Product placement invades kids films, and blogs

Product placement is the latest recently revived rave, which has actually been going on since forever but regaining popularity now. (No, the reeses in E.T. were not the first instance of it, rather the Gordons Gin in African Queen was). Even bloggers can do product placement these days, bloggers are already getting paid to blog about Marqui. Not wanting to miss out on a cash cow, I mean a good thing(tm), Deutsch has formed a product placement unit which will "provide more strategic product placement for our clients and reflects Deutsch's results-based orientation performance that is measurable and accountable".

The childrens movie A Series of unfortunate events, has a suprise cameo of the AFLAC duck, and will also be featured in a series of ads for the movie. Director Brad Silberling sought out the insurance company mascot as a comic releif device in the movie. He won't be shouting his trademark "AFLAC!" in the film, but the insurance company has agreed to spend $5 million to promote the film. We didn't know kids were target market for insurance. ;) Probably the parents who watch it with their kids are, but still.


Rumours of advertising's death 'vastly exaggerated'

"Oxford Univer"Oxford University's new professor of marketing has rubbished claims that product placement and advertiser-created entertainment programmes are the future of advertising"

Here's why: link »


Anti pop-up ad T-shirt xmas gift.

Brandsuicide, the people who hate intrusive pop-ups and layover ads rabidly have created a T-shirt for all of us who agree. If you want to be really evil for xmas, buy this for a friend who is stuck at a job designing pop-ups - that is what I'm going to do. The reason santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls like me live.


Justin Kirby sheds light on difference between viral and deception.

Hello world, Dab here, I'm talking to Justin Kirby of the VBMA, sipping absinth at the Carlton hotel in Cannes. Ok, so I fibbed a little on the last bit - in reality we've just emailed. Let a girl dream.

DB: So Justin, what is Viral marketing vs what is word of mouth? (if you had to explain it to your mum)

JK: My Mum's doing a PhD (seriously and she's over 70) so how about what Dr Paul Marsden says:

Viral and Buzz: Spreading crafted advertising messages through consumer networks - either through media, ambient or online.
Word of Mouth: Accelerating, amplifying and measuring natural word of mouth recommendations.

He also says; Buzz, WOMM and viral are all the same - namely "network-enhanced word of mouth".

If you want to talk of nuances then;
... viral has tended to be used by those dealing with online networks
... buzz by those who exploit media networks (PR-ability)
... and WOMM by those who harness traditional social networks.

But it's all network-enhanced word of mouth. Simple!


Another viral entertaining site .. from CP+B

"Having trouble picking out gifts? Try Borders' Giftmixer3000 -- a talking computer, à la HAL from 2001, who is more than happy to help. Just another viral bon bon from -- need we say it -- Crispin Porter + Bogusky."

Link »


ASABAILEY Ogilvy stunt jumps the shark twice over

Adgrunt extraordinaire Caffeinegodess has like so many other ad bloggers, gotten a self promotional email from ASABAILEY.COM. They are flogging their prank the Ogilvy hijack yet again, this time they managed to get an interview in PR Week, looks like they're milking this stunt for ten times more than it's worth.
Seems ASABAILEY can't tell their arse from their elbow though, even online which should be their forté as Caffeinegoddess noted that they brag in the interview about their superior online placing skills saying "How did we get the Ogilvy & Mather out? We got someone independent to do it for us. They sent it to Ad Rants and blablabla. Right. It's plain to see that Cup of Java , TextURL , Researcher and a bunch more ad obsessed blogs with ad obsessed readers covered it on November 6, Adrants covered it Sunday the 7th.


Amazon Introduces the Future of Entertainment

Take a look at the new Amazon Theater.

Come witness the future of entertainment media. Don't pay too much attention to the content of these short films, unless it is to notice the (sometimes painfully obvious) product placement.


Advertising- all about numbers?

Aussie advertising agencies need self-promotion. Or so states this article. But there are a lot of points brought up that make me wonder if perhaps all advertising agencies might need to consider the same things.

Many agency executives say their industry is in crisis. And it is a crisis that has been created by new rivals such as management and marketing consultants, a constant squeeze on revenue and profits, and the dwindling importance of traditional advertising in most companies' marketing plans.

"The big difference between the business of advertising and the advertising business is that the former is dynamic, changing and has evolved in recent years, while the latter hasn't," said Paul Gardner, chairman of ad agency Grey Worldwide.

"What the ad industry needs to do is get back an identity and reassert itself in a changing dynamic without trying to hold on to what has been lost."

At the same time, direct mail, online and mobile-phone marketing, public relations and other marketing has continued to grow, reducing ad agencies' revenue.

And even on the creative level, it seems there's been a surgence of clients going to "hot shops" for projects rather than having their agency of record handle the project. What does it all mean? Are the agencies missing something besides profits?


Link lust - Lux dresses Sarah, fake reward posters try to sell movie.

"It's getting colder in Tel Aviv, apparently. Who knew?"
Sarah Jessica Parker poster advertisement for Lux gets more modest clothing after religious groups threatened boycott.

Gross promo #1 (Better late than never):
The poster of a girl bears a chilling message: REWARD for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the murder of Jessica Rogers.

But the posters are just an ad, for a movie. Parents of murdered children are not amused.

Gross promo #2:
The "Seed of Chucky" Sperm Bank...
Gross or Brilliant? Oh, I'm torn.... The condoms are funny though.

Adfreak (Adweeks Blog, not to be confused with *AdFreaks) tells the story of HSBC's email server censorship. Amusing. My nomination for prudest mailserver in the world however, goes to BBDO Detroit which has a problem with the phrase "the pen is mightier than the sword".


When Creatives Go Stupid

We keep hearing in the United States how much radical Islam hates our culture and how it's poisoning the world. To some extent, I could see where they were coming from. We've pushed the envelope pretty far sometimes. Some people think that's a good thing, of course. Freedom of expression and all that. But poison? I didn't think so.

But now comes JFK Reloaded and I'm beginning to smell the hemlock. My question is this. Are there such places as creative no-fly-zones? I think there should be. But obviously, not everyone agrees. Art should know no bounds, it's argued. The creative mind must be free to wander at will into every dark and dangerous cranny of the human experience.