Adland emails no longer blocked by AT&T

Quick nerd-update. Good news, AT&T has removed our IP# from their RBL. I don't know why we ended up on that blacklist in the first place, but it was pretty quick and simple to get off it after filling in a few forms with my name, email and number(s) over at

So, to anyone who has an emailaddress at an AT&T network, such as people with in their addy - you didn't get your mails. But you can get them now. So if any passwords went missing, request a new one.

The mail-server IP address(es) associated with your request will removed from the block list within 24-48 hours from the date of this notification. AT&T, Bellsouth, SBC and any affiliates do NOT intentionally block legitimate mail in the course of our anti-spam initiatives and regret any inconvenience this may have caused. If the IP that was recently blocked begins to exhibit the characteristics of a compromised network object or is compromised by an offender of Acceptable Use Policies, the IP address will be blocked again.


Crumpler crapvertises! Seriously, they have a toilet paper campaign.

Yet another "+tises" word is invented as Crumpler - known for their bags for everything but you creative folks probably have the slip covers for your laptops - advertises on toilet paper. And it's not just any old toilet paper folks, it's now a paint by number toilet paper where every color you need is "brown". Oh yes, they went there. PR blurb:


Dirty Jobs / The worst is yet to come! - print, USA

Everything from Gum Remover and Sewage Plant Expert to Horse Inseminator is represented in this, the newest season of Dirty Jobs. Blech!


Hamburg Railways - Airport Mural - poster, Germany

Teaser on the walls at the airport the baggage belt created by Simon+Matthias (cw & ad) Düsseldorf to announce the new train. Translation: "From December your direct connection to the city."

Link to larger image


McDonald's - Try this / Real Good / Not my hamburger - outdoor, France

The old idea and often-recycled idea of recycling old ads to show that you're recycling done once again, this time by TBWA Paris. Still, I like it.


Black and Decker - Snake, Lizard, Frog - print, Thailand

Aw, oooh, eeew, gross. Did you know that Black & Decker Lawn Mowers are so quiet and effective that you can sneak up on snakes? No? well, now you do thanks to these fascinatingly icky images from Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok. Don't miss the snake inside. The frog looks a bit like an opened passion fruit. Oh man, I'll never eat passion fruit again.


Mortein (bug spray) - Windows - print, Malaysia

Moahahahaha! There is no escape! (From visual solutions. Especially for bug spray.)


Mala's Frooti - Bird & Butterfly - (spec work) - India

It's so yummy fresh even nature wants to have a sip of it. Can't blame 'em. Love the illustration here. Too bad it's spec. It's quite tasty. Geddit? Narf narf narf.


Starburst - Leftover Sugar - Guerrilla, Australia

Where does all the leftover sugar from Starburst Re-Juiced go? Clemenger BBDO Melbourne know, click on the image to read all the details.

Commercials: - Monthly Cycle adshel - Outdoor, New Zealand

Oh that's exactly what we need, an Adshel that menstruates.

TBWA\Whybin Auckland built special adshels that went through a monthly cycle. PMS, Chocolate cravings and all.
It was first filled with tampons, and then the adshels were filled daily with free stuff women need over the course of a month.Chocolate, to fruit, to naughty knickers, to voodoo man-dolls and so on. Any passing female could help herself to the free Flossie-branded items. How fun. :) Click on the image to get a better look. Go inside to read credits but only if you promise not to giggle at the ECD's surname.