"Swedens new media elite"

Ah, how nice it is to be elite something or other as ekonominyheterna.se just named yours truly one of Swedens "new media elite". In all the exitment they slipped on the keyboard and gave me two T's instead of P's - Åsk Wättling instead of Wäppling. An honest mistake, it could happen to anyone after too many GT's, I mean those letters are practically right next to each other on a qwerty keyboard... or maybe not. ;) Still, all press is good, as long as they spell your name right. Ha!

A commenter waving a red pen has alerted them to their mistake so they've managed at least to change the headline name spelling in their list article on the new media elite. We'll glue this to our press clippings scrap book anyway. :)


Ekonominyheterna.se - The new Media Elite List 2006

Ekonominyheterna lists the media elite which is fun, but they misspelled my name. ;)
See these posts: Åsk is the Elite and "Swedens new media elite". For the record, the name is Wäppling. At least they we're consistent, I picked up the printed magazine and there my name was misspelled all the way through as well, which is amusing since it is one of the names that starts the article off:
"Johan Larsson.
Roger Åberg.
Åsk Wäppling.

Or why not Emma Svensson. Do the names sound familiar?...."


Brand New School and JWT London Animate Your Vodafone World

Two new spots, directed by Brand New School for JWT London's client Vodafone, show the imaginary worlds of people talking and texting. Both new spots titled, "Park" and "Street", show a 'personalization' of their surroundings through hand-drawn animation which is also reflected in the print campaign (see inside).

At the beginning of each spot, the filmed frame shrinks down to a smaller square – reminiscent of a mobile phone screen – with everything outside of that frame replaced by outlandish creatures as well as signifiers for communication. Bicycles, dogs, strollers, kites, joggers and pedestrians all cross the path of the young man in "Park," for example. The real elements within the center frame evolve into more fantastic imagery as they cross the border to the outside world. As a woman walks down the "Street," for example, a fire hydrant evolves into an outsized tube of lipstick and a bike messenger becomes a knight on his trusty steed.


HP Helps You With Your Body Image

HP's new digital cameras have a "slimming" feature that allows you to make someone look thinner. Via 3 Quarks and Feministing, where you can find more slimming shots. It's just the thing to make your teenage daughter commit to that eating disorder... and in time for Christmas!


AdCrap Recap - Week 38

Get your fill of Adland-y goodness with a quick recap of last week's goings-on.

Down: Nike vs Gran parma rugby - someone has dropped the ball in badland.
Up: Japanese "please be a considerate smoker" poster campaign
Up: A poster that works no matter who gets elected.
Down: Freelance Art Director Sues AmEx Over 'My Life. My Card.' Tagline
Up: New PSA says C isn't for Cookie - it's for Choices
Down: Asa Bailey the one trick pony?

Ads of the week:
Greenpeace - Breathe (2006) 0:60 (New Zealand)


Try me, Feel me.

An article about "experiential marketing", concept-pop-up-branded stores etc.


The Adland viral cartoon

The Adland Viral cartoon, also available at viralcartoon.blogspot.com, sans soundtrack. Nuff said.


Ohio car-salesman's radio ads declare jihad

A Columbus Ohio auto dealership, Dennis Mitsubishi, will be running a radio ad campaign that declares "a jihad on the automotive market."


M&M the latest to use "find X in the picture" concept

Last August, Lowe London started a trend with their "Live Film" initiative for Stella Artois. It was followed by a similar concept for Virgin, then Absolut jumped onboard, and Love Films.


Nike vs Gran parma rugby - someone has dropped the ball

A cute Badlander - seems a huge trend these past few years is to crush parked cars with giant objects, such as footballs, rugbyballs or giant blocks of ice. The latest one is this September installation from Gran parma Rugby Italy, the previous ones inside.