This week, we talk with Gareth Kay, Director of Brand Strategy at Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. Gareth serves on the board of the VCU Brandcenter, and is a co-founder of the non-profit ‘Planning For Good’, a virtual entity that harnesses the collective intelligence and amazing minds of planners around the world to help address the business and communication challenges of non-profits. He sits on the Google Creative Leadership Council where he is the only 'non-creative'. Let's get to know him, shall we?

1. What's your favorite funny story about yourself?
My first boss was Nick Beggs. The bass player from kajagoogoo.

2. What piece of art (movie, book, music, painting, etc) has influenced you most? How or why?

How would you feel if you're minding your own business, and then suddenly death calls you stating: "Death can catch you anywhere, even at the Organic" - while you're at the Organic? Pretty wigged out, right? Those stalked by death took it well though, and the Facebook app that allows you to record a message only to be heard once you're actually dead took off.

'IF i DIE', is a unique Facebook application that enables people to leave a message that will only be published after they die. Since nobody thinks they will die anytime soon, In order to encourage people to use this app, we had to remind them that death can catch them anywhere, anytime, and that they’d better leave a message before it was too late.


The Grid - Chalk Art Project

City-wide art project launches The Grid, Toronto’s newest magazine.

TORONTO (May 12, 2011) Torontonians awoke Thursday morning to a more connected city courtesy of The Grid, Toronto’s new weekly city magazine, and Rethink Canada.

Late Wednesday night, dozens of artists descended on Toronto’s streets to create a colossal cross-city art piece. The designs are created with non-permanent environmentally friendly chalk and depict The Grid’s visceral connection to the urban landscape and its populace. The effort is part of Rethink Canada’s launch campaign for The Grid, which also includes print, digital, out of home, and social media.

Just look at that disapproving face. Portfolio Night 9 is coming up and to do a dry run, portfolios were critiqued.... by Moms. Well played, Portfolionight.

In preparation for Portfolio Night 9, we talked to moms about advertising. And filmed it. The resulting video is totally unscripted. And totally hot. Just kidding. Over to you, Mom.

Tickets are still available for the May 26 event. Visit And give Mom a hug.