Friday Fun: The top viral videos of 2008.

Lets start adland-Friday off a little lighter than my morning has been, shall we? The top viral videos of 2008 have been edited together by Videogum, watch out for the Obama RockRolling you've been warned. Viral in this context does not mean "advertising" but don't be surprised if a lot of viral ads do something they found in this lot next year.


Are you there God? It's me, Dabitch. Let the atheist's ads run, willya?

The mercury down in Oz are reporting a bit of a snafu for the Atheist ad campaign there.


Donny Deutsch caught in a lip-lock with hedge-fund managers wife, causes divorce.

Oopsie, Donny Donny Donny... Not having a great month are we Donny? First, his CNBC show "The Big Idea" was put on hiatus because we all know that when the economy goes bad people save on everything advertising (which is really the opposite of what they should do, and big ideas are not expensive, just rare). Now he's apparently been caught kissing someone elses wife - what he didn't know was that her husband had a private detective shadow her. Or so gossips page Six.

The private eye shadowed the attractive blonde until he was able to take surveillance photos of her kissing Deutsch, sources say. Sandler's lawyer, Stephen Gassman, filed for divorce in Nassau County last week and the complaint is said to name Deutsch as the third party.


Samsung CCTV - Wide angle / Flat heads / flat faces - print, Korea

Everyone who thinks this looks like the Sanyo Floating head system from 07 raise a hand!

Disregarding that, what a kickass poster campaign for wide-angle CCTV. Except it doesn't show you what the wide angle advertised does, because it likely isn't flattening peoples faces until they're unrecognisable. If it is, I'll buy another CCTV system, thanks very much, as the point of having one is to identify people.

Yeah yeah, I know, exaggerate the idea, I'm just saying this is a very unlikely approved one for CCTV. I may be wrong and there's CCTV magazine in Seoul that look like 90s Maxim, & billboards all over town enticing security companies with this visual feast. Sure. That can happen.


Boys, Girls - this is not a competition. Sexist ads are bad for everyone.

As noted already by adrants, Alex Leo (great name) has listed the Five Sexist Trends the Advertising World Just Can't Shake over at the Huffington Post.

Do check that article out, and watch how the comments immediately go straight into the usual arguing "but men are portrayed as doofuses/inept/helpless in advertising too" gender-war. It derails fast. You can practically play gender-stereotypes-in-advertising-arguing-bingo with the comments as the first thing I see is the Diet Coke women ogling men ad mentioned. BINGO! What do I win? Please let it be a red Ferrari.

Lets get one thing straight off the bat: two wrongs don't make a right - applying a negative behavior equally still does not justify the behavior. Stereotypes are bad all around - all of them. The women as object for the male gaze as well as the dad is a doofus are equally crap. Nobody wins. We clear on this?

Now, something really grates me when I see those comments rolling in - I've see them all before and filled in all my bingo-cards - every time someone writes an article about how sexist advertising can be against women, comments about how men are portrayed in ads take over the threads like Kudzu. Quelling a females complaints about the male oppression seen in ads, with "we get it too - I am also oppressed, boo HOO!" is just another way to silence women's critique of society and reinforce gender norms. You guys have problems BIGGER than mine, as usual. Ain't that grand?

You can practically set watches by this, someone writes about misogynist or sexist advertising and how it affects females, and some (presumably) men immediately jump in and complain about the dad-is-a-doofus stereotype they have to endure when watching advertising. See what you did there guys? You made it about men again. I can picture you at the breakfast table with yanking your little sisters hair yelling "But MooOOom, she started it!".


Forget Colour like no other - now Sony Bravia has motion like no other. I went to Italy to watch them shoot the commercial.

Above, Kaka with all eyes on him
The Sony Bravia-drome, the worlds largest zoetrope introduces motion like no other to the world and I was lucky enough to get to check it out for real down in Italy on Thursday night.

Mad men Kodak carousel presentation can now eat it's heart out as the "wheel of life" Zoetrope, a.k.a the 'Daedalum' ('the wheel of the devil) has been enlarged to a whopping 15 meters in diameter for Sony Bravia's presentation of their new motionflow technology to us potential buyers of all things TV. By the way, If you fancy you can build your own wee zoetrope while you curse the fact that you're not working on the Sony account.

The Sony Bravia Drome, as it's called, is officially the world largest zoetrope as the Guinness world record men were there to check the large structure - with an old fashioned tape measure. "We called up Guinness and told them that we were going to do this and asked them to check it for a world record, they responded 'how big?' and when we said 15 meters in diameter they replied 'oh dear, we need to get a new tape measure'" explained a Sony Germany rep whose name I never managed to catch over the loud party mingling. I now know it was Christian Luecke, General Manager, TV Marketing Europe Division, Sony Europe.

We, the invited press peeps, had been dragged around the cold city of Turin all day and were now rewarded with shiny TV company, a suave DJ and fingerfoods in a much warmer tent area as we could watch the commercial being shot just outside the large windows without freezing our arses off. Bless. The extras outside were huddling around the enourmous red lighted strucure, jumping and waving when the camera pointed their way like the audience doing the wave at a football stadium.

Why Italy? Why Turin? Or to be exact, why the smaller town of Venaria outside of Turin? Ben Cyzer, head of the Sony account at Fallon, explains: "Obviously the inspiration was the oldest form of motion, which is the zoetrope, and given now that we're moving to the latest technology in motion we took that inspiration and modernized it, and brought to life The Bravia Drome. It's really no more complicated than that. Like our previous Bravia ideas it requires simplicity and I think this is a very simple idea, dramatizing motion. It's in Turin because Kaká, in the middle of the season, obviously can not travel very far but also, the juxtaposing of the old classic square to the new modern zoetrope adds to the visual idea."

(Much more inside, kids - read on.)


Macys Thanksgiving day parade is the biggest Rickroll ever.

This is either Rickrolling jumping the shark or fantabolous cheez at its very best depending on who you ask. Pleasing to kids who love Foster's, moms who like harmless cartoons and everyone in on the rickroll joke (ie, us internet hipster folk who watch adult swim) at the same time. Plus, Rick gets to show off that he still has all that wavy hair and can belt out the notes and be cute just like in the eighties. Is it a freudian slip that the voice over guy pronounced "phenom" as feNOM?


Spamming Facebook costs $873 Million.

But not only that, Informationweek reports that the spammers in question are also banned from facebook. Facebook Wins $873 Million Judgment Against Spammer

U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel handed down the award last week following four months of litigation. In addition to the monetary judgment, the ruling prohibits the defendants, Adam Guerbuez and his company, Atlantis Blue Capital, from accessing Facebook for any reason or assisting others in doing so.

AP reports that Adam Guerbuez of Montreal has been "difficult to find since Facebook sued him four months ago." I bet he has been.

Facebook isn't just breeding ground for spam, but also "Koobface" worm, all sorts of phishing tricks and more recently Facebook IM spam is gaining grounds. How easy is it to become a fake friend on facebook, and then spam you? Turns out it's silly easy: Computerworld has step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Request to be "friends" with a dozen strangers on MySpace. Let's say half of them accept. Collect a list of all their friends.

Step 2: Go to Facebook and search for those six people. Let's say you find four of them also on Facebook. Request to be their friends on Facebook. All accept because you're already an established friend.

Step 3: Now compare the MySpace friends against the Facebook friends. Generate a list of people that are on MySpace but are not on Facebook. Grab the photos and profile data on those people from MySpace and use it to create false but convincing profiles on Facebook. Send "friend" requests to your victims on Facebook.

As a bonus, others who are friends of both your victims and your fake self will contact you to be friends and, of course, you'll accept. In fact, Facebook itself will suggest you as a friend to those people.

The irony here is the a lot of people use facebook instead of email, because email has been so polluted with spam that it's near useless these days. You can run, but you can't hide!


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Kewpie Tarako - Beach invasion - (2008) :30 (Japan)

Kewpie Tarako - Beach invasion - (2008) :30 (Japan)

Watch out, the beach is being invaded!


Kewpie Tarako - Dancing on dinner table - (2008) :15 (Japan)

Kewpie Tarako - Dancing on dinner table - (2008) :15 (Japan)

I'm making the exact same face as this girl right now.