The Microsoft Saga - Dropping Seinfeld and going back to the old.

Last week was a bit of colossal Microsoft mess wasn't it? We barely had to to pick our jaws up from the floor after seeing the Seinfeld & Gates "simple life" ads before they were yanked and replaced with the biggest "meh" testimonial ad you've ever seen.

While it looked hopeful for a moment - perhaps as Backman suggested the "Hodgman takeoff is the best idea they've had in a long time". But then Microsoft used the Hodgman PC guy from the Mac ads to make a point in the wrong way, big mistake.
There are a few rules of advertising - most which we break every day - but one you shouldn't mess with: When you are #1 in a segment you never ever mention the competition: You are not Avis, Microsoft - you are the biggest software company on the planet. Don't let some Apple-ad envy get to you. Look at other Microsoft campaigns at home to see how you do actually do some things right, even I want an X-box now (I even said so in the Metro paper) and those Zune's are looking mighty tempting too.

Lets face it, Microsoft can not make an all white clean crisp campaign like the "Mac vs PC" one for one simple reason - Microsoft is a software company. Apple is a soft+hardware company. They control the entire box. Of course you'll rarely have bugs appearing when a control freak makes sure their software runs on hardware they have chosen. Any operating system from Microsoft has to be designed for countless possibilities, and try to work on older hardware and any quirks appearing will be blamed on the software itself and not on the shit piece of hardware you bought or the fact that you need to figure out which drivers you need to make your peripherals play nice with it. Comparing Apple to Microsoft is like comparing a restaurant to a supermarket. You could in fact end up with the same dinner from both places if you had the skill set - but they are not selling the same thing. Pretending that they do has been the consistent mistake in Microsoft's advertising for years.

Then PC world reported that the 'I'm a PC' Ads were made on macs - someone get them a Pulitzer! Of course they frickin' were - they were made at an ad agency weren't they? I dare you to find a more mac-friendly environment. Macs reign supreme in the design and advertising space of the business world because way back in March 1985, the Apple LaserWriter was the first printer to ship with Adobe PostScript - so macs were the machines that ran the DTP revolution. We're a loyal bunch and as long as the Macs keep winning D&AD design awards, we will be decorating our offices with the pretty machines. But then we go home at night and play with our X-box.


Rentokil Fly paper - Spider man - print, New Zealand.

It is fall here but soon summer on the other side of the world, so Republik in New Zealand remind you to stock up on fly paper with this simple ad.


Four'N Twenty Pies The Magic Salad Plate stories - Builder, Electrician , Plumber - (2008) :30 (Australia)

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Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
James McGrath : Executive Creative Director
Ant Keogh : Creative Director
Julian Schreiber : Creative
TOM MARTIN : Creative
Sevda Cemo : Agency Producer
Director : Stevo Williams
Production Company : Flagstaff studios


Young Adults Institute - Brighter Futures Society / Evan, George, Rachel - (2008) :60 (USA)

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These ads were designed to get young professionals in New York City to attend the YAI Charity Event. Ad agency:, New York City

Alec Brownstein : Creative Director/ AD / copywriter
Justin Racz : Copywriter
Joe Barone : Copywriter
Director : Alec Brownstein
Production Company : Bar1 New York


Apple vs Wrigley's Doublemint Gum & Juicy Fruit Gum

What does Coldplay and Juicy Fruit and Doublemint have in common? A serious case of Apple art direction envy? Have a look for yourself.

Click on the images below to see the commercials.


BC Lottery Corporation / Jackpot 7 - Rainbow - Billboard, Canada

We have found the end of the rainbow! It's TBWA Vancouver that had the great idea to post a Super 7 jackpot billboard right underneath it. ;)


Adcrap recap: Last weeks ups and downs in Adland

Good morning Monday.

Nama Sutra asks How creative can ad agency names get? and lists oh-so-many nutty named. He missed Wexley School for Girls and uh.. Wow, there are are lot of crazy names out there, but my favorite is probably still Umovoacavalo because I have no idea how that egg got on top of the horse.

Last week was fun, Extended stay hotels new ad is a breath of fresh air, and I might even forget that horrid viral where some girl licks everything in sight, also Pfizer (of all clients) wowed me with some nice graffitti, while Aliens invaded ESPN and white-out can abort babies from teenage mothers life. We concluded that dust is revolting, Flash banners can hijack your clipboard and these Audi side assist posters deserve a second look.

I really liked the woman whisperer, bonus points for the actress' perfect impression of a nervous filly, I hated the Arby's thought ballons and I was really impressed by the stuntman who walked around giving out flyers while on fire. The whole Microsoft debacle deserves its own post. We talked like pirates for a full day as well.

Thanks modernmechanics for telling us "your car is well stacked" (Via easydreamer)


Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Gum - Slim Pack (2008) :30 (USA)

Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Gum - Slim Pack (2008) :30  (USA)

Concept? Do like Apple iTunes did.


Wrigley's Doublemint Gum - Slim Pack (2008) :30 (USA)


Belgian Burn Wound Center - Burning man - guerilla, Belgium

Problem: Belgian burn wound centers get an alarming increase of victims during the summer - all due to BBQ accidents.
Solution: Saturday the 14th of September the World Championship Barbeque was held in Belgium, while expecting 20000 visitors more than 30000 BBQ fanatics showed up. On that day the Belgian Burn Wound Center presented "the burning man" - a real man who was on fire walking around handing out leaflets on how to avoid BBQ accidents and how to perform first aid on burn victims.
Result The stunt got mass coverage in press and media, continuing to inform the public of the dangers with barbequeing. The website for Belgian Burn Wound Center got a increased hit-count and finacial donations to the burn center have risen considerably.