Ad students clever ploy for free media: a demonstration

With all the ad creep going on, it was bound to happen, the next generation of ad men and women are outdoing themselves in order to get attention.Resume reports that students from Stockholms school of advertising Bergs have 'invented' a new free media for advertising - the legal right to demonstrate. Calling themselves the "Berghs Embassy of Communication" they applied for the right to demonstrate and then pranced around Stockholm - with a police escort - to holler "No mess, Svea Kebab" and "we only sell what we eat - Svea Kebab!".
The police stopped traffic on several major roads in Stockholm, Sveavägen, Hamngatan and Kungsgatan, just to let the "demonstrators" through. Svea Kebab's owner Mustafa Bakirdan is of course very pleased with the attention they got.

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Tivo - skipping ahead to the ads.

Finally the true potential of TiVo is being realised as the Wall Street Journal reports that one can now skip to the commercials, rather than past them. Sadly, this feature called "Product Watch" won't be airing the regular ad offering.


The adventures of the Oozinator!

A new toy has hit the market - the Oozinator. Any resemblance to acual bukkake is purely accidental. Or so they say. The Hasbro commercial skyrocketed to cult status last week and was even aired on The Soup this weekend.

Seems Hasbro pulled the ad from their website this weekend, it was here (under "watch it") but is no more. Perhaps because so many blogs linked to the "bukkake gun" - see google search.

But of course, a toy with which you can "sneak up on your opponents with a surprise Oozinator bio-ooze attack!" is just too good, so naturally, words and pictures the ad-comic, had to mock it as well. Somewhere some Hasbro suits are hiding their heads and hoping it will all go away.....


People dancing in shapes, times two, BT vs Het Nieuwsblad.

Sqaure eyed super adgrunts and other adnerds probably recall last years BT advert "talk talk" where people seen from above dance into different shapes, such as a rolling pram, a couple of children and a heart pierced by an arrow. Re-see it here at chiadvertising.

Seems that the crew who can dance like this have a great agent, because we found another ad where they do the same thing thanks to a friendly adnerd named Joost. Talk Talk 'shapes' shameless copy inside.


Rich Jerk - Truth in Infomercial

There are a ton of infomercials out there, but at least this guy's honest.


Strange AXE shower gel ad from Belgium


McDonald's peels the fat off tips us to an unusual McDonalds ad created by Leo Burnett, Turkey. Unusual execution, showing the slimmer side of McD. (More ad inside).

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ihaveanidea's Portfolio Night 2006

ihaveanidea's Portfolio Night took place on Thursday night in nine cities throughout Canada and the US. It was a chance for budding creatives to get their work in front of some of the most renowned Creative Directors in the areas.

The event simultaneously took place in Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. CDs particpated from top agencies like Goodby Silverstein & Partners, McCann, TBWA/Chiat Day, StrawberryFrog, Butler Shine Stern & Partners, Modernista!, Arnold Worldwide, Ogilvy & Mather, BBDO, Mullen, BBH, DDB, Leo Burnett, JWT, Publicis, WAX, Republik pubicite+design, Rethink, Saatch & Saatchi, and Change Advertising among many many others.


Philips wants you to shave everywhere

Recently Philips came out with a new microsite for their Norelco Bodygroom. Last June Dabitch pointed to in "It takes balls to sell un-hairy men" which looked at two print ads, one was for this product. Now, in addition to their on site section for the Bodygroom, they have put out Shave Everywhere. Hosted by a man in a bathrobe, the microsite features demonstrations using bush trimming, a music video that's an "ode to Bodygroom", and an explaination of how shaving "down there" will make your doodle look larger. The music video had been on youtube but it now says the user took it down. Read more for screenshots inside.


Update on Maine Blogger suit: withdrawn.

"UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER BY NY AD AGENCY IN MAINE BLOGGER CASE" boasts the Media Bloggers Association press release.

The decision to withdraw the lawsuit comes on the heels of a withering media campaign orchestrated by the Media Bloggers Association on behalf of MBA Member Lance Dutson. Hundreds of bloggers responded to the MBA's call to arms and were joined by media outlets around the world in highlighting the heavy-handed tactics of the state contractor.