The power of color

On, Ruth Mortimer discusses the power of colour in relation to choices consumers make, how they percieve brands, how color translates through varied cultures and how brand can protect the impact of "owning a color".

Starbucks green. Coca Cola red. UPS brown. Each brand has it's own identifable color. Recently, when new Economist billboards in London only had a picture of Brains from The Thunderbirds there was a consensus that people would know the brand just from their well known red background. There have been cases of brands going to court and suing over a competitor's using similar colors. Drug manufactures have been embracing color as a way to distinguish themselves- Prilosec purple, Viagra blue, and Prozac green. And there are a growing number of companies like Pantone which are specialize in creating corporate color identity and product color programs.


AICP Show in Winston-Salem on 10/21...

You folks are encouraged to attend this fifth annual regional screening of the AICP Show, The Art & Technique of the American Television Commercial, which strives to inspire and recognize the pursuit of excellence in the art and craft of commercial production. Admission is $40 per person.
The cash-bar cocktail reception will begin at 5:30pm and the screening will begin promptly at 7:30pm. The venue, the North Carolina School of the Arts, is located at 1533 S. Main Street, Winston-Salem, about a mile south of Old Salem.
The School is accessible by Interstate 40 (which connects to Interstates 77, 85 and 95 in North Carolina) and U.S. 52, and is 20 minutes away from Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro. Driving directions are available at this link.


The mystery of bulge under President's coat solved

Jo Ito has found an mage that seems to solve the mystery of that bulge under the presidents coat. it might be an ipod. Right!
Interesting debate in the comments ensue, not about the iPod spoof but about the copyright in cases where you can't find the author, creative commons et al. You should check it out. The image seems to have appeared at Happy Go Larry previously (October 13th).


New PR and marketing portal launched is a new knowledge-sharing portal built and supported by communication leaders, associations, schools and businesses. Their goal is to help improve organizational and human communication by giving Communications, PR and Marketing professionals instant access to expert-led knowledge communities, learning events, resources, associations, schools and businesses. Membership is free in the 'startup phase'.


Super Bowl 2005 ad space already bought

A-B has already purchased 5 minutes of Super Bowl ad time as of October 11th.

With a $2.4 million to $2.5 million asking price for a 30-second spot, A-B may have already committed $24 million to $25 million for Super Bowl ads. So far, Fox has sold about 65 percent of its ad time for the Feb. 6 game. Other reported buyers include PepsiCo, Ford Motor Co., Universal Pictures, Buena Vista Pictures and

Esure ad director dishes dirt, man advertises for strippers, RSS with ads?

Michael Winner who directed those Esure adverts delivered a blistering attack on the adworld in Campaign Creative Conferance last night. He accused the industry of having "its head so far up its own bottom that it only sees daylight if it opens its mouth". more at the Telegraph


Nikes new zvedocha shoe, like something from outer space

The designer Marc Newson has collaborated with Nike and created a shoe inspired by sputnik and named after the first dog in space - Zvezdochka. Being hunted has a series of images of the spacy shoe. What kind of crazy creative do you think they will do to sell this, do they even need to? With a look like that it might just sell itself.


Link lust - todays gossip Destino, Husband billboards and Audrey Davis.

Woman advertises for Husband on a huge Billboard. A Chinese-Australian woman has taken out a giant billboard in a busy part of Sydney to advertise for a husband. "If you can put up a sign advertising Coca Cola, why not write one about a husband?" she said. Good point, miss. Heck if Blaire can do a website called Marry why not a billboard?

Audrey Davis, the creative director of Maisonneuve Magazine is interviewed at Blogfonk

Back in 1946 Salvador Dali and Walt Disney collaborated to create a short animated film called Destino, it was finished finished 57 years later by Roy Disney using Dali's storyboards. Those who think this is a combo to die for should head over to NPR where they can see to realmedia clips of Destino. Disney is planning to release a DVD with a documentary that tells the whole story.


Crispin Porter and Bogusky chickenfight.

Yet another game of chicken from CP+B, as Claymore noted called chickenfight "...because not even CP+B would dare call it cockfighting". If you have a camera and microphone attached to your computer you can even control the chicken by screaming "peck"! Lacking a mike old fashioned mouse-control is an option. The dirtier you fight, the more likely it is that you win.


John Hegarty weighs in on virals.

John Hegarty speaks about viral ads in the Guardian.
The trouble with viral campaigns
- the net is a bordless world, but people live in countries. What is in danger of being lost in the viral world is the value of context.

Yet this is what the viral world is in danger of missing. Will we have to develop a different set of communication skills to cope with a lack of context? Almost certainly. If, however, as a medium it just relies on shock to get its "click through", we soon find, as that poor cat did, that it will fall out of sympathy. Brand building is not just about recognition and notoriety, it is about building empathy and respect. I'm not sure you can just shock somebody into that point of view.