adgames online - samorost part 2 and Sink ya Drink

Those who remember and enjoyed the beautiful point and click game Samorost (clues here) will be pleased to know that Amanita designs have made another one, called Quest for the rest for the band The Polyphnic Spree. It's shorter and easier but still good. Amanita has also made this interactive game for Nike labs.

On another viral game note Sink Ya Drink was released on Friday, where the object of the game is to drink as many pints as possible before the pub closes. I downed 103. *hic*


Santi - Italian Wine/Bitter Grapes (Print Ad) (2004) (US)

When the creatives are bitter and jaded, it shows in their ads.

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Stepford wives - Rice and Clinton

In a (succesful) bid to get a little extra attention around the film Stepford wives - a remake of Bryan Forbes 1975 film by the same title which is based on a book by Ira Levin - Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice have been added as extra spice to the trailer. Morphing from their usual selves to a harem lady and the perfect homemaker their images flash by in a snap, but it's enough to make people notice. Birdherder exclaimed "Wtf!?" upon seeing it - click here for news at ten video detail. Shocking for attentions sake?


Nielsen TV Research Activity Book - creepy.

Jim Hanas has scanned the Nielsen TV Research Activity Book and placed it in his blog ENCYCLOPEDIA HANASIANA. It's terribly funny.


The Advertising Show - inside Arnold worldwide & BBDO New York

Hear Arnold Worldwide’s president/COO, Fran Kelly, and BBDO New York’s president/CEO, John Osborn, share inside information on their agencies and the advertising business. Fran Kelly is an accomplished industry executive who helped orchestrate Arnold's transformation into a national and international agency, attracting such clients as Volkswagen, Monster, The American Legacy Foundation, Royal Caribbean, Titleist, Fidelity Investments and The Hartford. John Osborn is the principal architect and engineer of BBDO New York's integrated communications service offering.


Ben and Jerry's sell Cow Hugs in Stockholm

Ben & Jerry's in Sweden have sent a cow parade out on the streets of Stockholm. The cow-people are flogging cow-hugs, for five kronor a crush. The money they raise this mad cow way will be donated to SOS Barnbyar, an organisation that helps orphaned and abandoned children by giving them new homes and schooling all around the world. A clever little PR stunt for Ben & Jerry's who are new on the Swedish market, already causing much mirth and scoring goodwill points.


Lowe London makes pact with the Devil for Stella

Advertising in general has been 'safe' for a long time after the economic downturn, still Lowe London have a great client that wants to move in to a darker area - Stella Artois. Interbrew asked Lowe to move in this direction after research showed Stella consumers would like a touch of the macabre. Read more to see the result.


Adwar between Bills and phonecompanies

The two Swedish telco's 3 and Tele2.Comviq are involved in an adwar. It started with Tele2.Comviqs "We got small bills/Bills" where the concept is that a bill is "Bill", either a big and mean man or small and friendly guy.

The pioneering company in 3G, "3" was little annoyed and did their own campaign: "Little Bill has lied again" and used another little person actor to portray little Bill, this time he spends the entire ad writing on the blackboard "50 öre does not mean 0 krona" a thousand times like Bart in the Simpsons. Tele2.Comviq's claim in the latest little Bill ad is that you can make calls for 0 krona a minute - alas, the small print states that each minute costs 50 öre in startup costs.

I find it really amusing. It is like a homage to the Avis vs Hertz-campaign - a war that created some of the best ads ever made.


Sloggi is in another bumfight!

Sloggi's derriere fetish is getting tired. Recently a Sloggi spring-string ad has made appearances as a poster in the UK which was apparently located close to mosques. Did the bums do this to make sure someone complained so they could squeeze some free press out of it? Your guess is a good as mine, they got two complaints, and are now appearing all over the British press.

This isn't the first time Sloggi has gotten in the press for their
posteriors, remember when they teamed up with Daewoo to select the best bum where site visitors (females only) sent in pictures of their butts and the best behind could place their winning rump in the seat of a Daewoo car.


'Professor' Wieden's Unconventional Methods

Great shades of Dead Poets Society! Is it a matter of ethics or simply judgment and taste? Either way it reminds me of most of my classmates when I was a journalism student: no fun at all.

Journalism dean issues statement about workshop DailyEmerald

Dean Tim Gleason accepts 'full responsibility' for the ethical controversy surrounding Dan Wieden's unconventional assignments
"...Wieden, president of nationally known advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, gave students tasks to fulfill -- in whatever manner they chose -- including streaking, objecting at a wedding and playing Twister with a trucker. Wieden + Kennedy handles Nike's advertising, and some of the company's past advertisements have received a great deal of criticism...Journalism GTF Micky Lee, who asked Gleason to set up the meeting, said she's concerned about the school's reputation.

"If we graduate from this school, what kind of reputation will we have?" she said."