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So many people are twittering now, people use it to stay in touch with their friends - like me - and people use it to promote their websites new posts - like adland does.


Sanctuary Cove - "Once upon a time..." - ambient billboards, Australia

Billboards that look just like books? Sure, why not?

Junior, Brisbane did this fairytale campaign for Sanctuary Cove, a real estate project. Along the road and beautiful waters leading to sanctuary cove these giant books were seen telling a story that ends with "happily ever after".


WIRES Wildlife Rescue NSW - Blue tongue lizard, Bower bird, Bat - print, Australia

Wires need volunteers to help rescue wild animals that get into trouble, so Ward 6 Sydney ceated this campaign to illustrate what they do - illustrated by Richard Price. ;)


Dick's Sporting Goods / Adidas - Football pop-in - (2008) 1:54 (USA)

Dick's Sporting Goods / Adidas - Football pop-in - (2008) 1:54 (USA)

The Football Pop-in spot hosts a high school football team receiving the surprise of a lifetime from New Orleans Saints famed running back, Reggie Bush. The young "thrillers" and "destroyers," with Bush's guidance, evolve into legit athletes decked in adidas gear.


TV3 - Wipeout / Spin - ambient billboard, New Zealand


Colenso BBDO, Auckland are having some more ambient fun whilst promoting TV3s shows - this time it's Wipeout "a game-show where people get hurt, a lot". The billboard with dummies strewn about around it demonstrates what to expect.
Nick Worthington : Executive Creative Director
Karl Fleet : Creative
Alexander Bartleet : Creative
Daniel Nelson : Creative


Soundtrax - Wolf, Dog, Rabbit - print, New Zealand

Sound studio Soundtrax had these portraits done by Colenso BBDO - looks like their studio is full of wolves, dogs and rabbit-mutants. ;)


M&M's - Personalized M&M's - billboard, The Netherlands

FHV BBDO Amsterdam (where I once worked a lifetime ago) announce that you can personalize your M&M’s on "" with this billboard.


Robert Harris Coffee Roasters- The Robert Harris Inspiration Collection - posters, New Zealand

DraftFCB Auckland decided to go all artsy for Robert Harris Coffee Roasters, since "all breaks should be inspirational". So they commisioned 10 artists to create 30 original works from coffee napkins and hung the results in the Adshel posters so waiting for the bus was like hanging out in an outdoor gallery. This is a shot of one such bus stop - close-ups of three pieces are inside.


Renault / Renault UV - With you from the start - print, Brazil

At the center of every business that has grown here, is the Renault. Because it's with you from the start.


Ad age: Power 150 - We're number one! Sweden leads the European blogs. Top 100 European adblogs.

You might have spotted the Ad Age power 150 and looked to find that SEO blogs count higher than personal blogs (of course!), but since it takes so many different number crunching things into account, it's surprisingly democratic - and it adds "Todd Points" to the score. The many different sources also causes the list to move around a lot more than any others, since for example Technorati - despite many years on the web - can suddenly go all wonky. I've seen Adland be on #17 and #70 on the same day as Technorati has acted funky for some reason. Media Culpa also notes that the power150 only counts his atom feed and not his many feedburner subscribers. Not to mention that Alexa is still shunned by most mac-people (even though the alexa toolbar is now available for Firefox) giving the SEO (and thus PC users) blogs a leg up with that score over the blogs more often frequented by mac-driving creative types.

Spinning around made a list of the top UK blogs found on the Power150 where Russel Davies is the leader of the pack.
But there's a European ranking out there as well, it was Kullin's Media Culpa that brought this to my attention in his July 18 post - Nick Burcher counted all the european flags on the list to make a European version and even made little graphs, and then he did one based on Alexa traffic where Adland is number 2 again.