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There's a new campaign out there which, much like the Cannes winning Flags: meet the world* uses everyones fascination with flags to tell a different story. It's the Sydney International food festival that makes each countries flag out of the food that country is famous for. Yum. I'm missing a yellow cross of cloudberries on a bed of wild blueberries here for dessert... ;)

Food stylist Trish Heagerty, photographer Natalie Boog and the creative team at Whybin\TBWA who drooled their way through their sketchpad thinking all of these flags up with appropriate foods, did such a smashing job on this that they use it for the siff website as well as on books, cards and other media around the event. As you can see, each flag isn't just made of food but also made with foods from each country. The Australian flag looks like damper and vegemite. ;)

(*Not to be confused with Flags of the world: "client comments" film)


If you're having one of those "all the work we're creating for this client truly sucks and I'm such a hack" days, head on over to the nominees for the Tracy Awards. When you see this collection of the crappiest advertising you might be able to give your ego a little boost and feel better about your work (that is, as long as someone else hasn't nominated something of yours you love/like!) In fact, maybe it would make you feel better to nominate your hacky, crappy drek the client is forcing you to create. Yeah, that'll show 'em.

The award show was put together by Crowell Advertising in Salt Lake City, Utah. Submissions are free and you can enter your most hated ads now through mid-October. You can also follow them along on Twitter @TheTracys and Facebook.

Audi- Intelligently Combined - (2009) :45 (Spain)

Digital Domain has teamed up with longtime collaborator Carl Erik Rinsch and his German production company Markenfilm on a :45 TV commercial for Audi, via Hamburg, Germany-based ad agency Kempertrautmann. The digital production studio designed a highly complex -- yet ethereally beautiful -- visual device that represents Audi’s new tagline, “Efficient-Technology, intelligently combined.” The spot titled “Intelligently Combined” showcases the Audi A4 2.0 TDI e and first aired Sept. 4th 2009 in Spain and will roll out across Europe.

Germany prides itself as being a nation of footie lovers. But what if the ball's not round? And it's not the Bundesliga, but the German Football League? How do you get Germans to love a different kind of football?

cheese or font

It is time to test your skills, and try not to get too hungry as we play cheese or font a game made by @mogrify because @dickchiclets said something funny on twitter. Take THAT all ye doubters who think twitter is all about announcing what you had for lunch, it's a nerd-game-development tool you fools!

In the game of Cheese or Font almost everyone gets stumped at least once by Helvetica.

Next game: Fonts that sound like medical conditions.

Mercedes Erra (Euro RSCG) and the presenters from Live media pub abut copy-cat ads, as an example they watch two near identical ads for radio stations that Joelapompe submitted to them. Some of you readers actually know French, and didn't make your French tutor cry and check herself into a loony bin - so perhaps you can explain to me what "ne crois pas outre mesure aux impostures" that Mercedes says means. Is she saying you can't or shouldn't punish the plagiarizers?