Adidas - Impossible Jerseys - print, China

As the text on this image explains, the impossible Jerseys were given away with magazines in Hong kong an idea conceived by TBWA\TEQUILA\ Hong Kong:

In late 2007, Adidas briefed TBWA/TEQUILA Hong Kong to excite football fans about the new collection of 2008 adidas Federation Jerseys.
So we decided to recreate autographed jerseys, fold them and place them as cover inserts into Hong Kong’s number one selling youth magazine, MILK.
So overnight, stacks of adidas Federation Jerseys appeared on Hong Kong’s newsstands.
Fans would find France, Argentina, Germany and Spain and every single one was autographed.
It was the first time any magazine had been used to sell apparel in this way.

Acção Animal - Cats & Dogs on your mind - print, Portugal

Ad agency Partners did these creepy images showing that if you desert a ca or dog it'll never leave your mind.


Yahoo! 360 Search Engine - Mermaids & Aliens - print, China

DDB Shanghai did these illustrations to show how the 360 search finds things you otherwise might miss.


Swedish cartoons become stamps in conjunction with Comic-Con at Bokmässan

Every year there's a book-trade fair (or Book-con if you will) in Gothenburg, Sweden. This year the Swedish post are launching stamps with Swedish cartoon characters on them in conjunction with the trade fair.

Eight toons were honored with their own stamps and Miami ad agency conceived of non traditional ad channels to get the word out. Since the client is the Swedish post, street arting the mailboxes with the characters was a given. Aside from invading mailboxes a la street-art, the toons were also spotted running off the funny pages and people wearing sandwich-board stamps patrolled the city of Gothenburg. (inside)


Folha Top 10's Travel Guides - London, Paris, New York - print, Brazil

Africa Sao Paulo highlight the world for Folha Top 10's Travel Guides.


AYALA bancassurance - "life has guarantees" / Motorcycle - print, Philippines

Uh, way to make a bike so totally uncool guys. (And I blame the virtual beer for making me laugh at the name of the accounts guy Titus Arce. I'm sorry Titus.)


Brisbane Writers Festival - Movie, TV, Bookmark - outdoor, Australia

Brisbane Writers Festival created a campaign via Publicis Mojo, Brisbane, urging peeps to turn off the TV.

There's also a totally silent (and ironic, considering the media) TV commercial here:
Brisbane Writers Festival - TV - (2008) :15 (Australia)


Gulf Power - Change will do us good , print and OOH USA

Gulf Power encourages customers to save energy with new animated ad campaign by Luckie & Co. Campaign includes TV commercial, Radio.


Gulfpower - Change Will Do Us Good - (2008) :60 (USA)

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Produced by: Luckie & Company
Media planning and implementation: Luckie & Company


The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial Series - How to treat your Freelancer.

Since the economy is crumbling all around us and every agency seems to be laying people off left and right - but work is still being produced, so clearly freelancers will be hired everywhere where people were just laid off - we thought we'd take it upon ourselves to help out... in a very AdLandish way.

The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial: Part Seven - how to work with Freelancers Professors: Åsk Wäppling a.k.a Dabitch, Jane Goldman, Jordan Stratford, Brent Hahn, Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua, John Backman, Alec Long, Maxim van Wijk, Brandon Barr and Grant Sanders (in no particular order) after a long thread on adlist where we all shared horror stories.