L'Oreal -Diesel - Unlimited Perfume - Fuel For Life Unlimited (Females only) - (2008) :60 (France)

L'Oreal -Diesel - Unlimited Perfume - Fuel For Life Unlimited (Females only) - (2008) :60 (France)

Dreamy Diesel ads from FFL france. Shot on location in Prague by Paul Gore.


MINI - Parachute / The fastest MINI ever - billboard, Switzerland

In order to promote the two benefits of the car, the campaign was based on two-step visuals either used as side-by-side posters or follow-up ads. Here's how the two posters looked like together. More images inside.


Laurel Hill Cemetery - "Here lies no one" - ambient, USA

Steve Red (President + Chief Creative Officer) and Steve Thompson (Art Director) at Red Tettemer created this campaign for http://theundergroundmuseum.org/

The guerilla marketing campaign includes vinyl "clings" – similar to signs – placed on sidewalks, monuments and elevators in Manayunk, Center City, East Falls and Old City.
One reads: "Here lies no one. What a waste of perfectly good marble. Laurel Hill Cemetery. theundergroundmuseum.org."

Many more images inside.


Microsoft - Shoe Circus / Shoes (2008) :90 (USA)

Microsoft - Shoe Circus / Shoes (2008) :90  (USA)

Featuring: A $10,000,000 Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates
Factoid: On top of Jerry's ten million dollar salary, this campaign's going to have an estimated 300 million bucks behind it.


Interior Matters.nl - Garbage stickers (on furniture) - ambient, The Netherlands

There were those who a few years back (me included) worried about where ad creep might take us. Here we have it folks, garbage pails as advertising space! The first person who says "Britart" wins a trip to an old Badland posting.

The dutch copy puns;


Sky TV - Tadpoles / Knocked up - ambient billboard, New Zealand


Stella Aromatherapy Air Freshener - Tension Extinguisher - ambient, Indonesia

Ad agency "Advantage Advertising" in Jakarta installed Stella Aromatherapy Air Fresheners in meeting rooms and other tense areas where things might heat up.


Zwilling knifes - Nun / Soldier - print, Thailand

BBDO Bangkok shows this knife is good for sharing in all kinds of situations. Which could be said of any knife but you know.


Milkyway - Conveyor Belt - ambient, USA

BBDO New York demonstrate the extra stretchy chewy caramel center in a milky way on a conveyer belt.

This would be perfect for a charleston chew actually. For milky way, not so much. (see the rest of the stretch and credits inside)


Marmite Snacks - guzzle/puke bog/mouth drop/catch - print, UK

I'm not sure what the heck possesed them but Marmite has invented marmite snacks, and like everything marmite - you'll either love it hate it.

The creative team at DDB London too this to heart and using simple illustrations that show one thing when viewed from one angle, and quite another thing when viewed from another angle - they capture that love/hate thing perfectly and humorously. Which other brand can you think of can show either a toilet or a wide open mouth depending on which way you look at it?