Stand by Your Brand Representative

Gold medal favorite Liu Xiang's withdrawal from the 110-meter hurdles in Beijing due to Achilles tendon injury crushed a lot of his fans and left corporate sponsors in an unfortunate position. How did they react? According to the Wall Street Journal, with "sympathy and support:"

On Tuesday, Nike took out full-page ads in China Daily and some other publications meant to address Mr. Liu's misfortune. The ad features a tight closeup of Mr. Liu with text that includes among other sentiments: "Love sport even when it breaks your heart." At the bottom was Nike's customary "Just Do It" tagline. "We see it as a real 'Just Do It' moment," a Nike spokesman said.

The WSJ's China Journal reproduces the ad with its translation:

Love Competition
Love risking your pride
Love winning it back
Love giving it everything you’ve got
Love the glory
Love the pain
Love sport even when it breaks your heart

Sports company advertising places an emphasis on victories with good reason, because winning sells. But to turn it around and acknowledge that defeats (or setbacks) are also part of sport, something to work through, makes an awful lot of sense to me — as it's something we can all relate to. Well, all of you. Not me.

Via PSFK. Image from the WSJ by Andrew Lih.


TEAL gets arrested for correcting historic typo

Remember the Typo Eradication Advancement League (TEAL), who are on a mission to correct America?

They're gone one typo too far: AZ central - Typo vigilantes answer to letter of the law

Two self-anointed "grammar vigilantes" who toured the nation removing typos from public signs have been banned from national parks after vandalizing a historic marker at the Grand Canyon.

Jeff Michael Deck, 28, of Somerville, Mass., and Benjamin Douglas Herson, 28, of Virginia Beach, Va., pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Flagstaff after damaging a rare, hand-painted sign in Grand Canyon National Park. They were sentenced to a year's probation, during which they cannot enter any national park, and were ordered to pay restitution.

Deck's diary account of the Grand Canyon incident was submitted as evidence in court. It says the two men climbed Desert View Watchtower while on holiday from their typo-enforcement duties "and discovered a hand-rendered sign inside that, I regret to report, had a few errors. I know today was supposed to be my day off from typo-hunting, but if I may be permitted to quote that most revered of android law enforcers, Inspector Gadget, 'Always on duty!' I can't shut it off. . . . Will we never be free from the shackles of apostrophic misunderstanding, even in a place surrounded by natural beauty?"

After correcting a misplaced apostrophe and comma, Deck reported, he was aghast to discover what he described as a made-up word: "emense."

"I was reluctant to disfigure the sign any further, so we had to let the other typo stand. Still, I think I shall be haunted by that perversity."

TEAL's official site now only carries the statement: "Statement on the signage of our National Parks and public lands to come."


Windows "thinks different" by using Apple's cast-off spokeperson: Seinfeld.

So, we all know that Microsoft are working hard at retooling that broken image that Vista has, and it's been reported that Microsoft Enlists Jerry Seinfeld In Its Ad Battle Against Apple. Ooohkaaay. Nevermind that using him in ads went out somewhere around the American Express Superman campaign a near decade ago - why use Apple's old spokesperson? Oh, they forgot, right? Well here's an Apple ad from early 90's featuring "The crazy ones" which includes Jerry Seinfeld taking a bow at the end. Yeah he's crazy, crazy enough to endorse anything for money. I guess he needs it to pay all his parking tickets ;)


Telia Sweden "pauses" Stureplan in Stockholm. Homage to Improv Everywhere, anyone?

Storåkers in Stockhom were so impressed by Improv Everywhere's fantastic Frozen Grand Central that they repeated the event, except as an ad for Telia's 'new' offering of the ability pause live TV which is like, so futuristic over here in the backwaters of Europe.

Lets have a look shall we? Improv everywhere:

Telia at Stureplan, Stockholm:


Fido Sessions - Fidodolls - ambient, Canada

Remember Flogos? That is, floating logos/ ads in the air? Well here's a campaign that's actually used flogos, along with everything else. Fido Sessions is a series of events that promote art, travel and design.

To get attention, they began by placing small white dolls, called "Fidolls" all over Toronto’s downtown core. Fidolls have appered in the form of chalk art, sidewalk washes, tree hangers and "through the first Canadian use of ‘Flogos’", and finally the appearance of the 30-foot tall versions. Text the number on them and ye shall receive information. Bos, Toronto pulled this off.