Ford Mustang - Cornfield Steve McQueen (2004) - 0:90 (USA)

Ford Mustang - Cornfield Steve McQueen (2004) - 0:90  (USA)

Dead celeb drives car. If you build it they will race?


Design Interact : Insights

Technically, this isn't really about us.... But adgrunt Phil Gillman from Peel Interactive talks about AdLand in an interview with him over at CommArts Design Interact pages. Since we're fans of Phil, it went straight to our heads until they subsequently exploded, causing a really yucky keyboard mess and the arrow keys haven't been the same since... Anyway, we must share. Can you tell we're blushing?


Quad and Publicis Paris sell cell phones with Bad Boys

The bad boys are back in town. Two quirky french fellas in the latest SFR campaign are on their worst behavior in three 60-second commercials. Don't miss these three ads, they made me laugh out loud.

First up, one of the guys gets to play Doctor....
SFR - Doctor


US FDA Tells Pfizer to Pull 'Wild Thing' Viagra Ads

Claymore quipped: FDA: "Wild Thing, I think I banned you!"...
This ad probably has, due to FDAs late reaction, pulled in quite a few new customers already.

Yeah, THAT guy.....

the FDA said Pfizer implied that the male seen in the ads had returned to a previous level of sexual desire and activity.
US FDA Tells Pfizer to Pull 'Wild Thing' Viagra Ads
"FDA is not aware of substantial evidence or substantial clinical experience demonstrating this benefit for patients who take Viagra,"

The diabolic Diebold campaign

Leslie has stumbled upon a campaign of spoof ads for Diebold that are pretty amusing. Rand Careaga made these spoofs, starting with the lovely Stalin image and quote. After two days of ideabusting Rand is pretty much done, but you might have more ideas?
Tlevitz has already suggested some copy corrections; I'd take my red pen to the word 'can' in "We can deliver the vote." And add Ohio between The and Vote ... in crude red handlettering.. If this was your brief, and you had to follow Bernbachian rules of speaking the truth, what would you do?


Donny Commemorative Plate

Gareth Kay, an ad planner over at Modernista!, has a web blog with a brilliant entry about Donny Deutsch, "The cult of personality."

But the reason for posting this today is my friend has just discovered this picture of a commemorative plate that Donny had made for himself. Quite possibly one of the funniest things I've ever seen - and it's a real thing, not a photoshop joke. It's also pretty scary seeing he is the public face of US advertising.

Click on the link to see the plate. Donny might be able to make some extra cash by selling these plates to skeet shooting adgrunts. ;)


Advertisers that are quoted in UK press need to do their homework

I don't know if epolitix is anything more than a glorified tabloid but there was a quote in it today in regards to that old junk food ads aimed at children might get banned story that set off my nitpick-gene, and I just have to scratch it.

Advertisers say a ban will have no positive benefit pointing to Sweden which has the same levels of obesity despite a long-standing prohibition.

Why am I finding so many things wrong with this quote?

Do you care who Brock Savage is?

Glenfiddich has a new campaign running in the US featuring an imaginary man named "Brock Savage". Who is this man of mystery? And more importantly why should we care who he is? In the November 11th issue of Print Critic, Mark Teasdale, SVP-marketing of William Grant & Sons said, "There are 30-plus single malts sold in the U.S. with a name beginning with 'Glen.' This campaign simplifies it all for consumers, especially those ordering Glenfiddich for the first time."

But what does it simplify? Apart from trying to get people to order a "Fiddich", what does this campaign say about the whisky? Is creating such a character an effective way to stand apart in the realm of whisky and alcohol advertising?


Frontline: the Persuaders

The The Persuaders from PBS Frontline is now available to watch online. 90 minutes in either RealPlayer or Windows media format.

In "The Persuaders," FRONTLINE explores how the cultures of marketing and advertising have come to influence not only what Americans buy, but also how they view themselves and the world around them. The 90-minute documentary draws on a range of experts and observers of the advertising/marketing world, to examine how, in the words of one on-camera commentator, "the principal of democracy yields to the practice of demography," as highly customized messages are delivered to a smaller segment of the market.

They also have a page of links to articles and things mentioned in the show.

General Motors Launches Interactive Video Campaign

GM’s Chevrolet division is launching “Chevy Live”, a full-screen, DVD-quality interactive video application (called a “channel”) that will be the centerpiece of an ongoing campaign for Chevy’s broadband customers. Created by Campbell-Ewald, Chevy Live is available now at

The Chevy Live channel amplifies Chevrolet’s existing American Revolution campaign and will launch with special footage from the Country Music Awards that were held on November 9, 2004.