Claymore has a knack for spotting word trends, all these links have been sniffed out by him. He says: "I think we're seeing the birth of the new "extreme/xtreme"... empower!"

It's a vacuum cleaner! EmPower!
It's a toothpaste!EmpowerMint! It's a shirt!
It's a detergent! It's a spray gel! It's a mattress! It's an adaptor!
It's a penis mightier!
It's a buzzword!
empowerment: The corporate mantra of the late '90s used to deceive subordinates into believing they actually were allowed to think and make decisions on their own.


It's Snow Fun

There's nothing more fun that plopping down in the snow and making a snow angel, according to some. And apparently, both Volkswagen and Old Spice Red Zone agree. Granted, the VW ad was done in 1998 - 6 years before this Red Zone ad appeared.


pléthore de jerks

Passé advertising trend: Portraying white males as bumbling morons.
The new rage: Portraying white males as scheming jerks.

"While the women are the ones outwitted in some commercials, dad has been the butt of jokes for a long time," says Mastroianni.

"Sometime it's easier to make fun of someone than be creative."



Christian/pop/punk band Relient K (Chrysler enthusiasts?) has some curious commercials for their forthcoming album, "Mmhmm." Head on over to their album's website to check out "The Pitch," "The Wedding," and "The Dentist." A fourth spot, "The Ticket," will be put online on 11/2.


Farting Around With Hotel Advertising

A television commercial for South African hotel chain City Lodge titled "Soggy Pants" has put some people's knickers in a twist. In it, a hotel guest, accoutred only in grunders of dubious taste, wakes up in the morn and has a bit of a misadventure in the hotel.

As is sadly the norm nowadays, some folks have complained, and the local advertising authority is currently investigating.

Click here for the full story.
Click here for the spot, found on City Lodge's home page.
Agency: TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris
Production: Fresh Water, Johannesburg, South Africa


Hope & Glory for DDB

"After winning Subaru early this month, DDB's Lee Garfinkel sat in his Madison Avenue office-bare white walls, an acoustic guitar sitting nearby-and contemplated the significance of the victory. The big picture was obvious: It meant a return to the automobile category for the agency that changed the ad business with its Volkswagen work in the 1960s."

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Pot Noodle - Natural Noodling Viral


The Pot Noodle brand is misbehaving online again, further building on the recent above-the-line advertising campaign.

glue London have developed a brand new site ‘ naturalnoodling.com’ which has been added to the ‘noodle web’ – the interlinking collection of homemade-looking microsites reinforcing Pot Noodle’s ‘irresistibly trashy’ characteristics online.

The main focus of the site is the 'Car Park Kernoodling game' – a groundbreaking interactive video piece developed by glue’s recently launched interactive film division SuperGlue, where players assume the role of a first time ‘Natural Noodler'.


Word of mouth marketing - do we need regulation?

Have you heard? from the Chicago Tribune brings up a few worries about word-of-mouth-marketing. (Remember back in the day when it was just called word of mouth, and something marketing set out to achieve? Now they are calling it a new discipline in itself.)

Ads on television and in print are clearly identified as such, but viral marketing is a form of stealth advertising... - wait, is this statement really true? When Katharine Hepburn's character in "The African Queen" played Boston tea party with the Gordon's Gin and threw it all overboard, did the viewers realize that this was a product placement, that is an ad? And when millions of Hotmail emails were passed between friends carrying that annoying little line at the bottom in the late nineties was that stealthy, or clearly interpreted as the 'ad' you pay for using the stuff for free?


The Father of Comedy Radio on The Advertising Show

Hear Radio Legend Dick Orkin give insight into the future of the radio industry and what advertisers must understand to succeed. Dick first scored national acclaim in the ‘60s and ‘70s with such loony radio serials as “Chickenman,” “The Tooth Fairy,” and “The Masked Minuteman.” The Famous Radio Ranch, Dick’s own freelance production company, is devoted to the creation of “original” humor advertising for national advertisers. Some of his renown comedy radio commercials include clients such as Time Magazine, GMAC, The Gap and many others.


Who's afraid of the weblogs woof?

Are PR companies afraid of blogs?
The weblog has enraged and tantalized old media and webnerds alike ever since the first person started posting regularly in reverse chronological order, and 2004 has been the year of the political and marketing blogs, so much so that old media now jumps on the bandwagon and calls nearly any regular column their "weblog". Over at Silicon Valley, Dan Gillmors eJournal has received a pitch from a PR company that promises - get this - to monitor and take action against bloggers! via boingboing (read more for the pitch)