The woman from steps behind a screen, removes all her clothes and steps into an empty brown box that she calls the ’BodyBox’. She then walks out into the the middle of the floor, and while filming her own body with a video camera which projects her filmed nude skin to a large screen on the wall, she explains; "I'm flexible. I adapt." . This happened yesterday at a career fair in Copenhagen reports Politiken.

The woman isn't really a consultant selling courses for 6000 DKK per twenty minutes, and plain brown boxes to wear at job interviews. It's performance art by Annika Britt Lewis, who wants us to reflect on the way we push people into boxes, to reshape ourselves to fit into a corporate view of how to be. Teenagers who attended the event weren't impressed;

"I think our generation is a little tired that everything has to be so extreme. Everyone tries to entice our interests with fake advertising or other events. I'm a quite tired that it all tries to be so provocative. If you have a message, why don't you just spit it out?

HBO is more.... What? Everything! Check out their site and the strange interactive story Art Heist, which you can choose to view from any angle. The "cube scenes" which play from multiple angles at once, reveal hidden events which require you to view the scene from all angles to get all the details, and move forward in the surprisingly layered plot. If you get lost, there's a "chart your progress" navigation button at the top of the screen.

Upskirt billboard

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv have applied to the Guinness Book of Records for having created the world's largest dress.
The 100 square meter garment appears on a huge billboard in Tel Aviv,
part of a campaign for a new fly-on-the-wall documentary, Connected.
The series follows the private lives of five different women, who document every detail of their daily routines with video cameras.
Wiewers can watch all of the footage live, 24 hours a day.
The 6-storey high wall billboard features the cast of the show in full size,
with the main character wearing the record-breaking dress, which reveals all to passersby below - just as the show promises to 'expose everything'.



Briefed with positioning the Moulinex Blender as 'the best food processor in the world',
and with a limited media budget, BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv created a unique radio campaign - specially 'mixed' by the advertised product.


Ad agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel
Chief creative officer: Yoram Levi

Creative director: Ben Sever

Scriptwriters: Ben Sever, Guy Gordon

Account director: Yael Ron

Account supervisor: Shlomit Kloger

Aired: September 2009, Tel Aviv

This started out as a joke. It was intended to be a parody, done in jest as a present for a local Episcopal Church that brands itself as the only Anglo-Catholic High Church parish in the Diocese of Alabama.

It went viral, both on the internet and radio.

Writer, producer, and voice talent: Mike McKenzie