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Adweek talks about social hat tipping the Social Media Guru film where the client asks : "But, how will you translate this into sales and revenue?"

Despite the easy laughs at the expense of self-proclaimed experts, big brands are on the hunt for help in figuring out their approaches to connecting with consumers on Facebook, providing service on Twitter and instituting internal social media guidelines. Because it can touch everything from communications to marketing to customer service to product development, social media has created a muddied playing field that some see as ripe for creating agency opportunities.
"There's demand in the marketplace for creating a new type of agency," said Sean Corcoran, an analyst with Forrester Research. "The question is whether that's viable long term."
Clients like Audi and Chrysler are on the hunt for social media shops, according to agency executives. Powered, a vendor of brand community sites, last week rolled up three different social media agencies, Crayon, Drillteam Marketing and StepChange Group to form a 70-person social shop.

OK GO non-embeddable video

Why OK Go's new music video isn't embeddable from youtube, straight from Damian's mouth (on behalf of OK Go). Damien dances effortlessly between the points of view of the band, the label, and the advertisers in his post, read it.

So what’s there to do? On the macro level, well, who the hell knows? There are a lot of interesting ideas out there, but this is not the place to get into them. As for our specific roadblock with the video embedding, the obvious solution is for YouTube to work out its software so it allow labels to monetize their videos, wherever on the Internet or the globe they're being accessed. That'll surely happen before too long because there's plenty of money to be made, but it’s more complicated than it looks at first glance. Advertisers aren’t too keen on paying for ads when they don’t know where the ads will appear (“Dear users of, try Gerber’s new low-lactose formula!”), so there are a lot of hurdles to get over.

man with monkey on his back playing golf

We all know now that Chrysler will be the only U.S. automaker to advertise in this year's Super Bowl, spending millions on a 60 second spot, trying not to peeve the public who paid for their bailout. It's the first time since 2004 that Dodge appears in the superbowl, though they've been a regular staple since 1979.
Here's their 2004 effort, where a man has a monkey on his back.

"What better way to illustrate to our customers that we are still here than to air on the Super Bowl, which is not only watched for the game, but also for the advertising spots," said Chrysler spokeswoman Dianna C. Gutierrez.

It will be the Dodge Charger that's advertised in a 60-second commercial showcasing "the passion of Dodge."

Other automakers in the bowl: Audi will also air ads during the superbowl, calling on rock legends Cheap Trick to create the soundtrack for their ad.

Reminder - keep an eye on our Super Bowl XLIV Ads *Spoiler Alert* post for any changes in the schedule. Warning for those who want to be surprised, it has spoilers.

Just as 5.1 is becoming the standard surround mix for broadcast, Pirate NYC has signed a superstar in the medium. Grammy-nominated expert commercial audio post mixer Gary Tole is one of the top 5.1 engineers in the United States and has earned a reputation for consistently delivering mixes that are superior both technically and creatively. With more than two decades of experience, he is one of the few mixers who combine true audio post expertise and artistry to make his projects perpetual sonic stand-outs.

"I've been around so many world-class clients and studios that I know excellence when I see it, and Pirate is sound producing at a level as good as anyone in the industry," stated Tole. "I'm eager to join the crew and help Pirate as they continue to grow in the U.S."

Lowe Brindfors and NTF Stockholm just launched this campaign showing cell phones in car crashes, or cell phones as crashed cars, to visually tell people to hang up while driving. (Is it just me or could that be Princess Dianas cell phone car crash?)

It reminds me of the lesser photoshop skilled Wataniya cell phone car crash which in turn reminded me of the Land Transport New Zealand & New Zealand Police "Sleep" campaign. where we see beds crashed instead. Aw.

Moral of the story: If a visual idea is nice and simple, you can bet money on it already being done.