The selling of September 11

Last year created a thought-provoking PSA that asked the question "How will you remember 9/11?":


Link Lust: Chapel of Link

LyleBailie International finds some of their old ads posted on Youtube, and ask youtube to remove their copyrighted works. Youtube complies, and Coolz0r
who uploaded said ads has a hissyfit about it. Aw.

Magink billlboards are the first to use a type of e-ink. (via metafilter)


Does KFC understand what a punch line is?

Back in February we reported on KFC's commercial with a hidden message that required viewers to use their DVRs or go to the KFC website to view the spot for the Cheesesnacker. According to Promo Magazine, the commercial reveals a "punch line" to the hidden joke in the ad, "What do you put on your sandwich during rush hour?" The first 1,000 correct submissions will get a coupon for a buck towards a free sandwich. Spots will begin airing on Sunday, or can be viewed now at the site.

"KFC has long been associated with fun times and laughter," said Scott Bergren, executive VP-marketing for KFC, in a statement.


Reginald Pike's Mark Gilbert helps BBDO show staring isn't polite

A new campaign for Fallsview Casino Resort/World Poker Tour was directed by Mark Gilbert of Reginald Pike for BBDO Toronto. The theme of the ads is that staring isn't polite unless you're at the World Poker Tour. Superadgrunts check them out.

Fallsview Casino Resort/World Poker Tour - Make Out (2006) 0:30 (Canada)

Fallsview Casino Resort/World Poker Tour - Mole (2006) 0:30 (Canada)

Fallsview Casino Resort/World Poker Tour - Urinal (2006) 0:30 (Canada)


Plum Production's Eric Saarinen helps Waste Management Think Green

Director Eric Saarinen of Plum Productions has helped ad agency Fogarty Klein Monroe create a new campaign for Waste Management.

"We had to visually convey the growing impact of Waste Management's efforts to recycle and renew environmental resources," explains Saarinen. "So we wanted sweeping aerial views of untouched forests, an allusion to the 41 million trees saved; breathtaking bird's-eye views to represent the company's respect for and connection to nature; and warm, heroic shots of a Waste Management truck driver who is an actual employee."


End of Game for Peugeot

Early last month a spot for Peugeot 407 began airing in Europe. From the press release sent in to us from the good folks at BETC Euro RSCG:

Other than a 2’’ sequence filmed in reality, the ad was a totally exceptional production: all elements were totally new creations except for the 407 itself which was worked graphically. All the elements were then processed in 3D. The director spent a long time with a professional car video game player in order to reproduce game moves that only very top drivers can achieve.

And I'm sure he enjoyed it. :)

Check out the ad below:
Peugeot 407 SW - End of Game (2006) 0:45 (France)


Exopolis puts you inside the world of The Black Dahlia

Creative design studio Exopolis has crafted a dark and atmospheric experience to capture the horror and mystery surrounding the bizarre murder of Elizabeth Short in 1947 for the upcoming movie The Black Dahila.

The site offers an 'experiential' track, allowing users to click on various locations from the film on a stylized map – which bring up a short video clip and dramatic key art to give users a sample of the world of The Black Dahlia.


Viral video pioneers go west

In true world wild web style, viral video pioneers DMC from London have gone west - to the United States. They've signed a video syndication joint venture with U.S.-based BoldMouth LLC, a marketing researching firm. A match made in heaven really, as DMC brings production skills and tracking to the table where Boldmouth can track the feedback and buzz.

The joint venture between DMC and BoldMouth forges the first viral video syndication network in both the US and Europe.


You can't swing a dead fad without hitting a WOM/Viral/Buzz Book.

"The irony of the Information Age is that it has given new respectability to uninformed opinion." veteran reporter John Lawton so famously quipped.


Viral marketing in social spheres

Jupiter Research have come out with a new paper Viral Marketing, Budgeting Beyond Social Media and everyone is talking about it as it promises a very viral future.
Emily Riley, analyst at Jupiter Research who wrote that paper explains that increased social activity online is responsible for the boost in viral marketing. "The viral effect that used to happen offline -word of mouth - is now exponentially easier and faster. What you end up having are things that spread very quickly across millions of people."
But do the numbers really add up? And what are we measuring exactly? The study said that viral marketers put 40% of their budget online which is double that of what online marketers put into online. Say what? How can online marketers not spend their entire budget online? Or to quote Cory Treffiletti from Mediapost
"I don't know about you, but I see an issue here. If 20 percent of marketers are planning on using viral efforts and just shy of 70 percent of consumers don't trust this kind of marketing, then approximately 80 percent of the companies surveyed are aware of the trouble with using viral marketing--and 30 percent of the consumers are lying."

But that is the trouble with statistics, if you torture the numbers long enough they'll admit to anything.