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Zombies, Gremlins, Mexican wrestlers - have we got the car for you. There's method to the madness, as each character represents a different Civic.

* The Urban Woodsman, Jack, lives in the city but is at home in the woods. He likes his Hybrid for its great fuel efficiency, which comes in handy on his many trips to the great outdoors.

* The Zombie, Mitch, is a salesman who's into high-tech gadgets. His Civic Sedan is loaded with options like Bluetooth HandsFreeLink and navigation system with FM Traffic.

* The Monster, Teeny, is a bubbly and studious college coed. Her practical nature and frugal budget align with the fuel-efficient HF model.

Old Spice Danger Zone - Jungle Wilderness - (2011) :30

"You smell like you look ama.." "Amazing, I know"

The Old Spice Dange Zone "jungle Wilderness" ad brings our hero through piranha-infested waters, gator-swamps, trafficated jungle roads, and trees full of jungle snakes. Of course this does not stop him, even if he's picked clean to the bone below the belt (lacking that bit of anatomy one might want to use when getting lucky with the ladies, I'll note... Yes, I went there.)

Nissan Billboard spews exhaust outside New York Auto Show Javits Center

Don't worry kids, the smoke coming out of that billboard sized exhaust pipe is environmentally friendly party-smoke.

TBWA\Chiat\Day LA and Nissan have created a strategically placed, spectacular outdoor board directly outside the New York Auto Show. One side of the board has a working tailpipe that spews exhaust into the air and a headline that points to the 1000+ cars in the auto show that come with them. The other side points to the zero tailpipe, 100% electric Leaf further validating the vision of sustainable mobility that Nissan wants to offer customers around the world.

Advertisers Without Borders Campaign (Argentina-Malaysia)

The International Network Advertisers Without Borders, founded by Guillermo Caro (Argentina) in 2002 has had the initial support of Neil French and David Droga, among others, will launch its global campaign "Hero" produced by a team of committed professionals (see specifications below .) The campaign goal is to add new advertising professionals and engage them as volunteers to donate at least a year campaign for a social cause that improves the quality of life of the community. In this way, seeks to multiply the impact and generate large changes in local, regional and global, as are the social problems can be solved or opportunities you wish to propose changes, so we can all live in a better world. We have a dream and if you're reading this because you are part. Join the network entering ( and forwards this information to other colleagues who believe, like you, that advertising achieves the impossible.

There's a new ad-network in town, and it's called Adscaptcha. Recognising that site owners have grown increasingly tired of spam, and more than ever are using captcha and third-party tools to cull the onslaught Adscaptcha has created a spam-check that displays ads, and forces the would-be spammer to type the latest deal being advertised through them. How very clever.

I decided to try it out, to see how it works. As you know we've closed for anonymous comments years ago, not because ad-sites attract the worst of mean comments from advertising professionals, but because spammers love adland. There's commercials for Viagra here, there are Lotto keywords, every shoe brand you can think of, and every keyword you can think of. Whenever I open for anonymous comments, I spend hours deleting spam, no matter if I try different captchas, moderation, or a combo of both.

I set up Adscaptcha yesterday, and found we've received anon comments around 30 minutes after it was in place. It was a valid comment, neat! It wasn't until the fifth anonymous comment that a link-spammer appeared. Still, that's not so bad, as now I'm (sorta) getting paid for deleting the spammy comments. Well, it's not a fortune, clearly, but not a bad idea. I predict this will take off.