Ellen Feiss is back!

Cult of Mac have tracked down the recent doings of everyones favorite stonerBenadryl user Ellen Feiss.


Ogilvy Thailand does poor ad stunt

The Hidden Persuader (English, Portuguese) has an example of very interactive street advertising from Ogilvy One, Bangkok.
There's a motion sensor in a garbage bin, as soon as someone walks by the sound of the ad is turned on, which happens to be the wailings of a baby. So naturally any human still equipped with empathy will open the lid of the garbage bin - and what do they see there? "Find out more about the BIRTH CONTROL PILL" and the website url to turn to.


JWT/Chuco's excellent videos

Jwt Chuco created excellent videos of of great (marketing, advertising and design)creative works . They are full of inspiration. A must seen clips for every marketers, advertisers and creative people.


Sony PSP Ads: White Vs. Black

Hot ad topic of the day - TBWA's billboards and imagery used in advertisements for Sony's PSP White. You can check them out here. The billboard is up in Amsterdam and the Dutch website for Sony PSP features elements from the campaign as well.


Caricature ads as real ads?

Scott G on something new in the media mix: caricature ads running as part of normal commercial breaks.

It is a brilliant concept, and very entertaining. Yet it is quite subversive, because if viewers are not certain whether they are watching a real ad or a spoof, then our work as marketers is made that much more difficult.

Still, I got a smile or a smirk from the following hilarious send-ups of typical bonehead marketing:

* A phony commercial for an automobile called the "Chevrolet Impala SS." Yes, I know that Chevy thinks SS stands for Super Sport, but, well, this is Spectacularly Stupid. While they’re a little late in capitalizing on Mel Brooks' "Springtime for Hitler," this is still quite humorous. The tone of the spoof is relentlessly upbeat as they pound home the name of the model. I was not up on my Nazi history, but a quick use of Google took me to info about the Schutzstaffel (SS) module of the Third Reich, headed by Heinrich Himmler from 1929 to 1945, with all their personnel selected on strict ideological and racial lines. Suggested follow-up: the Ann Coulter Edition, or possibly Model 666.


New Media Space - Prostitutes' Cleavage and Thighs

Ok. We thought we had heard it all in the latest odd place to stick an ad. But who would have thought to put ads on prostitutes' thighs and cleavage? Apparently Dutch design student Raoul Balai. He got bored of conventional advertisements, so set up a fake online agency offering advertising space on prostitutes.

It doesn't end there for this cutting-edge thinking desinger. Oh no. On his website he also suggested painting zoo animals with brand names and foalting billboards off beaches. Slight problem there as an Amsterdam zoo threatened Balai with a defamation suit after he depicted fish from the zoo with the brand name of a frozen fish company.


The royalest of beers.

A good lead from Hlebarov brings us this pairing of beer ads. Now, I'm absolutly positive that Heineken was doing the same thing - at least on posters - back in 2001, possibly created by Neboko. I'm sure there are more examples but I can't find any in my archives at the mo' - if you have any link them in comments (or just email them to the hostmaster).


Kaiser beer - King of beers - (2006) :30 (Bulgaria)

Kaiser beer - King of beers - (2006) :30 (Bulgaria)

Andy Law

Andy Law, founding member of St.Luke's, structured his new agency again. Formerly known as Law/Kenneth the agency goes now by the name of "the law firm".


Crazy Eddie sells out and the prices are INSANE

Crazy Eddie, the man with the insane prices, kooky local ads and other life as "The Darth Vader of Capitalism" tried selling out on eBay.