Last Thursday The Colbert Report mocked the Miracle Whip campaign, or so I hear - the only way I'll get to see it is by torrenting the file or staring at the "we're sorry but this video can't be seen in your region" pretending I've seen it... Either way, I hear it was funny. Via Stardestroyer.bbs and Eat Me daily comes this scan of the full page ad with ad-itude where Miracle Whip makes Colbert their.... Oh, you know where I was going with that, finish that sentence.

Dear Mr. Colbert,
Recently on your show, you tapped into a sore spot in our nation's psyche: the eternal struggle between mayonnaise and Miracle Whip. And surprisingly, for a man of your impeccable intellect, you've chosen the wrong side. A side doomed to a painful, drawn-out, utter and complete defeat. Like the Plantagenets in the Hundred Years' War. Or whichever one was the cat in "Tom and Jerry."
Mr. Colbert, we found your attacks a little harsh, occasionally funny, and at times, wholly inaccurate (for the record, our target is 18-35, not 34). But unlike most advertisers who are so mayo, who would back down at the slightest whiff of controversy, and pull their advertising from not just your show but from your entire network and all its sister entities -- we intend to do the opposite.
On Thursday, November 12, we will dominate the airspace on your show. With every commercial break, your viewers will be exposed to hardcore Miracle Whip attitude and revelry. You will see our legion of (as you call them) "mayo nay-sayers" snarfing sandwiches topped with our one-of-a-kind flavor in a very cool and totally hip way. They will be in your face and massively dope. It goes without saying, they WILL NOT TONE IT DOWN. And you will begin to see the soft, bland white walls of the mayo empire begin to collapse under the weight of its own whipped-egg pretentiousness.
Think about it Mr. Colbert. In a sense, we will own you.
We're on a mission. We're taking no prisoners.
We're raising Hell, Man.

Neogama/BBH play on the idea that people do read playboy for the interviews (or articles) - by showing the interviews as the classic Playboy foldout.

I'd actually like to see this happen in the real magazine, if only to watch peoples faces when they fold it out.

Comcast - Gift - (2009) :30 (USA)

Rhino's Harry Dorrington directed a dazzling, 100 percent CG spot promoting Comcast's Triple Play Rewards program. Dorrington directed the :30 entirely in-house at Rhino, completing it only five weeks after Agency M approached the studio for the project.
Gift Box centers around a Kubrick-inspired under-lit cube floating in a stark white world. The cube rotates through space, each side featuring a different element of the triple play (Digital TV, high-speed Internet, phone service), while a voiceover details the rewards program.

When AgencySpy posted a review of the "Baked In" review the comments turned into a hatefest right fast, pointing out that Matt called Dan Neil an automotive columnist 'undermining a pulitzer prize winning writer'. Then when Alex Bogusky himself posted a rebuttal written by Ernest Lupinacci on the other hand, also declaring Dan Neil an automotive columnist, he gets lots of "hear hear" styled replies. Okay.

Moving on, a single sourced story on the Wrap says that Nielsen sold adweek - along with their other B2B papers Billboard, Backstage, Brandweek, Mediaweek and Editor & Publisher to The Hill. ".......according to an individual with knowledge of the negotiations."

AdScam declares Victors and Spoils full of shit beacuse previous crowdsourcing agencies like adhack exist.

Pretty stuff! The Denver Egotist posted work from the Art Directors Club of Denver show have a gander.

Adfreak found a wii made just for women, the shii. Oh dear. It's in Belgian Dutch but trust me, you'll get it.

Sydsvenskan, which is my choice of local paper, has a video-report on a young womans quest for work. She had a graffitti-artist friend paint an ad for her on the free-for-all legal graffitti wall here in the center of Malmö. The image looks quite like her, which she says is all his doing as "He's quite good", and carries the words "I'm tired of being jobless. I learn quick, am a hard worker and any job is of interest" plus her cellphone number.

The only part of this master plan that seems to be backfiring is that the most interesting job she has been offered so far is that of a painter. Perhaps they thought she painted her job ad herself.

When Energy BBDO/Chicago set out to promote the Illinois Lottery as a "good gift idea" for the holidays, they pulled out all the media stops.

For radio they updated the classic carol to include “…the pizza guy who pre-blots your pizza” and “the trainer you totally have a crush on” as well as your heroic co-worker who turns on your computer so that nobody will know that your late.
On the street, BBDO set up street teams that "encourage by passers to participate and hype up the promotion" by first asking them to sing (and be videotaped) the Illinois Lottery “Joy Someone” carol, which can be put on as well as - and a second song would be a carol of the participants choice. After which, the participants are given a free taxi ride anywhere they fancied to go.

It all wraps up with this TV commercial.


Rather sad news at Adage: BBDO Signals End to Chrysler Relationship, Its Detroit Office

In a sign that the end of Chrysler's relationship with BBDO is near, executives familiar with the situation said BBDO's Detroit office will close its doors in January, leaving the fate of its remaining 485 employees up in the air.
The news of BBDO Detroit's shuttering was delivered today and in-person by BBDO Worldwide President-CEO Andrew Robertson, who called an emergency meeting of all staffers and told them the agency needs to "plan for a life without Chrysler from February 2010."

As one commenter put it, they're "Another victim of the Bob Nardelli factor. Never before has a man been paid so much to accomplish so little." to which another quipped : "how does this man continue to find work? that's two companies he's practically single-handedly run into the ground. huh. now that i think of it... would love to see him become CEO of walmart."

Either way, expect to compete for work with an entire agency from Detroit unless a miracle lands in their lap soon.

luerzer's archive

How can one improve on a product whose contents one does not make oneself? This is a question that Lürzer’s Archive pondered in depth before deciding that the best way to make Lürzer’s Archive even better is to produce better creatives. And what better way to do so than to support promising but penurious applicants to Miami Ad School by awarding them a scholarship?

The very first Lürzer’s Archive Schoolarship has been awarded to Katrina Mustakas from Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, who spent the last four years waiting on tables and managed, during that time, to smash no less than 237 glasses. “A waitress that talented just has to go into advertising”, said Miami Ad School and Lürzer’s Archive to themselves, especially since she already has a BA in Advertising and Public Relations, and is currently completing a course in graphic design.