Battle of the Brews

The NYPost says "the beer war between Miller Lite and Bud is getting ugly. Getting? It has been for most of 2004. (See Catfight between Miller and AB, Miller and Bud are at it again, and Taste and Flavor vs. Freshness.) So what's this latest hub-bub all about? Apparently Miller Lite's latest spots. They show actors as former Bud Light fans talking thorough a bullhorn at an AB building- claiming that they liked the Miller taste better. AB filed a complaint with the 4 major networks. Both CBS and NBC have pulled the Miller Lite ads, "saying the spots were unfair to Bud Light. NBC said that commercial "unfairly disparaged Anheuser-Busch by claiming that the Bud delivery man was 'hiding something.'"


The Year in Review on The Advertising Show

A Special Year in Review Show from Advertising and TV Experts, Scott Donaton and Alex Ben Block!

Hear Scott Donaton, editor of Advertising Age Magazine, explain how there’s been a death in mass marketing and how product placement has been an important marketing component this year. Scott oversees the editorial strategy and operations of the weekly publication, Advertising Age, and He also founded and manages the editorial direction of Advertising Age’s Madison & Vine initiative as well as writing the book, “Madison & Vine,” which discusses changes in the traditional business model where the consumer has the power over the product.


Christmas Card Emulation

From the land of the ice and snow (North Dakota in this case), comes the latest last-minute semi-annual (don't ask) Christmas card from Kranzler Kingsley. Erik Hagen and Adland's very own Clayton T. Claymore decided to go old school this year, so they broke out the whiskey and their crusted-over technical pens and went to town. A scan of the results can be found here.


Winners of 2004 CA Ad Annual and Book Smarts Books

Hello all and thank you for participating in our contests!

Winners of the 2004 CA Ad Annual (posters names were drawn out of a hat) are: Andreas-Udd, Alec, and deep.ed.
UPDATE: Andreas- Udd (already owning a copy of the annual) has graciously asked us to pick another name. Thank you all for playing and sharing your favorite ads.

Winners of Book Smarts Books:
Based on originality, insight, how close they were to the Book Smarts tone of voice (research), a set of books goes to...

by slydecix
You can trademark anything.™

by tomatosoup
What I really want to do is direct.


Congrats to the winners!


AdLand Round Up 2004- Marketing, Controversies, Badland and more

From innovation to scandal, if it happened in advertising, we've probably got it mentioned here. Take a trip down memory lane and see if you can remember some of these exciting events.

(All commercials that require SuperAdGruntdom are marked with a "+")


AdLand Round Up 2004- The Ads

Break out the popcorn or holiday cookies and get ready to enjoy some ads. We've rounded up the best, worst and some just plain strange ads. You must be a SuperAdGrunt to be able to view the commercials. All ads that require SuperAdGruntdom have a "+". Enjoy!


AdLand Round Up 2004- The Year In Review

Toodle-pipski 2004. Bonjour 2005.

2004. What a year. In the US, advertising saw more than it's necessary share of presidental-esque concepts for the likes of Snickers, Miller, Net Zero and others. There was the Superbowl and the infamous halftime wardrobe malfunction. Olympic madness came and went.


It's that time of year again - here comes the AdLand roundup.

Oh yes, it's the season for lists, lists and yet more lists. Our roundup is set to be even longer than last years (part 1, part 2). To chop it up into smaller, easier digestible parts, I'll start with our adland-centric bestest and mostest title-winners. Read more, you might be mentioned.


More caroling from ad agencies, Porkpies greatest hits

Not to be outdone by Publicis, Porkpie Hat go on a caroling quest of their own. Interrupted only by the drejdel song, which reminds me that there is a Hey Ya Hannukah flash film out there, sung by Eric Schwartz.


Glossing over evil on Comedy Central

Comedy Central has somehow managed to rope in Ernest Lupinacci in an episode called "glossing over evil". Watch it here if you are equipped with Windows Media Player.
Don't know Ernest Lupinacci work? Have you not seen Shatner in the priceline commercials?