Catherine Heath has been named Chief Strategy Officer for Modernista!, it was announced today by Matthew Charlton, Worldwide President of Modernista! She begins work on January 15.

The hire follows recent senior management changes at Modernista, which include Charlton being named president, and the moves of Clift Jones to Chief Operating Officer, Chris Wallrapp to Chief Marketing Officer, and Matt Howell to Chief Technology Officer. Co-founders Lance Jensen and Gary Koepke remain Executive Creative Directors.

Rockstar / Beaterator for SonyPSP - Chico Mann (2010)

"Nick continues to impress with his ability to take a creative concept and turn it into a final product," stated Manic Managing Director Bob Cagliero. "He can single handedly take on the workload that usually gets shuffled around between three or four different studios. Nick's work ethic and versatility are trademarks of our very strong staff, which is exactly why agencies keep coming back to Manic."

See also Spree Wilson and Psycho Les.

Rockstar / Beaterator for SonyPSP - Spree Wilson (2010)

Manic Director and VFX Artist Nick Sasso shot, edited and handled all post production on a series of five web virals for the new mobile studio/beatmaker feature on the hit Beaterator video game for SonyPlaystation Portable (PSP). The videos, done in collaboration with Wax Poetics for Rockstar Games (of Grand Theft Auto fame), each feature known musicians, lost in a creative haze as they mix new tracks on Beaterator.

Sasso perfectly meshes the energy of the underground music scene and the creative capabilities of Beaterator with wordless sequences set against an array of Brooklyn and Jersey City landmarks, classic city buildings, and small businesses. Chico Mann features the artist of the same name rocking out to PSP on his city stoop before descending into his basement studio. Chin Chin and Psycho Les feature those artists similarly jamming between Beaterator and their studios. KDef stars that artist sifting through the overstuffed racks of vinyl in a glorious old record store while pausing to mix on his PSP. Spree Wilson is set against the soaring Brooklyn Bridge and the Hudson River, with Wilson enraptured with his creative efforts. Energetic, colorful graphical patterns bring each spot to a close. Sasso shot the videos over the course of three days on a RED camera.

See also Chico Mann and Psycho Les.

The Montana Meth Project

Montana Meth Project Unveils New Media Campaign

Renowned Cinematographer Wally Pfister Directs Television Ads that
Encourage Teens to Speak Up and Help Prevent Meth Use

BILLINGS, Mont.—Jan. 13, 2010—The Montana Meth Project today unveiled its latest advertising campaign, which includes four new television ads, as well as radio, print, and outdoor advertisements that will run throughout the state. The television spots were directed by three-time Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Wally Pfister, renowned for his work on The Dark Knight—the third-largest-grossing film in U.S. history—as well as the films Memento, Batman Begins, and The Prestige.

It's not new, we've seen homeless people holding up signs in exchange for pizza or wearing coats that advertised Ben&Jerry and other examples, but David Permut thinks he's on to something brilliant here. Deadline Hollywood reports that Permut passes this homeless man named Ronald almost daily, and suddenly had the idea to pay him for holding up a movie poster.

"It's been very good for us and for him," Permut tells me. "So I started thinking: why don't the movie studios go to all the homeless people and pay them to hold up one-sheets?"

Commentors are not impressed, one even brags that he did it himself ten years ago:

So when I used to work for Revolution Studios back in 2000, I used to give the homeless guy 100.00 and the movie poster, plus all the hats and jackets from the crew gifts…
This guy stood at the corner of Olympic and Bundy…
Great press until Sony told me to STOP…
Then again, it was Sony and that same movie, who lied about people raving about there movies!

None of these folks used Bumvertising to place their ads. No fair, somebody isn't getting their cut here.

Finally we can burn the old ad dictionary as Pete Blackshaw has written The Official Social Media and Mobile Glossary of 2010 which contains such gems as spurned media, wiki wart and Oedipost complex. It's funny as hell.

TWEET-SHIFTING: Delaying or mixing Twitter posts so axe murderers don't know you're miles from home. Increasingly common as a spousal and family covenant among folks who travel with high frequency.

CURBCASTING: The almost unstoppable cacophony of loud voices barking all manner of silliness into the airwaves thanks to Bluetooth devices. You see this on every street corner and curb.