Skittles today: all facebook, all the time. Skittles tomorrow : Wikipedia?

Even though I did say on Monday that "Skittles learns the hard way that social media can not be tamed", I do not subscribe to Mashable's theory which reckoned that "Skittles Swaps Homepage from Twitter Search to Facebook Page" because of the bad Skittles jokes that were filling the search stream.

No, I think Skittles are doing the full Modernista! instead of the full Monty and we can expect to see Twitter's logo float on top of any other user generated website tomorrow. Currently taking bets on Wikipedia 20:1, Youtube search 10:1.


Christina Aguilera's perfume launch - Hangers - ambient, Israel

Ad agency Mizbala, in Tel-Aviv Yafo, Israel hung hangers all over town for a perfume launch - Hangers without any clothes on them, a nod to Suspect directed "Lace Tattoo" commercial used to launch the fragrance in the US and Europe. Not related to that other perfume "Christina Aguilera Signature Fragrance" launched later with a big bubble.

"We've recently launched an ambient campaign for Christina Aguilera's new perfume in Israel. Based on the concept: "Sometimes it's all you need to wear", Tens of thousands of quality clothes hangers, with a perfume sample and a branded Christina Aguilera label connected to each hanger, were hung in public locations all over the country."

hey! Free hangers!

Bonus, two minutes fourty of the hangers and people reactions to them in quicktime widescreen movie inside.


Spotify gets more ads, targeting based on your music habits.

NewMediaAge reports that "Spotify expands ad targeting as user numbers top 1m" and true targeting is revealed:

Daniel Ek, founder of Spotify, said he planned to build on its "above industry standard" click-through rates by allowing brands to buy ad space based on where users live and which tracks they listen to.

People getting wigged out about privacy issues in 4...3...2... Oh, who am I kidding - Spotify, like Google & Apple, can do no wrong in the eyes of their fans. Also, there's always the option of buying your way out of the ads with a subscription. Choice is good.

Will non-music related ads work in the all-music environment though? On that the jury is still out.

The COI, HMV, Nissan, Philips, Sainsbury's, Sony Pictures, Vodafone and Xbox are among the first brands to target Spotify's 250,000 UK users.

Dave Chase, head of music partnerships for Mindshare, said the start-up was rapidly heading for the mainstream. "We're at a point where it's becoming a more natural part of the conversation during client briefs. That's a good sign it's a sustainable model," he said.

Kevin Murphy, MD of Zed Media, which is about to launch a campaign on Spotify for Warner Music, said, "This is a very powerful direct-response add-on as it allows the attention-interest-desire-action model to be followed in minutes.

"As a direct-response medium for non-music brands, it will stand or fall on results," he added.


Canon Powershot - Human Statues - ambient, South Africa

DDB South Africa hired a couple of fun loving human statues to show off Canon Powershot’s image stabilizer. "We strategically placed the human statues close to camera shops and chose high action scenarios that would usually be photographed."


Canon Powershot - Human Statues - Case Study, South Africa

Canon Powershot - Human Statues - Case Study, South Africa

DDB South Africa hired a couple of fun loving human statues to show off Canon Powershot’s image stabilizer by being human statues around town, as ambient ads.


BC Dairy Foundation - Arm Wrestling - (2009) :30 (Canada)

BC Dairy Foundation - Arm Wrestling - (2009) :30 (Canada)

“The new Must Drink More Milk campaign has been positively received since it launched last June.


Olay - Peter Pan - print, Singapore

Peter pan knows what the secret to staying young is.... Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore
Link to Larger file.


Natural Resources Defense Council - Global Warming Hot Cup & Sleeve - ambient, USA

In New York they're currently decorating the disposable cup-sleeves with messages. For more environmental messages on cups check out the WWF hot water cup, and the Starbucks hot coffee desert cups.

Advertised brand: NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Advert title: "Global Warming-Hot Cup & Sleeve"
Headline and copy text: Protect yourself from global warming.
Advertising Agency: KNARF New York, USA

Agency website:
Creative Director: Frank Anselmo

Copywriters: Kevin Honegger, Stephen Minasvand
Art Directors: Stephen Minasvand, Kevin Honegger, Frank Anselmo

Photographer: Billy Siegrist
Short rationale: Hot cups & companion protective sleeves were distributed as a pair to illustrate the global issue. The NRDC (protective sleeve) protects you from global warming (hot cup).


INCH Trousers - Not ordinary

The days of the ordinary trousers are over. So over. They're rags now.


Kimberly-Clark U by Kotex - Beaver Overnights - (2009) :15 (Australia)

Kimberly-Clark U by Kotex - Beaver Overnights - (2009) :15 (Australia)

The beaver-pun is back.