Chunk has just launched Scottish and Newcastle UK's (S&N UK) Insight and Customer Excellence document portal.

The website provides S&N UK employees with an easily searchable web interface to deliver the Insight and Customer Excellence research team's data.

Adland: and VTSF rely on David Jaffe to deliver the non smoking message

There is a new truth in town as PLAYROOM Director David Jaffee just wrapped up three commercials for the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation and their campaign.

After school activities

The boys belly dancing is a must see, spoofing all music videos since forever these guys are great. The tag at the end is for everyone who laughed with a cigarette dangling between their bony fingers.


Coors Light Ads - Billboards and Bus Shelters

Here are some of the Coors Light ads that are on billboards and bus shelters in London, Ontario, Canada. There are at least a couple more in the ad series. These are the ones I was able to photograph.

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"Don't take risks with your wonga!" The Dangers of Penoplasty

To see this funny movie visit the link below:


Bodog: Mound Charger

Bodog has added to the list of interactive websites with Mound Charger.


Marvel - Hyper Scan (2006) :30 (USA)

Marvel - Hyper Scan  (2006) :30  (USA)

Kevin Costner loves Lisa = true

Before 1984 it was 1983, and Apple shilled the Lisa with the help of Kevin Costner. Kevin must have carried his "massive expensive flop" waterworld curse around already back then, as you know the Lisa was dreadfully expensive and never sold. Has to be Kevins fault!


Lynx worst ad to date - the M

I generally like Lynx/Axe ads even though some argue that they are sexist and one-dimensional all over the place, since women are but babes controlled by canned pheromones and mens only ambition is to bed as many of them as possible. Some are funny.


Fruit of the loom - gaming gear?

Ok, fine, so you caught me. All I do on weekends is sit around and play computer games in my comfy cotton fruit of the loom underwear. Is that what inspired this ad? Because if it was, a detail is off - the main player should be a smoking hot female redhead. Everything else is pretty much right, including the smiley faces on my boxers. ;P

More fruit of the loom fun after the jump!


Link Lust: Will You Still Link Me Tomorrow?

Stefan Gruber's sweet Big Gulp animation.

There's finally a Pigeon holed (es, se) of the naughts, Advergirl lists the 10 Habits of Highly Annoying Agency Humans. Some of those described probably work in your office .

Spoofing ads is fun. Blond meets Apple and Milk meets the wassup kids.

TiVO to measure ad skipping. And if you didn't know how to make your "advance button" the "skip ads button" here's how. While watching a recording, press: Select Play Select 3 0 Select

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