Logo Twins, Quarks new look is Scottish Arts Council's old look.

Uh-oh! Quark express has decided to get a new look - the only problem is that someone else is already wearing it, the Scottish Arts Council. They're total twins! I guess we know which designer made use of all that tracing paper that was on sale... ;)

Spotted by macworld poster, via Metafilter.


Are You the CEO of this Dealership?

I did a sales meeting this morning for one of our automotive clients and presented this question to the sales staff. "Are you the CEO of this Dealership"? Everyone answered "NO"...think again I said!.

I believe to be successful you must have a CEO mentality. All successful sales people view themselves as a business within a business. Never forget that the dealership writes and signs your check, but you fill in the numbers. Always take responsibility for everything.

You are the CEO!


RESFEST 2005: Keep it Curious

- an annual global film festival and multi-media event - launches a global multi-media ad campaign encouraging creative people, to continue to be curious with "interactive" communication created by agency 86 the onions.


A new ad targeting widget and DVR fears overblown

Yesterday, a new digital device lauched that claims it can save the TV commercial from extinction. The Media Guardian's Stephen Brook reports that PV1000 created by British developer, Packet Vision, allows for viewers to only watch the commecials they want to see. It shows different adverts to different TV viewers during the same ad break, in theory showing commercials relevant to viewers.

This could be an effective way to create a much more targeted communications plan, especially on channels that have a wide variety in their audience.

Although in related news, Adage.com reports that Magna Global's newly released "On Demand Quarterly" reports that subscribers for DVRs are down.


Holographic ads

Forget posters. The possible new trend could be the holographic ad. According to AV Interactive40 Punch Tavern pubs in London and Central England are to be fitted with holographic displays showing advertising. Each pub is getting two ColorHolo screens by Colour Holographic as part of a trial. The screens can show upto 70 frames of video and are set off my motion detectors.

Colour Holographic has already created holographic ads for brands like Guinness, Nike, Cadbury's and Bailey's.

Ad type: 
Business: Digital/Currencies
Business: Environment/Housing
Business: Music/ Sport: China
European: Faces/Result
Asian News: Broadband/Retailer

New global campaign for CNN

Created by independent marketing agency, Iris, CNN is launching an international print and outdoor campaign positioning itself as the source peope to find "Essential Global Intelligence". The campaign is intended to communicate the range of news rather than be only branding for the broadcaster.

The campaign will run in pan-European consumer and trade titles from September and be supported by outdoor exposure on Heathrow Express in October. Later in the year ads will begin running in Asia and Latin America.

Read on to see the ads.

Ad type: 

New Zealand billboard gets pulled

After being up for only one day a billboard in Auckland for Auto Trader's website will be taken down voluntarily. The issue is in the headline, causing people to complain.

The ad campaign for the Auto Trader website was meant to poke fun at Auckland drivers with the slogan: "We've got rides for dirty bitches." The billboard features two dogs looking out of a car window.

BSUR gets Naked!

BSUR has entered into a partnership with creative media agency Naked, which has been active in Amsterdam for the past year. They will be working together for a growing number of international clients, like Wrangler, Bacardi and Plantronics, who often dare creative solutions in non-traditional media. Naked was launched in London four years ago, and has since been voted Media Agency of the Year three times in a row. Its Amsterdam operation is headed by Jason Dawes.


Yesterday Volkswagon, Today Sprite

According to AdWeek, Crispin Porter + Bogusky has just won the $40 million Sprite account, swiping it away from Ogilvy. That comes on the heels of yesterday's news, where it was revealed that CP+B won the $400 million Volkswagon account.

Holy Schnikes!

They're on a rampage! Pillaging and looting accounts, winning crazy numbers of trophies, and literally soaking up every single ounce of press!

Where does it all end??


AdLand's Ad Battle I - The Fantasy Football Fracas

Ok, we're going to try something a little different here for our Superadgrunts - our first official AdLand Ad Battle. It's quite simple. We've taken two campaigns that are duking it out against each other and brought them here to continue the scrimmage. Your comments determine who wins and loses. Why? Because we know some of you are just dying for an outlet for sharing your incredible insights into advertising psychology and sociology. As for the rest of you.... well, it gives you an opportunity to be smartarses.

For the debut, we're pitting NFL Fantasy Football against ESPN Fantasy Football. We've gathered a handful from each campaign for your consideration. Is it boys versus girls? East versus west? Suburban versus utopian? You're about to find out. Continue for more... (Superadgrunts only)