Big Lots - JuJuan and Wileen (2006) :30 (USA)

Big Lots - JuJuan and Wileen (2006) :30  (USA)

Japanese "please be a considerate smoker" poster campaign

Only the Japanese can create a campaign for smokers to be more considerate with only simple traffic sign like illustrations and a few arrows and have pure poetry as the result. The campaign is called smokers style naturally, because being considerate is classy.
see all the posters here - a few of my favorites inside.

"Inhaled. Burned. Thrown away. If it were anything but a cigarette, it would surely be crying."

Hat tip to Bold's forum.

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Materazzi takes it to the chest again, this time for Nike

Nike is spoofing the now infamous headbutting incident during the FIFA World Cup between between Italy's Marco Materazzi and France's Zinedine. Materazzi stars in the new spot with the tongue-in-cheek endline: "Every athlete has their secret weapon." It was filmed last month close to Nike's Italian HQ in Bologna and is for a new training vest Materazzi wears in the spot.


Freelance Art Director Sues American Express Over 'My Life. My Card.' Tagline

What are you thoughts on this? Do you think this happens alot?

American Express Sued Over Tagline at yahoo biz.

O'Keefe alleges that American Express's "My life. My card" campaign, begun in 2004 and featuring television, print and other ads with celebrities including Robert De Niro and Kate Winslet, used a "confusingly similar" mark to O'Keefe's "My card, my work," trademark, copied significant copyrighted expression from his Web site and misappropriated O'Keefe's ideas, damaging his trademark and business. He is seeking unspecified damages along with an injunction against American Express's continued use of the "My life. My card," campaign..

Also found this blog post splinteredchannels: American Express Sued Over "My Life, My Card," Represents Bigger Problems Than A Lawsuit and a DIGG link.


Free screening of One Show winners in NYC

If you'll be in NYC on Monday, September 25th, consider stopping by the Regal Union Square movie theater for a free screening of the One Show winning commercials.


Sales Guys get frustrated over Alltel in new ad campaign

Campbell-Ewald is launching a fully integrated advertising campaign to support Alltel's My Circle feature. The new campaign, called "Sales Guys," is an evolution of the popular "Icon" ads from earlier this year. Superadgrunts, click on the screenshot below to view the new spot.

"Sales Guys" represent four of Alltel's competitors who come together out of their frustration over the success of "My Circle." The campaign begins with traditional television, radio and print as well as event marketing, Hispanic advertising and interactive elements including online advertising and Webisodes.


New PSA says C isn't for Cookie - it's for Choices

The Cookie Monster would have you believe that "C is for Cookie." Cecil the Seal, however, will have you believing otherwise. The blue mascot is part of a new PSA campaign created by Cactus for Colorado's State Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership (STEPP), which drives home the importance of choices to today's youth.

The two PSAs, directed by Jim Hosking of Biscuit and edited by Carlos Arias of Final Cut, direct kids to the website and feature the tagline, "C is for Choices."


Link Lust: Space Age Link Song

Yahoo! launches new spots from their ad campaign on where else...Yahoo! Video.

Mack Simspon of Adverb points us to a powerful piece of print from Amnesty International/Chile.


Asa Bailey the one trick pony?

Y'all probably recall the old Ogivy hijack where Asa Bailey viral ad agency secured the domain - see these articles to refresh your memory: Ogilvy London Hijacked, Ogilvy London Hijacked - Part II and my post "ASABAILEY Ogilvy stunt jumps the shark twice over".

Left / red wins / Dabitch demonstrates
Blue / Right wins / Dabitch demonstrates

A poster that works no matter who gets elected

Down in Malmö, Sweden I found this poster for the regional newspaper Sydsvenskan that works up until and after the election - no matter who won, or who you wanted to win.

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