Back in 2006, a group of Italian teenagers filmed a video as they assaulted another teenager who had downs syndrome. They uploaded the film to Youtube, where it was pulled only after topping the most viewed list and stirring up a national outrage in Italy a full two months later. Viva Downs, an Italian Down Syndrome support group, argued that the video should never have appeared in the first place and filed a complaint. Today the judge found chief legal officer David Drummond, global privacy counsel Peter Fleischer and former CFO George Reyes guilty of privacy violations and they received suspended six-month jail sentences.

Google Italy execs convicted over bullying video

The video, which was uploaded to Google Video in 2006, showed four teenagers beating and insulting a 17-year-old disabled student infront of about a dozen bystanders in Turin.
Google Italy, which is based in Milan, eventually took down the clip nearly two months later but not before the video caused a national outrage.
None of the executives were involved in the production or uploading of the video, but prosecutors argued that as it had topped a most-viewed list it should have been noticed sooner.

Italian verdict on Google privacy sets dangerous precedent

The decision is sure to affect all manner of Internet companies, not just Google. Italian law says that Internet service providers are not liable for content posted by users, but Internet content providers are a different story—they are responsible for the things they "publish." Google had argued that it falls into the former category, but Judge Oscar Magi disagreed.

The Google blog calls it "A serious threat to the web in Italy"

.....If that principle is swept aside and sites like Blogger, YouTube and indeed every social network and any community bulletin board, are held responsible for vetting every single piece of content that is uploaded to them — every piece of text, every photo, every file, every video — then the Web as we know it will cease to exist, and many of the economic, social, political and technological benefits it brings could disappear.

Adgrunts know that Sedelmier shot the famous fluffy bun ad for Cliff Freeman and Partners back in 1984 when Wendy's had the beef, and Clara Peller wondered where it was. But did you know that in 1984 there was a one-hit wonder song written by Nashville, Tennessee DJ Coyote McCloud featuring Clara's crowing for more beef? Flashback to 1984 and that fantastic flash in the pan, here it is. Sing along: A woman can't live by buns alone!

The commercial:


Thanks @iboy for giving me yet another opportunity to bring up a fantastic story about Coke, the Olympics in Lillehammer, and a Norwegian brand of orange drink called Solo who pulled an "ambush marketing" move. Coke owned those Olympics, no other soft drink was allowed near it, and everywhere within the olympic area was Coke branded banners etc. Yet, when the closing ceremony was aired, the camera did a pan to the outside of the Olympic area and blinking lights on a hill spelled out the Solo logo. This has been told to me by silverbacked adgrunts (Stein Leikanger) and even confirmed in comments here but no photographic evidence yet. Luckily NYTimes Stuart Elliott who ad-reported about it back then saw it too;

The overwhelmingly banal and boring barrage of advertising had so deleterious an impact on this sore-eyed viewer that by Sunday night it had induced hallucinations that the name of a Norwegian soft drink, Solo, was visible in twinkling lights during the closing ceremonies.
Oh. According to the Reuters news agency, there was such an ad during the ceremonies, which the brand's marketer, Solo A.B., denies approving or authorizing.

Looks like that deny deny deny tactic is older than dirt.

If Adland sang in the shower, what would it sound like? It would sound like this, which for some reason makes me think I've coded something inelegantly as it's a bit out of tune... ;) What does your site sound like? Check out Code Organ from where you can tweet and Facebook any sites music.

This clever little toy was coded by Rodrigo Pereira and designed by Andy Goodridge at DLKW, London.

Libra Invisibles - Wonder Man - (2010) :30

Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne decided to do a product demonstration with a twist, bored with the usual animations of how wings help pads stay in place, they used doofus dude instead who spends an afternoon tuning himself into some sort of pad-superhero.

Badland Ninja JoelaPompe found these twins: Instant Replay / Même au ralenti c’est identique and I must say, good find. Tres bien find. Ces't bon! Ok I'll stop now before Madame Moreau sends me to the principals office for faking French by doing my best Chief Inspector Clouseau impression again.

We have Head / Novak Djokovic viral movie vs Budweiser's Kasey Kahne commercial, both using instant replay to reveal much more happening in a split second than ever could happen, but with Head dragging that thin joke along so long I almost shot my screen to put it out of its misery.

I'm pretty sure I've seen the instant replay gag before though. What about you?