The old saying about life being stranger than fiction applies for advertising as well, this "speed kills" sign in Tomsk a PSA encouraging drivers to slow down as speed kills, has gotten a funny addition. A car crashed into it. For realsies. Can we give out Lions awards for real life irony?

In Tomsk, the driver crashed into an advertising design with public service announcements for the safety of road dvizheniya. Obychny poster with the slogan "Speed ​​must be reasonable" in a crash has become a complex social project, worthy of winning the advertising festivals. Unfortunately for the advertising business, this statement is not a fictional accident for more effective social impact of advertising on the drivers.


Radio advertisement

Target audience: Anyone interested in film, but more specifically a young urban audience from 21-45.

Communications objective: To develop a radio campaign that would set DOXA apart from other entertainment.

Creative Strategy: The creative strategy was based on an insight that people want alternative forms of entertainment. When it comes to movies, far too often moviegoers are stuck with what Hollywood offers them.

Campaign Description: The campaign highlights many Hollywood movie stereotypes. The radio spots use a film listings, phone-in service to demonstrate the lack of choice and expected storylines found in traditional theaters but then goes on to suggest DOXA as a completely different film experience.

Market commercial ran in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Remember the anti-abortion billboard from the Texas-based anti-abortion group Life Always, placed on a building in New York? The one that Adfreak said Rev. Al Sharpton planned to protest? The one that was hotly debated for racism, and had feminists fuming because it was strategically placed next to a Planned Parenthood? The one that was removed eventually, not by the sender but by the Billboard company Lamar Advertising?

So the CLIO Awards showed us that they have a sense of humor with their judging videos. First one talks about how college students need to amp up their ad game or be labeled a copy cat.. No one likes a copy cat.

And this is just hilarious. What else can the judges be doing while... you know... judging? Become alcoholics!

"PepsiCo's Social Vending System is a state-of-the-art networked unit that features full touch screen interactive vending technology, enabling consumers to better connect with PepsiCo brands right at the point of purchase."
A prototype of the Social Vending System debuted at the National Automatic Merchandising Association's One Show in Chicago, April 27-29 2011.

When rain falls, as it tends to do in Scheveningen, this ad appears on the pavement with the tagline: "Sea Life never lets you go" enticing people to visit the Sea Life aquarium instead of running around the wet streets. The 'ink' on the pavement lasts for six to eight weeks, so there's ample time to see this new twist on pavement guerilla. Bonus: it's 'eco-freindly' in that it doesn't stick around too long like other chalk pavement campaigns have done. (I have no idea what's in the 'ink' so I can't vouch for it, but if you ever want to do this on cloth, pain your message with egg-white and iron the cloth for the same effect).