• omgwtfbbq!?! LOLcats haev oficialy jumped da sharked*! srsly! teh PETA fownd an LOLSpeak ganara2r and bgan crankng out teh crumy litle baner ads wit kittehs!1!1! WTF we SOB!1!11 Yes hai, we can has lethal injection NAW!
  • Shamwow gets spoofed by Soulwow. “We have hundreds of Priests waiting to take your confession and give you that almost baptized feeling,” says Father Vic and looks all informercial-intense, man.
  • IPRED (Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive) law came into force here in Sweden on April 1, the paranoia levels have skyrocketed. Now there's a new VPN called IPredator, and you can check if your IP is being monitored at Ipred.bitchware.se. This is all making me triple paranoid, I dare not use my own network for anything these days, I'm typing this from inside the central Echelon server. Holla.
  • Twitter comes to your T-shirt, only £25 which should take all you social notworking peeps around half a tweet to come up with, if all of those annoying auto-DM's are to be believed. Hat tip @fsamuel
  • *(though, since I am an lolcataddict beyond saving, I shall of course assume the position...)
  • Adland: 

    Attention all ye hopefuls, you now have two extra weeks to enter the Cannes Lions awards as the deadline has been extended. Either because the price of champagne went up, the entries so far sucked, or they're just messing with us and do this every year.

    You now have until the 24 April to enter your work. Short here to the categories, & entry form, knock yourself out (if the price of entering doesn't do it, I mean)