Nando's Limited Coca Cola Bottle for Freedom Day

Freedom Day, celebrated April 27th in South Africa, provided the perfect opportunity for Cross Colours to develop a collector's Coke bottle for the Nando's Freedom Day Meal promotion.

It is seldom that Coca Cola allows any agency the freedom to design outside the usual brand parameters, so when Nando's was given the go ahead to brand a Coke bottle sleeve for this special occasion, their design agency Cross Colours was briefed to interpret Freedom Day, Coca Cola and Nando's on the bottle sleeve.

It is reminiscent of the funky bottle designs from last autumn for exclusive distribution in the trendiest of clubs and bars.


Apple adds ads to iTunes

Apple adds ads to itunes, say that ten times fast!
Yup, the AdAge article "Apple Chomps Into Forbidden Fruit: Ads" explains that Apple is contemplating for the ads to appear only in the lower-left corner of the iTunes library while users listen to podcasts from their computers rather than from portable devices. This makes me laugh - who on earth watches their iTunes while listening to podcasts? Can we see a show of hands? Anybody? Bueller? I thought not.
I hope that the ad revenue is shared with the content creators, the podcaster be they famous or joe-average. Must be, right?

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Banks suck, so use our bank instead!

We've seen a bit of a creative renaissance with bank ads so far this year, in a "Your bank is old and busted. Ours is hip and fresh and trusted!" sort of way. Leading the way was Washington Mutual's current campaign done by, believe it or not, Leo Burnett. And now, U.S. Bank is also taking a well-pointed and spiffily-edited stab at the genre with a new campaign by the Kaplan Thaler Group, aka "The Fastest-Growing Agency in America." Superadgrunts, check 'em out.

U.S. Bank - Name Game
U.S. Bank - Low Rates


Ginsters - Real Honest Food (2006) Press (UK)

Ginsters press ads play off the exaggeration of headlines in newspapers for their Real Honest Food campaign.

Ad Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

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ForestEthics Aims For Environmentally Friendly Direct Marketing

Nonprofit forest advocacy group ForestEthics, has been running a campaign for the last 18 months trying to get Victoria's Secret, which sends out 395 million catalogs annually, to use more recycled paper and less virgin timber in their catelogs. Apparently some strides have been made by VC, but not enough to stop ForestEthics from continuing their campaign. The microsite Victoria's Dirty Secret implies that VC needs to end its relationship with "irresponsible International Paper".


World Cup Advertising Gets A Head Start

The World Cup doesn't officially kick off until Friday 9th June 2006, but advertisers, like Switzerland Tourism, Pepsi, adidas, Carlsberg, and Rexona, have already started their attempts to cash in on football fever.


BLEEPING FLUKE? Knorr vs. McDonald's again

Robblink who posted the Badlander "Knorr vs McDonald's" notes in the comments that The New York Post also spotted the similarities.

Sometimes the idea for an ad is so (bleeping) funny that it shows up in more than one place.
That's the polite explanation for similar television spots for fast-food giant McDonald's and Unilever's Knorr foods that aired within days of each other.

So , for anyone who missed it, here are the bleeping ads!


Advertising in online video games: check, done that.

In our best "been there, done that, doing it tomorrow"-tude, we knew we'd have to advertise in a video game eventually - since we've been writing about it so much. When the suitable topical game The Young Guns vs The Old Ones, where new media agencies streetfight against established aphabet soup groups, appeared we simply had to do it.

So there ya have it
, our first ad within gamespace. Cute innit? ;) Now if someone could help me get through this game without killing my own team, my day would be made!


85th ADC Award winners

85th Art Director's Club Award winners have been announced. At a gala ceremony at The Art Directors Club gallery on June 8, 2006, the ADC will present this year’s winners with their Gold and Silver Cubes. Check out the gold winners inside.


Guldtaggen: this years best web ad

Norways "guldtaggen" (the golden tag - geddit?) has been awarded and among the winners were Toyota Norway who together with the agency did their own live version of subservient chicken. Except in this case it was a subservient Toyota RAV4 Driver.
Viewers sent in their request to check how the car performed, many asked for dangerous stunts and pedestrian things like paralell parking, and someone even asked them to stick a pram in the back - all which the driver did as soon as the SMS request reached him and it played live on the site. Later they rounded up the best and nuttiest things done and sorted them into a replay archive.