Link Lust: Everything was better in the good old days.

The site 1972 olympics showcases the amazing visual identity of the Munich Olympics created by Otl Aicher and his teams’ iconic designs. Posters that are painfully pretty! Even the tickets look good enough to eat. Via the digg-clone that is Researcher.

In the mad men era, men were wise men - as proven by What would Dan Draper do? - my god, the man even rambles on about my brand of cigarettes the way I used to back when it wasn't a mortal sin to admit one smoked. Note to British American Tobacco - you still can't get Pall Mall in London and this is just weird considering there is a place called Pall Mall in London. Fix that stat!

Pall Mall has a slogan: “Wherever particular people congregate.” It’s fine for the converted, but their campaign needs a punch. Look at the coat of arms printed on the front and back of every package of Pall Mall cigarettes. A Latin phrase on the shield, “Per Aspera Ad Astra,” translates as “Through Difficulty to the Stars.” Underneath the shield, a banner reads “In Hoc Signo Vinces” or “In this sign, you will conquer.” Pall Malls are never uncertain - they’re with you in difficult times and in victorious ones. They’re the familiar something you carry with you or follow into battle. A sign, an honest code. A package of Pall Malls is security in your pocket: always there and waiting for your return, like home, wherever it may be. Pall Malls are a taste of home.

(see now why it's so hard for me to stay quit?)


Renault Megane Cabriolet - Look up more often / ceilings - print, Brazil

These are beautiful ceilings. They are. Why they are used as an illustration to the car that has no ceiling... Is uhm. Maybe they're suggesting we should all joyride into cathedrals a little more often. In our cabriolet, of course.


ESPN - Bones , print Brazil

They're working on the pun "it's in your bones", possibly? Or perhaps another idiom that I'm not familiar with. Either way it's very "huh?"

Agency website: http://www.neogamabbh.com.br

Link to larger image 1


Mother New York goes island hopping for new 10 cane rum campaign.

Titled "Fantastic news" Mother sent us a press release about their new 10 cane films. It is creative director Linus Karlsson who shot the ads in the US Virgin Islands - but honestly this release is a rarity in funny so I'll let you read it for yourselves.

ps - previously in the Motherverse of 10 cane rum the Vanity Fair & other press ads from March this year and wild poster campaign of bikiniclad gals in May.

By this point in the history of the world we, as a people, have learned many things. One of these things is that 10 Cane is the world’s best rum. We have learned this through advertising, PR, print, word of mouth, word of bartender, word of friend, word of stranger and word of 10 Cane Super Premium Films. 
With the initial release of 10 Cane’s Super Premium Films three years ago, we learned how 10 Cane is made. It’s truly an amazing process that includes accordions, first press Trinidadian cane juice, love, three really cool dudes, and never under any circumstances molasses. Everyone walked away from these films much the wiser.
But there is much more to be learned.
With the latest edition of Super Premium Films, 10 Cane is now teaching us not how the rum is made, since they have already taught us this, but rather a glimpse into how 10 Cane is to be enjoyed when properly living the 10 Cane lifestyle. The films will make you laugh and they will make you cry. But mostly they will make you laugh because laughing is more fun than crying and rum is the most fun spirit around.


SBS Olympic coverage - Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Equestrian (2008) :30 (Australia)

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Ad agency: RazorJunior Sydney
Production Company: Nylon
Sound Engineer - Tone Aston at Nylon
Creative Director - Josh Moore
Copywriters - Giuliana De Felice & Tim Chenery
Agency Producer - Elizabeth Coleman


Radar's Viral strain top ten, really strains itself to include fake ads in their lineup

Radar online has an article called: VIRAL STRAIN 2008 is shaping up to be a bad year for guerrilla advertising and even that headline bothers me. Viral and Guerilla is not even close the same thing, leave it to the ad-amateurs to get these two confused. Then the article starts with "2007 was the year when so-called "guerrilla advertising," or "viral marketing," made its national debut. " Oh puh-lease, was the writer born in 2007? Neither guerilla advertising nor viral advertising is that young, the first exposed viral campaign here is from 2000, though offline virals have been created since 1987 (for Apple mac - look it up), and guerilla advertising goes way back to the days when I was still preoccupied with learning how to walk. That's a long time ago, folks.


SKY movie - Superman Returns - ambient, New Zealand.

Honestly, DDB, Auckland are having a crazy amount of fun promoting whatever movies are soon to appear on SKY. I'm just about ready to emigrate there now - hey Toby, will you please hire me? I promise not to mess with your car.

Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Art Director: Clara McLaurin
Copywriter: Mike Felix
Account Director: Danielle Richards


DARE iced coffee - Was it something we did? - print, Australia

BMF Sydney has a little fun with the recent mass-closing of Starbucks in Australia - taking the credit for in the name of their client Dairy Farmers Australia.


Adidas - All Blacks "this is not a Jersey" - print and online campaign, New Zealand

Is this a first in advertising? Nanotechnology used to engrave names of fans into the threads of All Blacks Adidas Jerseys? Seriously - nanotechnology!

I'll let TBWA\WHYBIN explain:

Here is the latest work from our office in New Zealand for adidas and the All Blacks. This year we are going to engrave the names of thousands of fans onto the actual thread that makes the All Blacks jersey, with ‘AdiThread’.

All is revealed on www.thisisnotajersey.com.

The Fibre Imprinting Nanotechnology was developed by Professor Richard Blaikie of the University of Canterbury and the MacDiarmid Institute of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. The technology has been commercialized by Canterprise Limited, the Commercialization and Technology Transfer Company of the University of Canterbury. Canterprise CEO, Raiyo Nariman says “Adi Thread demonstrates how state of the art technology coming out of the University can be incorporated into innovative applications in fields outside technology-based products”.

Attached is an image from a test run of an actual thread with the names of 1073 All Blacks on it.


New Zealand Army Ngati Tumatauenga - Officer recruitment / Tetris - New Zealand

Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand compare army strategy to playing Tetris as they recruit leaders and strategists into the Army as officers. I've seen similar thoughts before but it never really works for me, the whole 'game' angle I mean. I bet that the training officers will be yelling at the new recruits as soon as they get there "do you think this is a game!?" ;)