TIM - Coverage - (2009) :45 (Brazil)

The film “Coverage” is part of TIM’s institutional campaign within the positioning “Minds without borders”. BMG triplet, this time, literally covers the whole Brazil in blue to show the coverage investments and signal quality the mobile operator has made in the country.

ghd - Rapunzel - (2009) :30 (UK)

The modern Rapunzel is not only a redhead, she's also quite sneaky. She's not waiting around to be saved from the tower, but for the right escape vehicle.

This ad from RKCR/Y&R is part of a multi-platform campaign for ghd to re-ignite its reputation as one of the UK’s most coveted and innovative hair and beauty brands.

We'll have to keep holding our breath for the Product Design Jury, as it will be announced next week.

Good to know: all work entered before 18 November will receive a 10% discount. Eligible entries will be accepted until 27 January 2010. Judging takes place from 19-22 April in London and winners will be announced in June.

Inside - the full list of jurors - with the foremen marked in green.

REDMOND, WA – McNett Corporation, the country’s leading manufacturer of care & repair products for the adventure sports category, has awarded its advertising/design account to Redmond-based Hammerquist & Nebeker. The decision was made following a competitive review of several top West coast firms. The review was conducted by Hitch, a Bellingham based search consultant. David Wiggs, president of Hitch was quick to point out “When it came down to the final decision, H&N’s deep category understanding won the day. H&N was a match, culturally, with McNett and combined with their outdoor expertise, the partnership was a great fit.”

Last Thursday The Colbert Report mocked the Miracle Whip campaign, or so I hear - the only way I'll get to see it is by torrenting the file or staring at the Hulu.com "we're sorry but this video can't be seen in your region" pretending I've seen it... Either way, I hear it was funny. Via Stardestroyer.bbs and Eat Me daily comes this scan of the full page ad with ad-itude where Miracle Whip makes Colbert their.... Oh, you know where I was going with that, finish that sentence.

Dear Mr. Colbert,
Recently on your show, you tapped into a sore spot in our nation's psyche: the eternal struggle between mayonnaise and Miracle Whip. And surprisingly, for a man of your impeccable intellect, you've chosen the wrong side. A side doomed to a painful, drawn-out, utter and complete defeat. Like the Plantagenets in the Hundred Years' War. Or whichever one was the cat in "Tom and Jerry."
Mr. Colbert, we found your attacks a little harsh, occasionally funny, and at times, wholly inaccurate (for the record, our target is 18-35, not 34). But unlike most advertisers who are so mayo, who would back down at the slightest whiff of controversy, and pull their advertising from not just your show but from your entire network and all its sister entities -- we intend to do the opposite.
On Thursday, November 12, we will dominate the airspace on your show. With every commercial break, your viewers will be exposed to hardcore Miracle Whip attitude and revelry. You will see our legion of (as you call them) "mayo nay-sayers" snarfing sandwiches topped with our one-of-a-kind flavor in a very cool and totally hip way. They will be in your face and massively dope. It goes without saying, they WILL NOT TONE IT DOWN. And you will begin to see the soft, bland white walls of the mayo empire begin to collapse under the weight of its own whipped-egg pretentiousness.
Think about it Mr. Colbert. In a sense, we will own you.
We're on a mission. We're taking no prisoners.
We're raising Hell, Man.

Neogama/BBH play on the idea that people do read playboy for the interviews (or articles) - by showing the interviews as the classic Playboy foldout.

I'd actually like to see this happen in the real magazine, if only to watch peoples faces when they fold it out.