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Bud gets caffeinated

Anheuser-Busch is launching a caffeine-infused version of Budweiser, called Be, which also contains guarana and ginseng with a sweet/tart fruity aroma and sweeter taste than the regular Bud.

Anheuser-Busch's decision to roll out Be reflects the fact that consumers face a growing spectrum of drinking choices, said Bob Lachky, vice president, brand management, and director, global brand creative, at the domestic brewing unit.

Years ago, people defined their drinking through a particular brand, such as Budweiser, or a type of drink, such as wine, he said.

Now, they decide to drink a Budweiser or some wine depending on their mood, the drinking occasion - such as a date - or the time of day, Lachky said. "It's more about individuality and wanting something different and not conforming."

The new drink will help rejuvenate the Budweiser brand, McGauley said.
"It just adds a tremendous amount of contemporary adult attitude to the Budweiser name as well," he said. "It's bringing some very key consumer elements that young adult consumers are looking for under the Budweiser badge and name."


An open letter to the advertising industry

At the Daytona Beach Journal, C. A. Bridges goes on a right rant about advertising. It's all our fault - us adgrunts - that he has so much to hate. Couldn't be a clients persistent insistence now could it? Please print and show to anyone you know who thinks the traps he mentions actually work.

A free gift that requires me to pay anything, for any reason, is - and this will shock many of you -- not a free gift. "Free" does not mean "free with purchase" or "free with postage and handling" or "free with rebate." "Free" means you give it to me and I don't have to do anything after that. Let me know if I'm going too fast, here.

CommercialCloset shut down by the AFA

The CommercialCloset.org , a great resource which aims to collect and gather feedback on all sorts of ads depicting gay people was in a geek word DDoS:ed by members of AFA last week.
The American Family Association is boycotting P&G due to a print ad for Downy Wrinkle Releaser that showed two men in bed together. Nevermind that the ad ran once only and four years ago, in a Gay magazine in Toronto, Canada. The AFA made it their pet project, see their site and boycott Procter and Gamble page. The link to the commercial closet in that elert was clicked on 1.5 million times an hour Sept. 29, 30 and Oct. 1, bringing the site down like a denial of service attack would, even though this was done by individuals and not some hackware. When service returned on Friday the Commercial Closet had to dubious pleasure of receiving thousands of hate emails from fans of the AFA who quote the bible backwards.
Commercial closet donations are the only thing keeping the non-profit ad collectors afloat and if you wish to even out the struggle so that this massive resource of commercials from all over the world can keep on trucking - more bandwidth, better servers - you should donate a few bucks.
Poor procter and gamble, when they're not accused of promoting Satan with their Man in the Moon logo, they're scoffed at by agency creatives all over the world. ;)
Shame that a third party resource had to feel the heat - though a shady marketeer might be thinking "wow, 1.5 million hits an hour!? How do I get my product on this mailinglist? Can I advertise there?" You know who you are, stop it right now.

More at WorldnetDaily "Dobson: Boycott Procter & Gamble".


Admen in Spaaaaace!

Richard Branson, president of the Virgin Group, said today he hopes to begin carrying space tourists on sub-orbital flights in just three years. His new company, Virgin Galatic, is already selling tickets- apparently even one to Trevor Beattie, CD at TBWA/London.

Initial flights aboard a Rutan-designed spacecraft capable of carrying five passengers will run around $190,000. Trevor Beattie, a well-known advertising personality in Britain, has already booked a flight.

"I think anyone who had the chance to go would want to go," he said today. "Well, I've got the chance to go because of my profession and because of Richard."

Also ad-related, 7up announced a promotional contest for next year to give away at least one free ticket- currently of a value of $190,000.

Hate hates celebrities and the celebs hate Hate.

Interview by Lotta Fjelkegård, Bold.

If you can't find a good magazine to buy in the stores, then start one of your own, it's the DIY fanzine way to solve the problem. That's why British journalist Calvin Holbrook founded Hate.

LF: - Could you please give us a brief background on how you got started working for Face, Sneak and 19?

CH: -I trained as a journalist at the University of Westminster in London. First off I worked in radio and then I moved on to be the Clubs Editor on the UK's gay title Boyz which was pretty awful - having to say clubs were great because you relied on their advertising, rather than being able to give a totally subjective view. After that I travelled around the world a bit, then landed a job at 19 magazine, for teenage girls. Then, after working with an awful editor that was so slow that we had to work till 3am on press nights, I decided to leave and freelance on lots of other magazines.


Mitsubishi buys Metros front page - in seven countries

The Colt campaign that we reported about in May Strawberryfrog drives Colt under water. is now driving us barking mad all over Europe. Posters are everywhere and the commercial with a woman driving under water flirting with some sub marine men is on all channels all the time.
Had it been above ground and a truck driver the Mitsubishi lady might have been more inclined to react the same way Thelma and Lois does, but under water she seems thrilled to be ogled at from above as she steers her little car down the banks. How odd. To really make sure the punters see this campaign, Mitsubishi is buying the cover of Metro - in seven different countries.

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The invasion of the advertising blogs

Once upon a time there were precious few sites in this vast world wide web that talked about advertising - Zeldmans ad graveyard was one of the few back then, portfolios.com appered way back in 1995 as well and in 1996 the humble first steps of Adland were made.
These days there are ad sites everywhere - and a new niche is blooming, advertising blogs, dedicated to advertising, PR, Branding and snarking the ad blogs are booming - I've decided to list a few, say 70 odd links for your surfing pleasure.


Coming AdTractions winner = The Art Director's Time Sheets

Claymore, the man with the witty pen has done it again and won the coming Adtractions competition. While the trailers to other ad-movies like the retro themed Slasher, the scary idea of the Morning After the Agency Holiday Party, the world famous Kill Your Darlings, The Attendee, FLAT BROKE and The return of the customer all sound like they would make great straight to video movies the jury fell for the all too recognizable event described in Claymores The Art Director's Time Sheets.
The lucky sod will receive a set of 20 jewelboxings, a.k.a the only way for a digital portfolio to travel in style. Congrats and thanks all for playing!


Budget constraints often lead to bad advertising choices.

File under obvious - but it never hurts to remind people of it.
Budget constraints often lead to bad advertising choices. While the temptation is to skimp on preparation, the truth is that a larger initial investment produces better results so begins an article by Steve McKee, president of McKee Wallwork Henderson, here at BusinessWeek Online.