Codatronca - This is not Gotham City - (2009)  :42 (Italy)

An Animated Web Film to promote Codatronca, a fast super car made in Italy.

Director Kobayashi has been contacted by Paolo Spada, one of the owner of SVS (Spada Vetture Sport), around 6 months ago to develop an online campaign for their brand new product: Codatronca, a super car with amazing performances (0-100 Km/h in 3.4 sec.) and a unique design.

Kobayashi immediately associated this car to his most loved comics and manga's vehicles, like Kaneda's bike in Akira or the Batmobile. The only difference... Codatronca is real!

SVS asked the director to take as much time as needed to craft the best possible experience and gave him complete creative freedom and a high budget for the entire production.

In what seemed to be a surefire way to buy badwill, Dole Foods filed a lawsuit against the documentary filmmaker Fredrik Gertten because the documentary Bananas* 'contained falsehoods which harmed the US food giant.'

As soon as word got out, Max Hamburgers - an all Swedish burger chain that serves healthier burgers and always offers bean salad and fruit snacks in the kids meals - decided to stop serving Dole anything in retaliation for the suit. “We don’t like Dole’s actions. Suing a filmmaker instead of having a dialogue is despicable" said Max CEO Richard Bergfors in several interviews basking in the PR they got from that move. Soon enough Swedish grocers joined in, with ICA and Axfood the largest supermarket chains demanding talks with Dole as they no longer wanted to keep Dole products in the stores. Local ICA stores, like mine, boldly moved all Dole products back into the stockroom at customers request, so for a while I couldn't find Dole Food products anywhere. The Bananas* film was written up in every newspaper as it was aired on SVT (Swedens State Television) and in the space of one week, it went from perfectly normal to wildly anti-social if you had a dole-branded banana in your kids lunchbox.

Now the Local reports that Dole drops Bananas!* lawsuit.

While Dole said it believed it had a strong case, it chose to dismiss the suit because of “the free speech concerns being expressed in Sweden”.
The company maintained, however, that the film was inaccurate.
“While the filmmakers continue to show a film that is fundamentally flawed and contains many false statements we look forward to an open discussion with the filmmakers regarding the content of the film,” C. Michael Carter, Dole’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel, said in a statement.

Absolut No label

Omg! The bottle is nekked. Absolut No label is the famous silhouette bottle we all know and blame our hangover on, but without the label and no logo. It's naked. This is a limited edition bottle that manifests the idea that it's what's inside that counts.

”For the first time we dare to face the world completely naked. We launch a bottle with no label and no logo, to manifest the idea, that no matter what’s on the outside, it’s the inside that really matters. The bottle visually manifests our belief in diversity and our standpoint when it comes to sexual identities. Off course it is also a wonderful piece of delicate and minimalist design, a true collectors item” says Kristina Hagbard, Global PR Manager at The Absolut Company.

The nude bottle is part of a greater inititiative where Absolut wants to challenge labels and prejudice about sexual identities. You remember the rainbow bottle? Once again, Absolut is showing support of the LGBT community, by promoting a diverse world (with no labels).

Duracell "Tornado"  2009, USA

Been doing the music & sound design for Duracell TV spots for the past couple of years. This is currently running internationally, and am in production for another which will be airing in a few weeks.