Ad creep makes its way to parked bicycles

In Hawaii, Mark Bell is using parked bicycles as a new advertising media. For $125 per month, you can have an ad attached to the front of a Schwinn "Stingray" bicycles, some of which are locked onto city bike racks.

"This gives the average guy with an idea or a product or a service the opportunity to be able to say what he wants to say on a little 8.5 by 11 ad attached to a very cool bike on the street where the people are," Bell said.

The bike ads are causing some chatter on the island as there is question if these ads violate Hawaii's anti-billboard laws.

"Inappropriate ads clutter the environment and they lower the quality of life for everybody in Hawaii," said Bob Loy of the Outdoor Circle."It's vehicle advertising, which was prohibited by the state legislature last year. Bicycles are vehicles. That's a bicycle, its sole purpose is for advertising," Loy said.

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Volvo Ads Pretend To Show Hate for Car

Press for EuroRSCG Fuel of London's new advertising campaign "Product of Free Will" for the Volvo C30 is being touted as "breaking a long-hel


Robert Goulet gives Super Bowl ad for Emerald Nuts star power

Diamond Foods has announced they have paid $2 million for its third-quarter spot during the Super Bowl this year.

Emerald will try to stand out in the Super Sunday crowd with a humorous ad featuring theater and music personality Robert Goulet that plays off the energy that nuts can provide.

"If we can effectively entertain our consumers, that's a positive way for our brand to resonate in their minds," Mendes says.

Emerald also will launch a post-game Internet ad campaign that ties in with its Super Bowl ad, but it offered no details.

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Internationale Gesellschaft für Menschenrechte (IGFM), "Burka"

This took home a Bronze Epica award 2007 - the Burka's eye net is replaced with bars. Client the international organisation for human rights, Germany.

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Suzuki Films - The Briefcase

For all you adgrunts who miss BMW Films, don't fret. Now you can watch Suzuki Films (no Madonna or Guy Ritchie though).


eBay's XXX-Mas auctions

Two of the hottest toys this holiday season were the Sony Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. And like most hot items, they end up on eBay.

Thousands of sellers around the world tried to make a quick buck on these game systems. But with over 52,000 PS3 and over 40,000 Wii auctions posted in December, it was hard to stand out from the crowd.

To get attention, some of the more creative sellers resorted to {gasp} sex.


Top Ad Music of 2006


America, the Ad Campaign

How do you sell America to the Middle-East after 9/11? Writer Shalom Auslander takes you through his advertising ordeal on NPR’s This American Life’s podcast. See Act two.

The New York advertising agency where Shalom Auslander works got an assignment from the State Department back in 2001: Sell American values to the Muslim world. Now they just have to figure out exactly what to say to millions of people they know absolutely nothing about. Shalom is the author of a book of stories called Beware of God. (15 minutes)


Nintendo DS / Touch Generations - Big Brain Academy - Heaviest (2006) :15 (USA)

Nintendo DS / Touch Generations - Big Brain Academy - Heaviest (2006) :15  (USA)

Which is the heaviest? Hmm?


The Viral Learning Center

Perhaps your new years resolution will be to change your career - take a look at The Viral Learning Center, the school which can teach you the skills that will have your video seen by millions.