The Volkswagen GTI Mk V joy ride.

We have all seen the interactive websites. There are some advertising beer, magnetic paper, breath mints, and all kinds of stuff. It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to learn there is yet another interactive website out there. This one is for the Volkswagen GTI Mk V.

You get to configure a Volkswagen GTI Mk V from the roof rack to the valve stem caps. Body colour, engine, interior, and electronics are just some of the choices. But it doesn't end there. You get to go for a joyride in your new GTI when you're done.


The O.C. World on Latin American beaches

A guerrilla campaign for 3# season of The O.C series, created by Brazilian guerrilla agency Espalhe.

In Latin America, on selected beaches in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico, people had been surprised by ambulants that were selling Italian eyeglasses, Russian caviar, French champagne and diamond necklaces instead of the usual 1$ plastic trinkets.

Each product costs about U$ 300, just to provide to the fans a little of the luxury shown in the series. Some photos here at

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Think you stand a chance against a block of ice?

Do you feel lucky punk? Do ya? Hmmm? Test your mouse-clicking speed skills in the Pepsi slamming ice game from Pepsi Japan. It's much harder than it sounds, worst is when you clear two ice-hurdles and the running man lets out a yesss! only to slam into the next ice hurdle. Idiot.


BBC Motion Gallery Debuts Search Widget for Mac OS X

BBC Motion Gallery, the footage licensing arm of BBC Worldwide, has introduced a customized Dashboard widget for Mac OS X version 10.4 "Tiger" that will enable users to quickly search online archives without launching a Web browser.

A widget is a mini-application that sits on the Tiger Dashboard and enables users to perform common tasks and get quick access to information. The BBC Motion Gallery search widget allows customers to instantly search through tens of thousands of video clips directly from the desktop. It features a search field, clip preview window and the ability to display up to six video clip thumbnails at a time, giving customers single-click access to rapidly search through tens of thousands of clips in the BBC Motion Gallery digital archive.

The BBC Motion Gallery Search Widget is available immediately for download
via and at the Apple site, The Search Widget will work on any Mac computer running Mac OS version 10.4 "Tiger"


Miracle Tortilla - Jesus Had One, You Can Too!

At Miracle Tortilla they'll make your miracles come true, and their helpful materials section show that all you need to create your own little miracle is a heatgun, some browning sauce and of course, a tortilla. Cue that creepy Burger King dude showing up on a tortilla for sale on eBay in 5... 4... 3...


Don't be sucking on free services hospitality.

Anyone else getting a little sick of all these hoazes, er, fictional ad people getting their own blog-pages, myspace profiles and livejournal accounts or is it just me? I hope that the free services they leech on are getting paid for the ad placement at least, which is what it is lets be fair.

Most recently I stumbled onto Miss Helga's myspace profile where I've got the chance to download ringtones, desktop images and learn that every idiot on Myspace thinks "advertisment" for short is spelled "add". Gah!


Greed: Flynordics new film

Johan Renck aka Stakka Bo, the director who did those Nike 'choose your ending' ads and a bunch of music videos including Madonna's "nothing really matters" has just directed a film for Flynordic - the low budget airline.
The film, which looks a lot like a music video since it's rather long, asks "what are you really paying for?" and if we are supposed to deduce the answer from this film I guess we are paying for expensive ego directors , some editors coke habit and a lot of stock footage. Click image below to get to flynordics website, where you can click "filmen/låten" to bring up the commercial in the flash interface.


Orange 3G banner follows you through websites

Y&R in Israel created a banner for 3G playlist cellular service that was a little different. The banner, once clicked, takes you on a journey through the leading websites and back to where you started. It might be the first time in Israel that the leading websites have co-operated to show the same banner and get "travelled through" as that's what the banner does. Y&R claims not only a 4.5% click rate, but also that this banner propelled the internet advertising as a whole since it opened new doors.

See the banner in action.


Altoids is at it again... this time with an advergame!

Interesting advergame from Altoids -- a bend the contortionist game. Really, really nice and fits well to their campaign. Lot of cool stuff at that site.


Apple wants you to "Get a Mac"

Last night Apple unveiled a new ad campaign "Get a Mac" continuing on its course to get PC folk to make the switch. In fact, it's very similar in tone and feel to the "Switch" ad campaign of 2002, which spawned oodles of spoofs and made Ellen Feiss semi-famous.

Ads feature a man in a suit as the PC and a hip, young guy as the Mac. There are six different ads in the campaign that speak to ways in which Macs are better than PCs.