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Having a rough day at work? Want to blow a hole through your creative briefs and account exec?
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Professional Executions


It's like a hangover so bad, I lost two months of my memory.

Hello all. And a happy 2009.

Mine isn't happy. It hasn't been happy since 2 pm on the 31st of December 2008 when the adland server - named AMMO - crashed badly for the third time and took all it's backups with it.

This is not ammo that we are running on now. I do not trust ammo anymore, despite new discs (twice) new chassi (twice) and new kernel, that Dell PE2950 twin Quad Core Xeon is without a doubt the most crash-prone machine that I have ever encountered, and there still no word as to why it crashed like that. Three times. Taking three out of six RAID5 discs into never-never-bit-land. Yes, the impossible happened to me, thrice.

So here we are running on a slow previous machine with old backups and as you can see, much is lost. While I do my best to recreate all those posts, I can not recreate users through a series of wild guesses. I can not recreate user uploaded files (but will be fetching as much as I can from various caches on the web) - and all the while, I was working to fix things before the superbowl - and yes all of that work is lost too.

Pardon me if I'm a tad too depressed to elaborate further, I'm also quite busy as we will now have to move this to another machine and that takes some doing (ever seen an Art Director do data migration before? ha!) Because, as always, I am the one that will be doing everything. We don't have a crew of clever techies working for us, just this crazy Art Director here doing her very best. You may hate that your favorite video is now offline (at the moment, but I will get everything back, I'll work day and night I promise), you may curse loudly that your account was wiped, I totally understand. Just remember, my heart is broken too.

I'll give more updates as I have time to share them.

Meanwhile, just so that people don't run into bugs, the signups are off, and the upgrades are off. Luckily I have a copy of those updates in another machines as well - so those who lost upgraded accounts please forward your latest receipt to host -at - and I'll get you (and a new account) sorted as soon as I can.


Bubbles Hair Salon - Fingerprints

Because each hairstyle is different - and Bubbles Hair salon offers styling that is very you.


Super Bowl Glory or Super Bowl Cheesy?

Advertisers who yearn to be on during the Super Bowl but can't afford the $3 million price tag can now get in for $395,000. The catch? They'll have to share the :30 spot with seven other sponsors. As a bonus, the spot will be available for a year at
A few companies have been contacted, but it's not known if anyone has committed yet.


Kewpie Tarako - Christmas song- (2008) 5:00 (Japan)

Kewpie Tarako - Christmas song- (2008) 5:00 (Japan)

They jazzed the song up for christmas! Bless'em!


Arlanda Stad planned "Princess hotel" has portrait of her along the entire building.

Arlandastad and First Hotels will begin building this hotel in 2009, as you can see there's a massive portrait of Crown Princess Victoria covering the entire building. An abstract stamp-like impression, where the horizontal lines varying thickness create the portrait.
I'm not saying my usual "gee, I've seen that before". I'm saying I know from experience that it'll look ossom. ;) In fact, I might even stay there if I can book a room in her nose. I've always aspired to get up the princess' nose.


Ratika's - age defying designer jewelry

Want to look younger? Have you ever tried some Ratika's designer jewelry?


Please Coke, It's Christmas without your help, stop competing with Apotekarnes Julmust.

Remember way back in 2003? Coke still doesn't get it - Julmust rules.
Yes, it's that time of year again. And Coke is selling us christmas again. For those who can read Swedish, Kontaktmannen is also ranting about this, with a few well chosen swearwords this year "Släpp musten för i helvete". Because yes, Coke still doesn't get it and they're still trying to make Coke synonymous with Jul in Sweden. As kontaktmannen so eloquently puts his point - Coke is the most drunk soft drink for 365 days, how can you even expect that this will suddenly be synonymous to an Xmas feeling, which most people only have for two weeks a year ? (And how do you become synonymous with christmas when you're synonymous with summer fun love, friendship, cinemas and whatever else?)

That's so true, whenever I see the new ad (Thanks Coke for shutting down the re-run of that horrid christmas trucks commercial we've seen every year since 1989), I shudder for two reasons. One, there's a flippin' world war style B-52 airplane dumping boxes of Coke over small Swiss looking towns. That's just creepy. I really don't like the connotations this brings up. Is it like that bomber that flew over east Berlin and dropped chocolate for the kids, if so what is Coke saying about Europe in general here? We're stuck in commie-land and only US Coke will help us? The symbolism is likely not even spotted by an American but over here it's borderline offensive.
Then, Coke is the hero in the ad, gleeful happy people holler "It's Christmas!" when a coke vending machine turns on and they can drink that brown softdrink... that .. they can drink all other times of the year. WTF? That makes no sense in a country where I throw myself at the first bottle of Julmust available only in late November. These bottles are not in the supermarket the rest of the year, so when you see them, it really means "holy shit it's Christmas!". You can't copy that when you crud is available all year round. No matter how many jolly santas that you put on the bottle. Coke even tried for a few years to make their own Julmust, with the very Swedish looking label and name "Bjäre julmust", but Swedes didn't fall for it, last year it was only available at McDonald's and this year they didn't bother making it at all.

But then, In the UK it seems to be going well, there some fool want to save the trucks, that is see that naff trucks advert every year until forever. That's my version of hell, folks. Coca Cola Christmas Commercial 2008 "It's Christmas" is available inside folks.

Twitter update: People are twittering to #Coke that julmust rules or "Leave Julmust alone!"


Smell like The King - Burger King Flame Fragrance

Now you don't have to work at Burger King to smell flame broiled. The King was kind enough to bottle the scent and sell it online. It's $3.99, about the price of a Whopper Value Meal.

The scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.
Burger King, in its official description of Flame, the fast food restaurant's body spray for men.

See Firemeetdesire


Global Warming warning ads gets us in Deep Water in Badland.

Ah. I often argue that the media being identical doesn't mean that the idea is identical. Here on the other hand, what differs seems to be only the art directors choice of painting the city skyline as seen from above, vs on the sides of the pool. I don't care if they're intentional copies of each other, I'm more interested in which execution do you think is better?

First up, HSBC's Swimming pool for

It reminded me quite a bit of DDB Malaysia "waterworld" ambient underwater poster back in 2007.

(full views inside)

This version, for HSBC was created by Ogilvy & Mather in Mumbai, Hindistan (India)
Credits - EYY/ECD: Piyush Pandey • YY/CD: Rajiv Rao • SY/AD/RY/CW: Shirin Johari