Whoah, anyone who follows me ( @dabitch ) on twitter has had to cope with tweets at all hours lately and you might have been wondering why I stopped sleeping. Blame the Super Bowl Commercials archive for that. I wanted to make them all embeddable flash films instead of our old Quicktime fun, so I've been up all hours fixing things. It's now ready - for your surfing pleasure or for your personal "best of" / "Worst of" superbowlian lists in your blogs. I tweeted a "*phew*, all done" yesterday, @adfreak, @agencyspy, @GOOD and @coudal joined in, and suddenly that link was on fire.

Each page in the super bowl archive, for example the 1995 Super Bowl xxix is currently sorted by "Most visited today". Linking your favorite ad may actually send it up the list.

As you may know, we've been publishing the super bowl ads on super bowl Sunday since 1999, our archive has been the source for the New York Times, and come Sunday we'll do it again. Same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie? The same procedure as every year, James!

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Cliff Freeman and partners had a special brand of funny. They were the creators of where's the beef and this little advertising in-joke known as "The pitch", they made us believe that anyone who didn't eat toasted subs was raised by wolves, they created a string of funny Little Caesars ads, and they made us laugh during the super bowl. This year, there won't be a Cliff Freeman ad during the bowl. The sudden closing of America's funniest advertising agency seems to spell the death of the thirty second spot.

I thought it apropos to make a restospective, and when I had him on the line I asked Cliff Freeman: What's with all the radios? Your office wall was/is covered with retro radios. Of course, that too turns into a reason to smile as Cliff Freeman responded: I never got new business from shots like that but I did get a lot of people wanting to sell me old radios.

Without further ado - the Cliff Freeman Super bowl commercial career, a retrospective. (Like, inside, after the jump y'all)