Grrrgame sells Honda Diesel

Somehow a cute fluffy rabbit game created by w+k for Honda UK is supposed to sell diesel engines. Search me how, as I just wasted all my billable hours on this.


Would you like an old joke with your coffee?

Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.
Coffee has the same effect be it hot or cold. In the US or Sweden. Close dupliclaims in the ideas, very different in execution, Super Adgrunts watch these two coffee jokes sink in.


It's The Font, Stupid

An op-ed piece in The New York Times (registration required) examines the design and typography of the U.S. presidential candidates' logos. A few letters dispute the conclusions, but I'm afraid he makes a good case.

Credit for this posting's title goes to my dad.


New way to pitch for new business? (UPDATED)

A rogue Molson Canadian ad aired over the weekend in Toronto and Montreal, Canada.

Apparently it was a part of a pitch by Toronto agency Vaughn Whelan & Partners. The ad was just one part of the pitch campaign, which also included emails and directing people key to the Molson pitch to Project Hijack.


McDonald's replaces golden arches with ?

Yes, I'm serious, McDonald's is dropping the Golden Arches icon from UK advertising in a new campaign to convince consumers of its healthy eating. It's McD advertising, Jim, but not as we know it.
Instead of the golden arches, they'll use a golden question mark and the tagline "McDonald's. But not as you know it".


Cannes Festival adds Radio Lions

Cannes organisers are introducing a new award category for 2005 - the Cannes Lions Radio Lions.

"Radio is an increasingly important part of the media mix and it is appropriate and logical that Cannes recognises creative excellence in this area," commented Terry Savage, Festival CEO.


A little music while you pee?

Is there some strange fasination with advertising to men in the loo? It seems like it with all the urinal advertising making the press lately, like Twist on bathroom advertising. This time, the ads on the urinal cakes take a unusual twist- they have recorded messages and music which is activated by motion.
(read on for more...)


Clientcopia - a new place to vent.

Oh my! It's like an entire AdVent site - Clientcopia is where you can browse and add the dumbest things clients have ever said to you. Like "can we have four colours but we only want to pay for one". You can browse all the inane things that are in there already, or add your own. Can't get enough - bookmark this old dreamless client quote discussion for your chuckling pleasure.


Internal Nokia commercials? (UPDATED)


Child labour group gets Pepsi ad banned in India.

A judge has ordered Pepsi to withdraw a television commercial that has angered child-labour activists. The commercial depicts a ten-year old boy carrying pepsi to the Indian cricket team, negotiating a difficult route to them, finally emerging from an underground tunnel.

"We are against multinationals using children in advertising that shows child labour in a positive light," said activist Santosh Shinde of the Mumbai-based voluntary group Balpraful. They launched a petition in Hyderabad, where a judge ruled it should be withdrawn.