More Grand Prix Winners From Cannes 2006

Grand Prix for Press went to FCB Johannesburg for a newspaper ad for Lego entitled "Periscope".


Adlands Cannes Film Shortlist - who will win?

Contenders, start your engines - adgrunts, place your bets. What commercial will take home the Grand Prix?
To refresh your memory, links&screendumps to some of last years greatest ads inside. It's our shortlist - all the ads are on the real lions shortlist. Follow me!


No more Owen = No more Northen Rock ads.

My bad juju-vibes sent Michael Owen off the field two minutes into the match against Sweden (or perhaps it was just bad luck and nothing to do with me decapitating chickens and dancing naked smeared in their blood) - as he twisted his knee really nasty and was sent off the field. No more Owen in the cup.
Read more for the really unfortunate ad placement of the week.

Northern Rock has had Owen in their ad campaign, and featured featured him wrapped in the England flag alongside slogans such as "One of ours over there" and "Can we have him back in one piece please?". Well, the latter is a rather unfortunate headline - and inside is a rather unfortunate placement of the ad.


I pooted! Clowns hate tangelos.

Strange billboards have been mushrooming around the highways and byways of the mideast USA - like this example:

Photo by Michael™ - cc license

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Amnesty International ads from Denmark won bronze lion

The Amnesty ads we showed you on Monday which were created by Jesper hansen, Olga Bastian and Jesper Isholm from BBDO in Copenhagen won a bronze lion in the press category. Congratulations guys - more press winners to follow tomorrow. See these ads inside.


Nike Rooney Ad Causes Uproar

W+K London have created this advert for Nike. It is up as a poster along the M4 and has also run in a few UK newspapers. Brand Republic reports that MPs and religious groups are not amused.


Cannes 2006 Grand Prix Winners (so far)

For those of you who were sad that the LynxJet by Universal McCann, Sydney didn't win Grand Prix for Direct, you'll be happy to know that it did win Grand Prix for Media Lions. It was awarded for best use of mixed media. The campaign was launched in two distinct phases. First the myth of the LynxJet was created with viral and gals who walked around promoting the airline. Then the myth was played into with a website, mobile 'Mile High Club' lounge, and spoofing traditional airline ads.


Coolz0r solves Asian football babes mystery

If you read more than one ad blog for breakfast you've probably stumbled onto the mysterious Asian Socces babes. Steve at adrants asked for help translating the Belgian site where he had found them, but sadly that left little clue as where the images came from and what they were advertising - if anything.


BBC News: Sponsor police guard World Cup brands.

Guerilla marketers gets ambushed at the World Cup.

Up to 1,000 Dutch fans watched their side play Ivory Coast in their underpants on Friday after they were denied entry to Stuttgart's stadium for wearing orange trousers with the name of a Dutch brewery which was not an official sponsor.

Faced with missing the game or ditching their orange lederhosen - given away by the brewery - they made the obvious choice.


Cannes Lions winners - Lions direct 2006.

Finally, after all that nailbiting we know who won what. Inside a few of the lions direct winners. No, the Lynx stewardesses didn't get the grand prix.