Pink Ribbon GIRLS ad

Grey Amsterdam's campaign for Pink Ribbon Magazine (NL) launches this week, with magazine print work by celebrated photographer Rankin. (Cue me having a bad case of envy here - aaargh! ) The campaign shows "the girls" front and center and takes the thought of us ladies girls as BFF to heart, writing poetry to our named parts.

Pink Ribbon Magazine NL, published by Sanoma Publishers, is a charity glossy magazine from which all profits are directly donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundation, Netherlands. In fact everyone involved has donated their time free because it's for breast cancer awareness. The campaign is created by Pieter van den Heuvel and Ecco Vos. ECDs are Colin Lamberton and Seyoan Vela.

Ambi Pur Color
Ambi Pur Cornered
Ambi Pur Calvin

Ambi Pur announces their new fragrance which so unlike any regular toilet cleaner scent that it requires it's own sexy perfume ad execution to get the message across. This doesn't mean you'll get Mr Hot&Shirtless staring deep into your eyes each time you scrub down the loo.... Or does it? I'm buying a box of the stuff just in case.


Last Thursday, 17th Sept, saw victory for Candle at the Radio Advertising Awards with their music and sound design commercial for London Zoo, script by Craig and Paul of Next Door.

The making of the commercial (shortly available as a "making of" DVD) shows how difficult it was to produce. ZSL London Zoo was closed to the public for the day as all the groups of animals were meticulously rehearsed to sing their parts in The Animals Went In Two By Two. Charlie conducted while Craig and Paul kept the performers on their marks and prompted them on their lines. Ben made sure that all the recording levels were correct - a tricky task with so many creatures of different size and volume.

Sadly,some animals were unable to make the final mix as they had been eaten by other members of the choir. I think you'll agree that their sacrifice has not been in vain.


Approx 200,000 drivers will be advised on the best oil for their car while this Castrol Billboard is up in Vauxhall, London. If you can't drive by, any UK:er can text OIL 83080 and their registration number to get advice on the oil they should be using.

The tech behind this is reminiscent of Big Brother/Minority Report - the cameras before the billboard flash the car, checks the license plate and make, then the billboard will respond with the right oil for that car as it arrives further down the block (according to clearchannel it only takes two second so this will presumably even work for speeders). The Castrol billboard is actually helpful to drivers - or so Ogilvy Advertising and Castrol want you feel -or as Quentin Willson says: (after the jump)