Youthography tells teens to Make Your Escape in new 4-H ads

Yesterday Youthography launched "Make Your Escape", a national recruitment ad campaign for 4-H in Canada. The Web site, and, launched Friday to encourage rural youth to join 4-H. The Web site will be supported by a national advertising campaign with print ads in The Magazine, Verve, Fuel, Famous Kids, and SBC Skateboard magazines in February and March as well as online advertising on,,,,, and

"4-H members told us that the pre-conceived notions that 4-H was just all about 'sheep and goats' was the biggest problem the brand faced and they wanted to ensure that the campaign played on the social importance of the club" says Youthography Creative Director, Sean Claessen. "The Make Your Escape campaign featured actual 4-H members
as they escaped from their dull parental environment, using other skills that 4-H programs can teach them. We wanted to corrupt some of those expectations people have about 4-H."

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More "pregverts", now for superbowl ads

Pregnant Belly AdspaceJennifer Gordon is

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New York Times looks at Super Bowls past

So, we're in the new york times. Kinda. Sixteen of our old super bowl commercials are anyway - see The Super Ad bowl where the NYT has done a little graphing to see what type of ad was most common each year, while showing at least one ad from every year since 1984. Sixteen of the 23 years ads were supplied by us from the 35 year strong Super Bowl ad collection a.k.a the Claymore project, and if you click more inside you can go straight to the Quicktime versions here if you prefer that to their nifty flash graphic serving. Stuart Elliot's article Colts and Bears and Kevin Federline goes with the graph.


New York Times looks at Super Bowls past - source: Adland

Our wee link in New York Times.


Altoids Chocolate Website

I saw a banner for this site and I always love Altoids web work (I think it is WDDG, though Hal Riney just won the account). This is a wonderfully creative use of flash and a fantastically unique concept. There is something hilarious about reading what others put in their e-cards -- Altoids encourages delightfully "negative" love greetings -- I guess they are positioning their new product as the anti-chocolate.

Great work and a must visit site by this iconic brand. Interesting to note that they plan to allow people to deliver these greetings through banner ads. I am not sure how they will do that, but it sounds really interesting.

- MJax


Fundacion Ilusiones - Music Therapy (2007) Print (Spain)

Fundación Ilusiones is a organization that makes the dreams of unhealthy children come true. On of the many projects, that Fundación Ilusiones has recently carried through, is to bring music to the children's hospital in Spain. A therapy that helps through music children to overcome terrible illness. A very positive graphic even though approaches a real drama.

The following ads were created by Deny Zatariano and Emma Piquer at Contrapunto BBDO Barcelona.

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Garmin and Fallon Create Sci-Fi-Inspired Ad and Music Video

Garmin International will be airing its first Super Bowl commercial this year with the help of Fallon, who also created the "Give a Garmin" spots "Shopping" and "Lost" that ran during the holiday season. The spot will air half way through the second quarter. The theme of the commercial is "Grab your Garmin, Take on the World" and is executed in a 1960s-style sci-fi piece with quirky low-tech production treatment in contrast typical complex computer effects.


Super Bowl XLI Commerical Spoiler Alert - Last Update

Alright gang, you know the drill. This is the last update to the Super Bowl commercial spoiler alert we'll be posting before Sunday's game. If there are any big announcements between now and then, we'll post them either as an update to this post or as a separate post. Of course, as usual, on Sunday the ads go up in the Claymore Project, along with reviews and commentary.

Super Bowl Commercials!

As always, if you'd rather be surprised, don't read on.

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Sound of Music vs. Grease


She's a superfreak, superfreak.

In honor of superbowl sunday, adfreak are really freaking out and will host a superadfreak. Say that ten freaking times fast.