This belongs to the interview with Freddie Laker at the Cannes Lions 2009 Freddie Laker - Sapient - Spontanious combustion & Coke Vending machines

"If it won a grand prix tonight, I'd probably spontaneously combust".


I'm hella distracted - so here are links to elsewhere where fun can be found.

This is why we love veer - Kern In Space. Must be said with piiigs in spaaaace tone. Warning: will steal your entire afternoon.

The consumerist illustrates what happens when you are a jerk to the copywriter. Do not mess with people who handle the mighty pen!

Marco Brambilla has created the most awesome elevator ride to hell - or heaven if you are going up. Apparently, a dancing Michael Jackson is part of heaven.... If you think this is cool here on the web, imagine seeing it in the real 3D that they did. I tried calling a booking a room at The Standard Hotel, New York, but they said they didn't take "stock options" as payment, darn.

round off with a little serious edge. Some clients are saving money in all the wrong places. See IdeasonIdeas - Sweatpants forever?

The funny part is that for as price-obsessed as this particular client was, they didn’t seem to have much of a reason for being so. From what I could gather, their offices are spread amongst a couple of floors in what appeared to be a Class A building, and that certainly isn’t inexpensive. Additionally, I believe their staff to number in between fifty and a hundred members, and no one appeared to be financially burdened. So why did a budget that wouldn’t have even matched a month’s rent seem more terrifying to them than one of those chainsaw-wielding murderers so common in eighties horror flicks?

Adgrunts, start your guessing machines, lay the money down in the betting pools - who will win what in Cannes?

These are the campaigns that have stood out in the past year,

The Great Schlep at

Conceived by Droga5, directed by Wayne McClammy now at Hungry Man, and shot in comedian Sarah Silverman's apartment the great shlep was so much like a comedy skit that it traversed all the video sites on the web, including "Funny or Die" and was sent around by countless webheads. Proof that a good idea and the right talent can crank out the funny & effective on no budget at all, it has already won a coveted Black Pencil at the 2009 D&AD awards. Black pencils are rare - this might grab the titanium lion. Wayne was no stranger to funny or Sarah, he's the one who shot her "I'm fucking Matt damon" skit.

Politics was a big thing last year, obviously, and the Obama Campaign was on twitter, on youtube, on the streets and in paid media, trying all sorts of new things including airing a half hour commercial. The look of the campaign was as carefully thought out as the message, with what SpeakUp dubbed "the hardest working presidential candidate logo" by Chicago-based Sender LLC and mo/de, and former street artist Fairey creating iconic posters and the cover of Time magazine (Nevermind that lawsuit). Can you think of a more integrated campaign last year? I dare you. I double dare you.

Commercials - my god, it's all over the map this year isn't it? We don't have two jawdroppingly strong ads top of mind like we did last year, when both Gorilla and Believe shared top honors, instead there's a whole bunch of ads that are very popular but are they worthy of a gold or grand prix material?
Arnet One Million Users kinda funny, especially for us adgeeks, and T-mobiles Dance entertained the masses. Some are rooting for LED Sheep which I personally think looks like the CGI was hammered out on an Atari, just because it had so many views online - but this isn't a competition in number of ewhtube hits is it? Don't forget Cadbury's eyebrow dance. Yep, it's wiiiide open.

Outdoor: Share our Billboard (web) and the billboard from James Ready & Leo Burnett Canada has a shot at shiny lions, and I also think that Substral Fertilizer - Tree Poster has a shot at at least silver. Basically, expect to see many more than-just-paper billboards winning this year.

Print - oh dear, what will win print? Scrabble sliced anagrams took a silver at the Clios, will it do better in Cannes?

Interactive: Whopper Sacrifice because we all love to rat out on our friends (and CP+B), right? No? I'm sure there are better ones here, actually, Uniqlo's Tokyo Fashion map is spot on for it's target.

Your turn, who do you think should win and what might win? Big Hat tip to Adgrunt Jasper and Holger Wilcks for discussing the potentials with me.


Translated text from Dagens Industri:

Advertising blog Adland, with founder Åsk Wäppling, wants to be the fly on the wall for all the people who can't go to the advertising festival in Cannes this year. The project is a co-operation with the videosite Bambuser.
Adland's users that are in Cannes will be filming with their cellphones. The films can then be seen live on Adland's website at that moment.

Ah those lovely crazy Danes, the land of the forbidden deeplink, the latest windmill they're fighting now is adblockers. Danish media house Berlingske has gone so far as to block people from reading BT if they have adblockers installed - instead they are greeted with this;
--- Dear Reader message
You can read a google translation of that page here - they say;

We can see that your computer has installed an AdBlock, which allows us can not show you our ads on the website.

We can only give you free journalistic quality content, if we have ads on our sites, because they pay very much the costs associated with running a website. If ads will be removed, lost our income, and then we will not be able to continue to offer you free news on

Have questions or comments please feel free to contact us

Naturally this started a thread over in AdblockPlus' forums on how to get around this.

This began with AidOnline's charity plugin - it replaces teh ads of a newspaper (or website) with their own, and when you surf you collect donations to charities involved. This didn't go down well when the newspapers realized that their advertising space was 'hijacked' and on Aidonline's homepage it now reads (bad google translation);

After a meetings with the charitable organizations where it was clear that pressure from their partners have been too large, and organizations have agreed to stop cooperation immediately.
The computer program AidOnline which works by blocking advertisements on the Internet and use the space to insert new advertisements will not continue. The program worked by the user downloading a little heart into their computer.

I can understand the need to safeguard the media space that advertisers in fact pay for, but this will not wendell. I mean end well. Sorry, wendell, that's your cue.


It's no official, the teaser campaign (or "stealth viral" as Adage dubbed it), where a boy wakes up with "girl parts" one day and learns to love Tampax by the end of the week is created for Procter & Gamble's Tampax.

The campaign was created by Leo Burnett, Chicago and there was no mention of Tampax until poor Zack suddenly had a visit from aunt Flo and found a Tampax vending machine in the girls restroom.

As AdAge says, that wasn't the only thing "stealthy" about this viral campaign:

The campaign's backer hasn't been the only thing stealthy about it. As of this week, the most viewed of nine online videos produced had been seen fewer than 6,000 times on YouTube, though it's had a few thousand additional views on such sites as Funny or Die and The fictional Mr. Johnson also has a Twitter account, @ZackJohnson16, with 949 followers.

So something weird happened to me last night and I'm just trying to deal. Went to the bathroom this morning to find that I suddenly possessed the aiming ability of a defective garden sprinkler. Soon thereafter I discovered that a super important body part of mine had gone missing. Maybe it went for a midnight stroll and fell into a pond? Decided to seek medical attention. Had an awkward discussion with the school nurse. Didn't tell her what really happened. I will remain elusive. Chelsea Carr walked by my locker today and we made meaningful eye contact. At least I think it was meaningful. I dunno, I'm confused. Maybe this is just a bad dream. I'm sure everything will be back to normal tomorrow.

DDB Stockholm has just released a new campaign recruiting men and women to the Swedish Armed Forces. The cryptic (and somewhat creepy) commercials are directed by Jesper Kouthoofd. I'll admit that I've been trying to keep up with the tasks in the ads on TV, and the posters I see on the buses with quizzes like: "How many are on this bus? How many women? How many over 70?" and I fail pretty miserably most of the time so I guess it's a good thing I'm not a current member of the armed forces. Officer training for the Swedish military is conducted through Försvarshögskolan (Swedish National Defense College) - not on the web, obviously but you can test yourself to see if you have what it takes here: recruitment campaign - English. A new (english) site is under works for this part of the campaign seeking recruits - those brave enough to try it in Swedish may go to

Rest assured though, if you pass the test, you won't have to be naked. This footage, leaked in 2004 and caused quite a stir back then, shows some pranksters reading the regulation book to the dot, it mentions that you must wear a helmet at the shooting range, but makes no note of clothing.