Extended Stay Hotels - Comfortable, a.k.a. Farts (2008) :60 (USA)

Extended Stay Hotels - Comfortable, a.k.a. Farts (2008) :60  (USA)

This spot is a breath of fresh air.


Scotch-Brite Cleaning Cloth - Ballerina, Doll, Salt & Pepper - print, Romania


September 24, 2009

The ScotchBrite campaign for 3M was developed for a test market and at no
point in time this campaign was approved for submission to advertising
sites, for publishing. Therefore, we ask every publisher to remove this
campaign as soon as possible or to refrain from publishing these ads on
websites or in other publications. We apologize for this incident.

Laura Tampa
Managing Director Grey Bucharest


Children’s Cancer Institute Australia - Jack&Jill / Go away / Rock-A-Bye - print, Australia

OgilvyOne, Sydney have created fairy tales with happy endings for the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia.


More evil flash banner ads, this time they will hijack your clipboard.

It's been a while since we talked about banner ads being hijacked for malware spreading, sadly this does not mean that such banner tricks aren't around anymore. Here's a new twist - booby-trapped Flash banner ads can hijack your clipboard - feeding it a hard-to-delete (you must quit your browser) URL that points to a fake anti-virus program. If you are the type who copy-pastes a lot when you surf around the web, this will be super annoying.

Mac users, don't look smug - it affects us too. Apple forums has some discussions on it:

This has happened to me twice now, on two separate computers at work. My clipboard has been hijacked with this:
http:// ----evilsite-------
And once it's in the clipboard, I can't copy anything else over it until I've restarted the machine.

It's easy to use Flash with ActionScript code to load a malicious URL into a target clipboard says security researched Avid Raff and demonstrates it here (non-evil URL but at that link he will show you the clipboard hijack). See there is a snippet in Flash that you may use called System.setClipboard(), I have no idea what that was originally intended for. Flash documentation reads:

The System.setClipboard() method allows a SWF file to replace the contents of the clipboard with a plain-text string of characters. This poses no security risk. To protect against the risk posed by passwords and other sensitive data being cut or copied to clipboards, there is no corresponding “getClipboard” (read) method.

Right, except of course when people but evil URL's in your clipboard and trick you into visiting bad sites that way. Should we stop copy-pasting or will Adobe come to their senses and create a dialogue window warning that the clipboard is being used like they do when the Camera.get() or Microphone.get() are called?


Zach and Miri make a porno - new poster not yet banned by the MPAA

Since the original Zach and Miri make a porno movie poster was banned, Kevin Smith decided to make a new poster. One that couldn't possibly offend the MPAA.



ING / SulAmerica Health Insurance - Torn money - print, Brazil

Translation: SulAmerica prevents you from doing the same with the resources of your company
Via MPM Advertising, Brazil demonstrates by tearing money in a double-page spread.


China Automobile Association - Mirror / Crossroads - print, China

Ice Cream Communications, China shows you just how tricky driving can get after a drink or two. I dig the idea even if the photoshop seems pretty bad.


Los Inrockuptibles - Stairs / Scooter / Dog (open heads) - print, Argentina

holy shit watch your heads people! DDB Buenos Aires reveals what's inside kids heads - and it turns out all they have on their mind is Los Inrockuptibles. Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, had a great fall, and all that was inside was a bunch of records and magazines. :)


ESPN - Is it Monday yet? - print, USA

Oh they aren't done yet - Monday is nigh! You've seen the "Is it Monday yet" grass poster, you've seen the desktop football with real grass mailer - now watch the grassy paper-jam.


Audi Side Assist - Blind Spot - posters, Germany

This poster via Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg was displayed close to Audi dealerships throughout Germany to vividly demonstrate the dangers of blind spots. As a result, the dealerships recorded a noticably higher demand : +35% for the Audi Side Assist.