Volkswagen Golf - Everday - (2008) :40 (UK)

Volkswagen Golf - Everday - (2008) :40 (UK)

Orb are back! in fact Paul Hartnoll of Orbital mixed the natural sounds in this commercial shoot together to create the music bed. Soundbed. Electrobed. Bah, you know what I mean. Created by DDB London, and shot by Scott Lyons from Outsider.


Who won the Luke Sullivan book (and charmins?)

Well, we've gone through the often aggressive and sometimes kinda gross lines in the little game we played where you could win Luke Sullivan's book, "Hey Whipple" third edition or a signed package of Charmins. Without further ado, here are the ones that stuck out as Luke, Caff, Robblink and myself went through over one hundred lines looking for a winner.


Pirate Bay cop hired by Warner

Interesting. Sydsvenskan reports that the police officer Jim Keyzer in charge of the investigation against the Pirate bay got a job at Warner just a two and a half months after the investigation closed. Now the entire investigation, which took more than a year and a half to do, might have to be redone. If the police officer was talking to Warner Bros about a possible job there while doing the investigation the whole case may be tainted since Warner Bros is one of the plaintiffs in the case. Sydsvenskan called Keyzer to confirm his new employer which Keyzer commented "Yes this is correct" but declined to comment any further.

Pirate Bay's response today:


Brand names that don't export well.

We've been discussing brand names that don't export well on adlist this week. Some things can have names that people in other countries may misunderstand. It all began with this can above.

To which I exclaimed "personally I'm simply horrified that it comes in a can and is microwavable." but UK adlisters assured me that it's actually pretty decent. American and other adlisters meanwhile, were rolling on the floor laughing.

The UK does have a few of these not possible for US export food gems, such as:
six faggots

But really, Americans aren't much better I mean they serve:
sweet salty nuts


Rolling, rolling, rolling ... Badland!

Here are at your attention two creative visions:


OMG! Microsoft has a sense of humor? Spoofs Springsteen for SP1.

BEHOLD the terrible spoof of Springsteen's Dancing In The Dark video, complete with a super-cheesy Bruce Springsteen impersonator used an an internal Microsoft "Pep-talk" promotion thingie for Vista SP1. Wow. I think my jaw just shattered on the floor, will someone please wipe that up?


Link Lust: Never gonna link you down, never gonna give you up

Pardon me while I play catch-up with some of the submitted links I managed to not have time to post during this messy week.

Skywriting move over - now there's flogo (presumably at www.flogo.net but their site seems bust) - it's like a mini Foam City in the sky. What they've done according to livescience is "uses re-purposed artificial snow machines to generate the floating ads and messages, dubbed Flogos. The machines can pop one Flogo out every 15 seconds, flooding the air with foamy peace signs or whatever shape a client desires. Renting the machine for a day starts out at a cost of about $2,500." Seems more like sky-logo confetti to me but whatever floats your boat.

Soviet lemonade labels - because labels are cool.

How big of a font nerd are you? Take this handy Quiz to find out. First one to get 34 out of 34 wins the "font nerdiest" title here.

Copywriters, I dare you to come up with a better description of this house for sale. "Tony Hawk meets Mathew, Mark, Luke & John!"


Phallic logo and unfortunate name combo

Ah yes, those who have been paying attention know that I'm a tad preoccupied with phallic looking logos. Or things that sound dirty in another language in advertising. yes yes, I know, I'm such a child, and I won't grow up.

So Caff decided in her infinite wisdom when she saw this logo to snap it and send the shot to me. I'm sorry, but I can't stop laughing, is that a phallus symbol firmly planted with balls or a nicely streamlined design of a hand flipping the bird? I wonder if the receptionist ever answers the phone with "Good morning, The Fucker company Ltd".


Sony - Foam city Happening - (2008) 4:00 (UK)

Sony - Foam city Happening - (2008)  4:00 (UK)

All of Miami covered in foam. Amazing.


Coca Cola featuring Tibetan monks ticks off Chinese ex-pat in Germany

Have you heard that old myth about the McDonald's burger makers? That there's a team of specialist burger makers who fly around the world to make the perfect burger, shake and fries for every local ad shoot ever. We could make a movie about them, make it like Top Gun where a kid with extreme burger flipping talent gets to join the ten bestest burger flippers in the world and fly to exotic locations to make exotic burgers like the Japanese Teriyaki burger and of course, the Royal with cheese. I'm not sure what's gonna kill Iceman yet, perhaps a freak fry accident.

Anyway, that myth isn't true. There is no special team that creates those fab looking burgers for every ad shoot - sorry to kill the hopes of any aspiring McDonalds college kids. I just went there because in the world of global communication and global brands, perhaps there should be.

Take the latest spat that Coke got itself into. Somewhere in Germany, some "point" snack shop was carrying an old Coke poster from 2003 which shows Buddhist monks on a rollercoaster with the slogan: "Make it real" in the window still - and right now with the current newly inflamed China/Tibet wound it's been misunderstood by a Chinese ex-pat living in Germany. A member of Tianya.com posted some photographs on the site and wrote:"Germany has started to really show adverts for Tibetan independence. Coca-Cola! Okay, I will remember. From now on I will not touch this shitty product! The three monks represent Tibetan lamas. They are riding a rollercoaster, which represents freedom. 'Make it real' means 'make this real'". There are a couple of photographs of the offending old posters in situ here*. The Guardian reported "While one commenter suggested his interpretation was "far-fetched", many more leapt to his support, pledging to stop drinking Coca-Cola." Personally, I wish these people would stop drinking the Kool-Aid.