Fiat Brazil puts cars before trains

Back in 2006 Andre Kirkelis & Luis Catapano did this crazy stunt for Fiat Palio at Leo Burnett Sao Paulo.

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The One Show winners - highlight and media innovation

There were some interestings wins in the One Show, Mother took home a gold for a self-promotinal piece - The Uncarriable Carrier Bags. Don't worry, unlike some they actually do ads for clients as well.


What not to do...

Having delivered around 50 viral campaigns over the last five years, we've seen (and made) a fair few marketing mistakes on our way.

Based around this knowledge and know-how, we've developed a guide called "21 Common Mistakes" of what not to do when putting together a viral campaign.

These include:
2) Thinking that viral is about tits, ass and the "ick" factor
8) Thinking viral is just about the internet
12) Commissioning a campaign by saying "I want a game" or "I want a film"
13) Trying to do too much with a single execution
17) Numbers - getting your ROI metrics wrong

Because we've seen it all, and made a fair few of these mistakes ourselves, these should give the marketing community a good platform to improve the quality of virals around the net.
To download a .pdf of the full 21 Mistakes guide, click here

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Ad Douche

For the most part, creatives in New York are smart, funny, down-to-earth and hard-working. But there are exceptions.


One Show Jeff King video part two

In this video, Jeff King proves he's bonkers once again. If a guy can have this much fun with only some old brass paperweight and a camera set on night vision, why do we make beer?

The bit on the previous one show video was posted here.

Hopahari WEE escalator

Hopa Hari Amusement Park - Escalator ad - ambient, Brazil

"Have fun at Hopi Hari's rollercoaster." is what the sign says. The people on each step however are probably screaming WEEEEEEE! at the top of their lungs. ;)

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Chill out, have a whack.

Whack is the new Froster drink flavour, the follow-up to last year’s hugely successful Bloody Zit. The launch of this new frozen carbonated beverage is Mac's second major advertising effort, created by Bos Toronto.

The 30-second commercial supporting Whack's launch is entitled "Amazing", and began airing in cinemas this past weekend in front of blockbuster films like Mission Impossible 3 and X-Men 3. It's a spoof of those late-night infomercials. A follow-up 30-second TV spot, "Testimonials" picks up where "Amazing" first left off and features teens talking about their Whack experiences.

Bad timing makes mediocre ad a knock-out

öhmanFloyd Patterson's death at age 71 turned a ho-hum ad into a knock-out in bad timing. The very same day the investment bank Öhman ran full page ads in Swedens Financial newspaper DI, and regular newspaper SvD, depicting Floyds match against Ingemar Johansson. In the body copy they describe Johansson's "killer knock-out" against Floyd.

You can't make shit like this up.


Hilton Garden Inn's new campaign asks "Where you are going?"

Last Thursday Hilton Garden Inn began running a new campaign titled “Where are you going?” Unlike ad campaigns of the past which focused on the hotel and its amenities, the new campaign puts its guests at the center. The concept came from research which identified how their guests combined work and leisure activites while traveling as well as from third party research about habits and needs of business travelers.

Created by DGWB based out of Orange County, the campaign includes three print ads illustrating the different sides of people, online advertising and promotions, hotel signage and decor, and internal communication.
Read on to see the ads and read more from the press release.


Forsbergs vs Berghs, arranging demonstrations to advertise

Revolutionizing new ideas - not!

The Demonstration I told you about the other day, done by advertising students from Berghs for Svea Kebab (which is located across the street from the school) isn't quite as an original idea as one might think. The funny lies in that their opposing school, Forsbergs school of advertising, also arranged a demonstration. This made me laugh. As badland readers know, there is nothing new under the sun.