Two new Diet Pepsi ad campaigns rev up

New campaigns for Diet Pepsi in Canada and the US are launching. For the US they are going to continue on with making the Diet Pepsi can personified as a "star", a la the Super Bowl commercials from earlier this year featuring P Diddy and Jackie Chan. This time they will appear beside Carmen Electra and Kevin Dillon. Supposedly, this is considered humorous - follow this link to one of the print ads.

The Canadian campaign features folks on the street who are asked if there's anything they'd like to have back from their youth.


Dumbest ad ban ever.

BBC news reports about an ad being banned because a punter typed the wrong URL.

The radio advert which pointed people to a site that advises children on how to stay safe online, can not be broadcast again in its current form.
A listener who wanted to see the site spelled the url with "you" instead of "u" and ended up on a porn-link page.

Chris Fox, as sly as one, the "you" URL's owner is probably laughing all the way to the bank. The "you" URL was registered 15-Feb-2006, shortly after the first airing of the now banned advert. Clever. Remember kids, have all common variations of your URL registered before your enemies do. ;)


"everything must go" Colle+McVoy moving sale

Colle+McVoy are having a moving sale on eBay where everything must go. Even their old awards here:

Perfect for those "up-and-coming" ad agencies that need to show blue-chip clients that they have a long-standing tradition of excellence in the pet health field.
This box of ad industry accolades from years 1986 to 1999 has all the big ones. An ECHO Award, a Top of the Arc Award, even the much-sought-after Gentle Doctor Award, all in pristine, ready-for-trophy-case condition. Price includes a nearly empty bottle of ad industry award polish.

Personally I'm more interested in the "Real ake arm", looks useful.


Adland Memes: Video Games

Although not entirely new, it seems lately there have been a rash of ad agencies making use of video game-themed concepts. It's one thing when the ad is for a video game or related product, but the last couple months have seen an increase in ads using game themes where there is no direct connection to the product or service.

American Express - Roddick vs Pong (2006) 0:30 (USA)


Link lust: This is no ordinary link...

JonBenet killer
Adfreak points us to this TBS worlds funniest commercials show hosted by Kevin Nealon - the SNL subliminal ad man.


Dumb ad of the week - bikelanes on highways

Advertising agency Goss went a little guerilla/ambient overboard when shilling their bike client. Their idea was to paint "bike lane" symbols on places where it is impossible to ride a bike. They even painted some on the highway.

After a few days someone at the agency came to their senses and they decided to remove that particular one.

The Swedish Road Administration describe the idea as highly dangerous and point out that one needs to seek permission before placing signs on or near roads.

Ironically, The Swedish Road Administration is one of Goss' clients. Who knows for how long after this tho. ;)
Source DN, via Bold

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"We want to seed virals on your [insert name here] site!"

It seems that no matter how much we point at the send in your reels and the other submit your work pages, few if any read it before contacting us. No worries, we're used to getting all the things we ask you not to send, like wmv files, or the press release text attached in a word document, or your beautiful commercial served up as a youtube link, and we tirelessly ask you kindly to re-submit if we're interested in what you send.

Now, we could mock silly emails we receive and post those sadly uninformed cease and desist orders here on the front page all day long if we didn't have better manners than some other blogs out there - but today I'm afraid, we've met the drop that the cup runneth over by. Don't worry, I won't make it a habit as then we wouldn't have time to post anything else.

Read on to see how not to chat up this particular website to be your "viral seeding" whore. Free advice: for starters, dear Dialog Solutions GmbH, you might want to come off a little less like spam by actually personalizing the personal email.


Top rated ads of 2006 - so far

2006 is two-thirds of the way over. What ads will make it into the roundup for 2006? Here's an update. If you disagree...make use of your mouse and rate those films (and articles). Only you can prevent a bad ad from getting a high rating.

Top 5 Ads:
Berlitz - German Coastguard - (2006) :30 (Norway)


Do nothing at work and get away with it

It's Monday. Are you still feeling hungover from a weekend of drinking? Rather be doing anything but work? Sitting at your desk starring out the window wishing you could be out there? Well, don't fret.

W+K Portland's new blog gives 10 tips for How to Do Nothing at Work, and Get Away With It. Here's the first two:

1. Look Busy: Having papers spead all over your desk helps, as do pencils which are widdled down to the eraser. If you have to walk somewhere, keep your head down, and walk quickly (this also works if youre trying to avoid being called over to do work. NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT!). Carrying clipboard with you while moving around also helps.

2. Look Stressed: If you look completely stressed out, co-workers and your boss will be more likely to leave you alone, since you must have other pressing matters on your mind. To look stressed leave your eyes unfocused, move from place to place quickly while quietly talking to yourself, and if someone asks you a question, stare off into the distance for a moment, give a big sigh, and answer them with an irritated tone.


AdCrap Recap - Week 33

It's time to take your Adland vitamin. Here's a quick recap of last week's ups and downs.

Down: Bacardi steals performance act for new ad campaign.
Up: George Ellis' impression of a Cannes award winner.
Up: Cock-A-Doodle viral follows up Everyman's Notice Your Nuts spot.
Down: Nowhere is safe from adcreep.
Up: Ideas on Ideas gets the conversation going on what is bad design.
Sideways: Fitness Company takes on bag-vertising, the latest trend in letting the media be the idea.

Ads of the week:
LUX - Balloon - (2006) :90 (UK)