her stomach, pancreas, spleen, intestines, liver and surrounding blood vessels. She was considered inoperable by other doctors the family consulted until they met with Dr. Tomoaki Kato who removed 6 of Heather’s major organs in a 23-hour surgery in order to get at the tumor.

To Celebrate The #Jan25 Revolution an Egyptian named his first born "Facebook". If Facebook starts a band with Dovahkiin when they grow up, Google will implode.

Yesterday we sent a the robonaut to space, and it's tweeting the mission step by step @AstroRobonaut.

Google forecloses on content farms with new farmer algorithm, copywriters who have been making ends meet by writing E-how articles be prepared.

@redbeardwriter works in advertising, and decided to mock it in his short skit that won the google video competition. Creatives on a quest to get Kevin Spacey in their ad.