For the past couple months, mixologist Michael Dietsch has been researching and compiling vintage liquor ads at his A Dash of Bitters blog — you can check them out under the Vintage Ads tag.

What strikes me most is how … ordinary, I guess, they are. Definitely pre-advertising revolution, long copy with an emphasis on heritage. Still, a tall, cool, refreshing look at some classic ads on the rocks; note last week's entry on Jack Cole.

Apollo Resor - Välkommen till Friheten / Welcome to Freedom - (2010) :60 (Sweden)

Åkestam & Holst decided to go against the grain in selling package travel deals branded Apollo travels. Instead of the endless sunny beaches and starbursts announcing cheap tickets, they focused on the growing anticipation before a trip, the planning, the pet sitting arrangements, the packing, the smiles on everyones faces knowing they'll be away for a week or two somewhere nice and sunny.

The pan-in past those adorable sleeping baby feet to the family on the beach at the end is enough for everyone watching to start dreaming about their own holidays. And to send my ovaries twitching, because those baby-feet are supah cute.