AeroGRID, the aerial imagery consortium, has new offices in the city of Padua, Northern Italy. As well as providing AeroGRID’s main sales outlet for Italy it will also be the base for planning and managing image capture projects in the Italian peninsula. AeroGRID now has a presence in Europe’s four largest economies as well as Benelux.


Remember when a couple of nutty creatives from Farfar got drunk and buried their Cannes Lions award in the sand promptly losing it? Well, that was a hoax, and Caff called it by saying the guy was "full of the excrement of el toro." It was simply fun viral, perhaps even serving as a recruitment campaign for Farfar now. Nobody has responded to it as far as we know.... Until now (dum dum DUM).

An Israeli creative team, Jossi and Roy, have They hope to have a shot in one of the best online agencies in the world. Props for the opening line "We were sober and it was worth it. "

Corn Pops - "The Spooning" - (2009) :30 (USA)

Just like the classic scary movies, this all begins when our heroine is in the shower. Because nudity. Corn pops nudity. Wait, what?

-"Corn Pops Residence!"

It gets worse, there's milk men zombies!

blend spirit

Spil Creative, the NY based boutique branding studio has created this campaign for Blend Images that "deals with re-thinking the labels we place on people and culture".

”We are very excited about the changes to our branding and our campaign,” said Sarah Fix, Creative
Director at Blend Images. “Our new logo, website, and our brand identity is bold -- stylistically conveying
commercial polish with an editorial edge. Our new ads are provocative – challenging stereotypes