Benetton supports and promotes Africa for Africans.

Africa Works, this ad campaign from Benetton promotes the Birima micro-credit programme in Senegal, a co-operative credit society founded by the Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour. The programme will also receive financial support from Benetton Group. Photographer James Mollison portrays working men and women with the tools of their trade against a neutral background.

They include, amongst others, a fisherman, a decorator, a musician, a jewellery-maker, a farmer, a tailor, two textile sellers and a boxer. These everyday people become tangible symbols of an Africa that uses the dignity of work to fight poverty, promote equitable development, maximise its resources and take back responsibility for creating its future.
Youssou N’Dour, one of Africa’s best-known singers and a man committed to humanitarian projects, comments: “my personal experience led me to realise that when a loan, however small, is used to develop an idea or realise a project, it is an effective way of fighting poverty. This is why everybody must understand the value of micro-credit. Africa doesn't want charity, it wants repayable subsidised loans.”


Diving instructors want you to hop in the icy waters of Stockholm city

Miami (no, not the foam covered city, but the ad agency in Gothenburg) has just done another stunt for "Start diving now (http://www.borjadyka.nu/) in conjunction with a big diving meet in Älvsjö, Stockholm. They've street stenciled little diving guys showing you the way to the water all over Stockholm.


Sanctuary - cut poster - outdoor India

To really underline "Sanctuary", they cut the poster here in order to allow for the tree to grow instead.


Ad agency sues client for 1.5 million after lost pitch

Resumé reports that ad agency Badlord have filed a 1.5 millions SEK suit against Lindex for nicking their idea. Badlord went straight to Lindex and marketing director Johan Hallin with their idea, Mr Hallin suggested that agency Badlord bring the idea to Lindex' ad agency WeAreGroup. Later Badlord were told that the idea "wasn't enough fashion".

Now that this campaign above is in magazines, Badlord feel ripped off. Both Enzo Bussoli CEO of WeAreGroup and Johan Hallin of Lindex signed the standard Swedish advertisers contract, stating they won't use the presented idea or "similar ideas" in their advertising unless they hire Badlord.


Nothing But Bubble with Sony, Part Two: "Foam City"

When last I left you in Part One, I had traveled to Miami under mysterious circumstances with a few haunting questions on my mind:

What is DIME?
What is going on here?
What’s up with Sony?
Did I forget to pack underwear?

After leaving me burning with curiosity for days (which turned out to be quite intentional), Sony finally revealed things.


Luxor Highlighters - Chaplin, Hitler and Che - press ads, India

Leo Burnett Mumbai uses Hitler, Chaplin and Che for highlight marker Luxor ads.

What do highlighters do? They highlight important parts of the story, right? Here they do more than that - if you read what's been highlighted you get another story alltogether. Ten extra gold stars to the entire team for managing this, and copywriter Russell Barrett, it must have been a royal pain to do.

Click on the links to get nice big view where you can read the copy.
Big Hitler
Big Chaplin
Big Che


Jenna Jameson pushes pleather dressed as Bettie Page in PETA ad

Yep, we already told you that PETA pushes pleather with Jenna Jameson and now we have the ad where Jenna does her best Bettie Page impression. It would look a hell of a lot better if they had gotten a wig from anywhere but the dollar store. I've had barbies with better hair.


Converse - Connectivity - Outdoor (USA)

What do Hunter S. Thompson, Dwyane Wade, Sid Vicious, M.I.A., James Dean, Karen O, Common, Joan Jett and Billie Joe Armstrong have in common?
Click this link to see the full billboard


Nothing But Bubble with Sony, Part One

AdLand goes to Miami ... What does "dime" and "Sony" have in common?


What An "Exquisite Corpse" - Little Minx shows off skills with web films

Based on the French Parlor game of the same name, this series of short films known as "Exquisite Corpse" was created by the commercial production company Little Minx, a division of RSA Films to allow their talented lineup of new directors to strut their stuff.

Assembling a roster of unique directors that work in film, television and commercial production, Little Minx chose four directors – Chris Nelson, Josh Miller, Malik Hassan Sayeed and Phillip Van to write and direct their own short films, all following two golden rules: they must respond to the last line of text from the previous director's script and they must feature the Little Minx brand in some unique way. Every played the game blogstop? Well, it's like that but with film.

What resulted is anything but ordinary. You can see the results of this hybrid of filmmaking and advertising at www.littleminx.tv and you can rate the films here in the archive as well giving the guys props as you see fit.