Karma Lakeland

I sense a chicken trend in the inbox today.... has PETA heard about this one? I must admit I don't quite get this: "Fabricated birds were put in coops which were welded together" - what, real live birds? In coops...which you then welded together? And used as a living billboard? It certainly looks like they're alive. Tagline: Time to check out villas at Karma Lakeland - Unitech. I might just check out how to set these chickens free instead.


Just got this from adgrunt TDD:

I found this in my mailbox today. I don't know about you, but I don't get
the impression of "Hi-Performance" from the photograph. ;-)

Neither do I. What are the two sumo-like big guys meant to represent? Mafia collection men with their shirts at cleaners (worst mixed metaphor ever). This ad might finally topple the Beverly Hills oedipus ad with MILF in the shower from the "weirdest ad ever"-throne. What is with having two people represent broadband/telco's anyway, and why did we over in Sweden get saddled with bad Snapple/Wendy clones?


That is basically what this mornings Politiken.dk is telling me: "Four children have lost their father, while a reality show has ensured lots of buzz.

Pakistani contestant Saad Khan, only 32 years old, was swimming across a lake while wearing a 15-pound backpack when he called out for help and then disappeared underwater, said Fareshte Aslam of Unilever Pakistan, the show’s sponsor. Co-contestants and crew rushed to his aid but could not find him in the murky waters if the lake in Bangkok, Thailand where the show was being filmed. Khan's body was later found by divers. Los Angeles Times reports that "Unilever Pakistan accepts no liability for Khan's death, Aslam said, but added that the company is in discussions to provide for Khan's wife and four children "out of rightness."

Plans to air the reality show, which were sponsored by Unilever's Clear shampoo are on hold after the murky waters took Khan, who was doing this challenge in an attempt to earn a spot in the finals, as he had already been eliminated from the show.

AIDS.de - Sex with Hitler - (2009) :30 (Germany)

The ad is called "Im Bett mit Adolf Hitler" and is signed; www.aids-ist-ein-massenmoerder.de

The Deutsche Aids-Hilfe (DAH) group say the campaign is despicable as: "it compares HIV positive people with mass murderers"

The campaign website was blocked or down soon after the ad launched, and the ad was scrubbed off youtube right quick. On the question why the campaign-site went dead the chairman of the Association, Jan Schwertner avoided the question. "The message is clear. Anyone who can understand the message, including this campaign. The campaign is now underway, we'll see what happens in the near future," said Schwertner.

Adam Sacks is the creator of that "ex-girlfriend" iPhone ad which has been making the rounds. There's an app for everything. My phone makes shotgun noises and can turn into a light saber, because - duh - there's apps for that. The one with the most apps at the end wins. Here's a quick Q&A with Adam regarding the "ex-girlfriend iphone ad".

Q: How did you make it? (is there an app for that?)
A: I made the graphics using a combination of Flash and Illustrator for the app icons, and photoshop for the iPhone screens.  I then inserted my images into the iPhone commercial using After Effects.  I recorded the audio in an afternoon with Matt Mayer who helped tighten up the writing as we recorded and I think really nailed the iPhone narration style. Then I spent most evenings for the next two weeks actually making the video.

Q: How did you come up with the idea, and are there any ex-girlfriends in the video? :)
A: I came up with the idea when I was killing time at an Apple store in NYC and there was a depressed sounding Apple Genius guy giving a lesson on how to use an iPhone, which made me think it'd be funny if he was depressed because his girlfriend broke up with him and he was showing ways he could still keep tabs on her.  The two main women in the video are Lauren Adams and Cody Lindquist who are performers at the UCB theater in New York, and the rest of the faces are friends who trust me enough to let me use their photos. No real ex-girlfriends were used in the making of this video.

hide and seek in the office

Adage analysis of the Microsoft Photoshop Fiasco by Kunur Patel carries this delicious quote:

"In the past we've designed work that treats our consumers as a destination. What we've seen since digital technology has become a force is that our consumer is actually passing on our work and interpreting our work, and sometimes making it worse. Consumers have become the medium. This is an advantage or disadvantage, depending on the work we put in their hands."

The Microsoft Photoshop fiasco was discussed all over the web, as people wanted to suss out if Microsoft Poland was being racist or just stupid, and it even spawned photo shop remix threads such as this one over at Somethingawful. IMHO the winner is the "hid and seek in the office".

Amnesty Internationl - "Dog's Life" - (2009) :33" (PORTUGAL)

This is Fuel Lisbon’s most recent work: “Dog’s Life”.

It’s a TV commercial for Amnesty International, about how fast the social injustice is growing in Europe (and Portugal, to be more specific). With the economic crisis and with so many people loosing their jobs, everyone - politics, journalists, NGS, society in general - should discuss this issue very seriously.

At the same time, creatively speaking, dealing with this theme was an easy way to end up with an melodramatic or biased message.

Tough briefing. But we think we solved it pretty well.

The “Dog’s Life” commercial has been broadcasted in all the major networks in Portugal since last week.

Portuguese Hollywood star Joaquim de Almeida (“24”, “Desperado”, “Clear and Present Danger”), was very touched by the project and agreed to do all the voice over in the spot.

One last note: the dog that appears on the spot is a canine star, one of the most requested “animal actors” in Europe, and was flown specially to take part in the spot.

Marcelo Lourenço
Creative director

CBS has already sold 65% of the slots for the super bowl bonanza next year, which is rather impressive considering the dire economic times we're in. At this time last year NBC had sold 85% of the slots, but they didn't have to battle the financial crisis that has made a lot of brands wary of splurging on expensive media slots. One great ad during the bowl gets repeated views all over the web for days, even years later. Lets hope that our 37 years of super bowl commercials collection gets a good year when we add year 38.
People we're rather dissapointed with last years crop, as there were so many movie trailers in it, though some gems shone through. My personal favorite is Alec in Huluwood while other popular commercials were Monster, Moose, Miller High Life's one second campaign, bridgestone moon riders, overall a fair mix of action with Audi - Chase and some quirky with David Abernathy, while pretty much everyone hated Vizio - at least here on Adland (judging by the votes).

Prices haven't gone down much either, it's $2.7 million-$2.8 million per spot, and sources are saying that CBS is telling potential customers that leadoff spots in pods are already fully booked through the first half of the game. Wow!