Wieden+Kennedy 12 Fails harder

What do you get when you are one of the 12 chosen to study advertising from all angles at w+k's very expensive experimental school? You get to push 100,419 pushpins and spend over 351 hours to create a wall mural spelling out "Fail Harder". No, I don't think its meant to be either truth in advertising nor ironic, but interpret is as you wish.

See video here of the rather impressive pushpin murals creation. Download high res (50 MB) version here.


The "lost" mac ads.

Mac ads are fun to spoof. Unlike Dell ads, IBM ads, Gateway ads, Microsoft ads... etcerea. ;9
Best Week Ever unveiled the Lost Mac ads this week featuring Christian Finnegan and Nick Kroll.


Handbags in ads peeve Kiwi players

The All Blacks are being mocked by an Australian televison ad which shows them perform the haka carrying frilly pink and fuzzy purses. Its all digital trickery of course, and the idea seems to stem from a recent fight which was broken up when the All Blacks team captain hit another player over the head with a handbag. The All Blacks coach reckons that the ad is "insensitive and disrespectful". See the Reuters report here. In the Reuters footage Ray from New Zealand says:

"Australians are obviously very humorous people, so are we. So I take it on the chin, it should make a for an interesting game, we'll see where their real handbags are."

Which sounds vaguely like a threat to me. Hmm.
update advert inside!


How far can you headbutt?

zidaneIt was bound to happen and it did, while I was still hopping around screaming "FORZA ITALIA - la nazionale italiana é troppo forte!" draped in a flag - the Zidane headbutt replay videos, gifs and little flash games were already arriving online. Count on Caffienegoddess to crack me up relating it all back to advertising "Wonder if Dodge will try to get the rights to use it in their ramrash campaign?" hehe.


Talk Talk VS. Macif

The orginial Talk Talk ads by agency Clemmow Hornby Inge

Shapes see it here

And French ads for Insurance group Macif

Car insurance
Health insurance

The ressemblance is uncanny...


TBWA Head advert

TBWA Paris created this ad, "Head," exclusively for Artcade Playstation, the PlayStation France online galery.


Link Lust: I Wanna Be Your Linker

First, shoutout to waferbaby for allowing us to have a wee banner at the top of his delish new bunny-eared site. d, you rawk.

Cannes Titanium Pick Raises the Bar (Code) for Creativity says AdAge who totally missed the brouhaha in Badland about this. post # 1 & post #2.

How many logos can you name? If you get them all you're probably a) really geeky b) a designer or c) both. Its OK, you're among friends here.

Damn you warm beer! Its true, warm beer is a disaster.

Comedies of Fair U$e audio podcast from the Comedies conferance.


AdCrapRecap - Week 27

Get your fill of Adland goodness with a quick recap of last week's ups and downs.

Down: Babies in bins in Chile and in Thailand.
Down: Sony's Black and White ads by TBWA spark controversy.
Up: Japanese Children Foundation commercial with a twist.
Down: MasterCard creates new logo with holes in it.
Up: Solo Mobile ads spread the word like an old-fashioned game of telephone.
Up: Fun ads from Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners tell men to notice their nuts.

Ads of the week:


The Economist Claims Internet Advertising the Ultimate Marketing Machine

An article from The Economist takes a look at online marketing and advertising, claiming that it is becoming more measurable and less wasteful (a la t


Ram Rash for Dodge

BBDO Detroit and Director Paul Cotter of Z group films have teamed up to create some web-only spots for Dodge. The microsite RamRash.com features a handful of ads which portray people inflicted with a rash in the shape of the Dodge logo. The rash apparently causes folks to become stronger and more assertive.

Superadgrunts, read on to check out the spots.