In the least surprising bit of news this week, Adfreak reports: "Manwich ads yanked for slapping girly men. The ads which were on youtube last week have been pulled from there, after ConAgra received complaints. The petition at argues: "Violence against gender non conforming men and women is a serious problem in our country and should not be used for lazy jokes in advertising. Every year thousands of men and women are victims of hate crimes because of their perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. This commercial series glorifies those crimes."

The Partnership at - Typical Conversation - (2011)

Typical Conversation dispenses with a script to show how futile and predictable I-know-you're-doing-drugs conversations can be. When a daughter returns home, she finds her mother waiting for her in the foyer. "Awkward confrontational accusation," the mother bellows, holding up a drug-stocked plastic bag. "Automatic denial," shrieks the daughter. They trade verbal blows: mother - "Skeptical response"; daughter - "Phony excuse you'll see right through"; mother - "Angry, irrational statement I'll regret later"; daughter - "Fake emotional whimper." "Desperate, confused empty threat," the mother screams finally, as her daughter storms away.