Really powerful tools.....

I'm sure seasoned adgrunts remember Charlie Fisher, he's the fella that won the Bush in 30 seconds Superbowl ad competition with his film Child's Pay". Viacom rejected the ad from being aired during the 2004 bowl sadly.

So what's he done recently? Charlie and has now left Leo Burnett in Copenhagen and started his own shop, smallbutglobal. And he's made this film for V28 who make really powerful tools. No we mean really powerful.

See the film Helicopter here, or download it straight from here. (wmv file)


Stella Artois ads make you think

This summer, Stella Artois been running a campaign in magazines, newspapers and outdoor, supporting their "Live Film" initiative. The ads are like a "Where's Waldo" of film trivia. All portray typically English scenes that have been invaded by characters, props and scenarios from classic films. Each of the three ads contains approximately 20 films.

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Clorox ads get more conceptual

Back in June I had come across an unusual ad for kitty litter. And this week, I found another from the campaign as well as some other untypical ads for other Clorox products. I wonder if they have a new ad manager or something. Read more to see the ads

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Degree ads go ambient

While walking around last week I came upon some ads for Degree deodorant aimed at guys. It isn't directly a part of their InAction Heros campaign that has been running since the Super Bowl. Although it does use the same tagline "For men who take risks".

What I found even more strange about the ads were their placement. These posters were stuck to the bottoms of street light posts (read more to see image). Strange kind of guerilla marketing, if that's what it is. Typically you'd think guerilla marketing wouldn't be just a plain, old regular advertisement. Other than the placement, these really aren't very guerilla.

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Chrylser adds Snoop Dog to Iacocca ad

About a month ago, I posted about Chrysler reintroducing Lee Iacocca in a spot with Jason Alexander. Now, CNN reports a new commercial which should break Saturday (tomorrow) will feature Lee and Snoop Dog in order to reach younger consumers who have no idea who Lee is.

The latest spot, which numerous media reports say should start Saturday, includes Iacocca and Snoop Dogg, whose hip-hop speaking manner in the spot seems to confuse Iacocca.

"You know, I'm not too sure what you just said. Now everybody gets a great deal," Iacocca says in the spot.

"Fo shizzle, I-ka-zizzle," Snoop Dog replies.

Iacocca is donating the money Chrysler is paying him to do these spots to a foundation he set up to battle diabetes, the disease which killed his wife. USA Today reports that Snoop Dogg told Iacocca during the filming that he has a brother with diabetes, and said he admired what Iacocca is doing.

"He's just a good kid," Iacocca told USA Today about his co-star. "I didn't understand half the things he was telling me, but it was fun."

The spot ends with Snoop Dog giving his own version of Iacocca's famous pitchline, "If you can find a better car, buy it."

"If the ride is more fly, then you must buy," Snoop Dog says.


Cumming - the fragrance

Alan Cumming, award winning actor, ganged up with Christopher Brosius, one of the most innovative perfumers of the 21st Century and Jason Schell, Creative Director to create a new fragrance.... Called Cumming of course. The scent smells like peat fire and burnt rubber and is described to be all about all about Sex, Scotch, Cigars and Scotland.. It's all worth it to see Alan crack up at the end of the advert as he can't keep a straight face saying the tagline.

The look of it all was handled by Nathan King Design


Thieves reveal billboard's hidden message

This interactive billboard was created for a home security company. It was up to thieves to reveal the hidden message on the billboard.

How can traditional media be transformed by experiential marketing tactics? Take a peep at this billboard. Created by the dynamic duo at TBWA/Vancouver -- copy writer Michael Milardo and art director Bart Batchelor -- this billboard is as experiential as it gets.


Hooters, rosters, chickens, and an 'indecent or obscene' billboard

'Chicken' Reference On Hooters Billboard Ruffles Feathers

Employees at Kaiser Permanente-Baldwin Park Medical Center, which is beneath the billboard along the San Bernardino Freeway, brought their complaints to the city. They claim the billboard's slogan -- "Only a rooster gets a better piece of chicken" -- is "indecent or obscene."


Platform wars in advertising.

The battle between Microsoft and Apple rages on. These past few weeks more than one eyebrow was raised when Microsoft published a rather strange ad pointing out that people were entering peoples houses through teeny tiny wires. Apple has to spoof that one. Read more to see the ads.


Adidas swallows Reebok for $3.8 billion.

Claymore quipped: Adibok? Reedidas?
File under: Didn't see that one coming.
Reuters reports that Adidas buys Reebok for $3.8 billion in order to expand its reach in Nike's home market. Adidas described the deal sa freindly takeover.

"Together, we will expand our geographic reach, particularly in North America, and create a footwear, hardware offering that addresses a broader spectrum of consumers and demographics," Adidas Chief Executive Herbert Hainer said in statement.

Reebok Chairman and CEO Paul Fireman would continue to run the Reebok brand, Adidas said.

"Adidas is the perfect partner for Reebok," Fireman said in the statement, adding: "This transaction provides our shareholders with good value for their shares."