Granny gives sex advice & cowboys swear for Eidos

There's nothing more viral than a grandmother talking to her grandkids about dicks and kids swearing while in a stalemate shootout in front of their father. Two new viral ads for Eidos Reservoir Dogs video game feature both. A joint creation by Eidos Interactive and Loki, the script from the 1992 movie was the basis for their idea. The result is something I'm sure even Tarantino would be proud of.

Check them out here:
Eidos Reservoir Dogs Game - Granny - (2006) :30 (UK)

Eidos Reservoir Dogs Game - Cowboy - (2006) :30 (UK)


Are too many choices frustrating consumers?

A study done by Catherine Heath, chief strategist at the advertising agency Kastner & Partners, says yes. She spent 2 months with 20 consumers in Sydney to see what they bought and why.

"Without doubt every single person I spent time with told me that they were fed up with the choices that faced them," she said. "They all said the same thing - 'We just want it to be made easier."'

I know I've seen the people who stand in front of a sea of choices, holding two or three different brands in their hands reading the packaging in an attempt to suss the difference between the items. Even I have fallen victim to the proliferation of products myself.


Stockholm Pride Parade a sponsors darling

Yesterday was the day for Stockholm Pride Parade, and as we hung around the park waiting for the party to start I noticed the difference in sponsors. Here there were international brands as sponsors, not like previous years parades in Amsterdam and New york where gay night clubs and bars would be the most visable brands around. Another difference from previous parades was all the political parties marching in solidarity this election year, it gave me hives.

Swedens "Dame Edna", comedian "Babsan" with her beefy troop of merry men rush toward the start of the parade where their float awaits.


Hyundai SantaFe - Where's Waldo? (2006) Print (South Africa)

Where's Waldo? According to The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, he's out and about enjoying nature thanks to his Hyundai.

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Tampax Print Ad Swimming In Blue Liquid

While surfing I came across a site called BeingGirl which is a Tampax/Always brand site for young girls. If you follow the prior link you'll see a really really bad commercial. Unfortunately it looks like you can only rate it as good, not bad. Total shame. In addition, there are a couple print ads which give new meaning to the use of "blue liquid" in such advertising. It's hard to believe that these are actually real. Perhaps they aren't. The woman in the second layout caressing the box of Tampons is just too unreal. I am unsure if these are meant to run together, but seems likely considering the lack of brand name and product shot on the first one.

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Visual effects show earthquake effects

Will the adgrunt who has not used an optical illusion as an ad for aspirins or eye drops please raise their hands? I'm afraid I can't, there was an Optrex campaign in my student folio. *hangs head*
Here's something new though, a different optical illusion used for earthquake awareness from jentera intermdia Indonesia. It's like a tsunami on paper.

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Link Lust: I'll never link this way

Apple tee shirts from the 1980s.

W+K Amsterdam starts a blog, Think Global Act Stupid.

Guinness ads featuring Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

The Media Guardian (reg req) gives the scoop (and a preview) on Mentos new advertising campaign to launch in cinemas this weekend, created by BBH.


Snakes on your motherfucking phone!

As if Snakes on a plane wasn't the most viral film ever already, they had to go and add a cherry on top with this snakes on a plane phone message from Samuel L. Jackson. Just let them know who to call, and a little about them and soon they'll get a call from someone who sunds a lot like Samuel L and knows a lot about that person.. Oy! Fantastic.

So this is what it sounded like when I sent one to Claymore our resident ad maven. Shame Samuel can't say the name "Dabitch". ;)


Jeffery West ad with gun banned

gunNaughty Jeffery West have been glamourising guns say the ASA - and have banned the advert featured on the right for depicting mob life as hip and being generally irresponsible. The vixen driving isn't even wearing a seatbelt fer cryin' out loud!

"We noted the gun merely lay on the car seat and was not used in a violent or threatening way and that GMC believed the image was clearly fictional and implied a gangster's moll.


Alltel court case ad campaign gets viral

Yesterday I ended up on a blog with this blogad for a class action suit against Alltel by a group called PAMCF (People Against My Circle Foundation).